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Best Cockapoo Foods

Analyzing The Best Dog Food For a Cockapoo To Buy in 2019

Some dogs – mainly smaller ones – are known in certain circles as ‘designer dogs’. These are dogs that are ‘planned hybrids’ bred for specific traits and looks and that are the features of two different dog breeds.  One of the oldest of these designer dog breeds is the little, quirky cockapoo.The cockapoo is a […]

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A Pet Parent's Guide to Dog Vaccinations: What They Need, When and Why

A Pet Parent’s Guide to Dog Vaccinations: What They Need, When and Why

We’ll help you learn the core and the non-core canine vaccinations designed to protect your dog against an array of illnesses.

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Nutrition for Great Danes

Analyzing the Best Dog Food for Great Danes To Buy in 2019

When they are puppies, the average Great Dane is as big as most of the other dogs he might encounter at the dog park already. By the time they are adults most of them are true giants, but the most remarkable thing about a Great Dane is not his size – or the fact that […]

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Best Foods for British Bulldogs

Analyzing The Best Dog Food for English Bulldogs in 2019

Everyone loves a bulldog’s face. This sweet tempered, loving breed loves people and is easy to train. They make great additions to families with small children and a Bulldog’s exercise needs are lower than many other breeds and so they make perfect urban companions. Once upon a time they were fighters – of bulls, thus their […]

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Nutrition for Poodles of All Sizes

Analyzing The Best Dog Food for Poodles To Buy in 2019

Whether it is the cute toy, the diminutive but elegant miniature or the majestic and beautiful standard the poodle is a very special dog. Considered to be among the smartest of dog breeds their intelligence makes them lively, engaging companions and as anyone who has ever spent time watching competitive dog shows knows it’s not […]

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What foods to feed a dog with kidney disease?

Our Guide to the Best Dog Food for Kidney Disease To Buy in 2019

It’s important to know that just like humans, dogs can get kidney disease too. Kidney disease, a.k.a. renal disease, happens when a part of the kidneys called nephrons become damaged. Nephrons are responsible for filtering waste and excess fluid from the kidneys. When their function is impaired, the kidneys become damaged over time.Diet has a […]

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Arthritis in dogs

Arthritis Dog Food Reviews: What is The Best Dog Food for Joint Health?

Arthritis is a degenerative joint disease that affects both humans and animals, causing stiff and painful joints. It is the number one cause of chronic pain in dogs and impacts approximately 20% or 1 in 5 adult dogs in the United States. There are several types of arthritis that can dogs can have, but osteoarthritis […]

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Good toys for golden retrievers

These are 7 of the Best Toys for Golden Retrievers

To many, the golden retriever is the perfect companion. Smart, loving and certainly very playful they’re great with kids and love to join in with everything. They’re good watchdogs, or at least they’ll bark when strangers are around, so you probably won’t miss the UPS guy, but not particularly great guard dogs as they tend […]

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