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A Golden Retriever and his Owner Walking on a Leash

10 Questions about Arthritis in Older Golden Retriever Dogs

If you own a Golden Retriever or plan on adopting a puppy, major health concerns that seem to run common are: various skin problems, hypothyroidism, eye disease, elbow and hip dysplasia and Von Willebrand disease (VWD).Even though health problems are somewhat common with Goldens, you can do a lot to prevent them by ensuring your […]

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Dachshund siting on bench

Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) In Dachshunds

As our “fur kids” age, like us humans, they start developing debilitating conditions such as IVDD (Intervertebral Disk Disease). Some breeds are more susceptible than others. IVD degeneration is more prominent in chondrodystrophoid breeds than non- chondrodystrophoid breeds and more prevalent in older dogs than younger dogs.  Dogs such as Dachshunds, Beagles, French Bulldogs, Labrador […]

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Dog Ramps to Help Prevent Injuries to Joints

Best Vehicle Dog Ramps: Must-Have Item for Pets With Joint Injuries

Does your pet suffer from joint problems? Pet ramps can significantly alleviate the pain on your buddy’s legs if they are struggling to get in and out of the car or getting onto furniture. They’re also a great preventative for older or middle-aged dogs since dog ramps can help prevent strain on the joints.Pet ramps […]

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A small dog with a poor immune system

9 Ways To Strengthen your Dog’s Immune System

As an avid dog lover, you want your pet to maintain optimum health and always feel their best. When it comes to the immune system, what goes for the person goes for the pup! There is nothing worse than seeing your furry friend in a lethargic and pallid state due to a weakened immune system. […]

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Agility training, dock diving and flyball are some of the sports your dog can play!

9 Summer Activities for Fido – Sports to Help Keep Your Dog in Top Shape

Summer is a favorable season for spending time in the great outdoors! But, it can flash away like a day without having spent time with your furry friend. Most times, it a gamble to choose the type of activity that will keep Fido happy and exercised at the same time. However, play is a vitally […]

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Best Vegan Dogs Foods and Recipes

Raising Vegan Pets: Best Vegan Dog Food & Recipes in 2019

The most common ailments associated with a commercial dog food diet are: heart failure, clogged arteries, obesity, tooth decay and arthritis. And these are just a few from a long list of illnesses suffered by our pets from being a fed of commercial diet of wet or dry dog food. Best Vegan Dog Food : […]

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How to treat Seasonal Grass Allergies in Dogs

Grass Allergies in Dogs – How to Treat Grass Allergies this Summer

Just like with humans, some dogs can develop allergies to grass, foods, pollen, dander or environmental. Atopic Dermatitis is an inflammatory disease closely associated with allergic reactions such as dry and itchy skin. A “grass allergy” is triggered by the pollen that exists in the atmosphere particularly evident during spring and summer. There is an […]

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Cost and Age of First Vet Visit for Puppies

Vet Visit – What to Expect At a Puppy’s First Visit to the Vet

At last your furry friend is home, and you cannot wait to make fun memories together. But, do you know it is necessary to schedule a vet’s visit as soon as you carry your pet home? It is not only essential to ascertain the health condition but also to be sure you start with your […]

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A pregnant dog expecting a litter of puppies

Best Dog Food for Pregnant Dogs – TOP 6 Picks For Feeding A Nursing Dog in 2019

Knowing your dog’s dietary requirements as they progress through different life stages is important. What and how much your dog eats when they are a puppy, adult, and aging is likely going to change over time unless you can stick to one high quality food designed for all life stages. Feeding a pregnant dog or nursing […]

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A Heavily Pregnant Dog One Week Before Birth

Dog Pregnancy Stages and What to Expect When Your Dog is Expecting

Watching a dog go through pregnancy and give birth to puppies can be an exciting and special time, but owners who are going through the process for the first time can find it a little daunting. Knowing about the different pregnancy stages and what to expect from your expecting dog can help ease any unsureness […]

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