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How to treat Seasonal Grass Allergies in Dogs

Grass Allergies in Dogs – How to Treat Grass Allergies this Summer

Just like with humans, some dogs can develop allergies to grass, foods, pollen, dander or environmental. Atopic Dermatitis is an inflammatory disease closely associated with allergic reactions such as dry and itchy skin. A “grass allergy” is triggered by the pollen that exists in the atmosphere particularly evident during spring and summer. There is an […]

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Cost and Age of First Vet Visit for Puppies

Vet Visit – What to Expect At a Puppy’s First Visit to the Vet

At last your furry friend is home, and you cannot wait to make fun memories together. But, do you know it is necessary to schedule a vet’s visit as soon as you carry your pet home? It is not only essential to ascertain the health condition but also to be sure you start with your […]

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A pregnant dog expecting a litter of puppies

Best Dog Food for Pregnant Dogs – TOP 6 Picks For Feeding A Nursing Dog in 2019

Knowing your dog’s dietary requirements as they progress through different life stages is important. What and how much your dog eats when they are a puppy, adult, and aging is likely going to change over time unless you can stick to one high quality food designed for all life stages. Feeding a pregnant dog or nursing […]

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A Heavily Pregnant Dog One Week Before Birth

Dog Pregnancy Stages and What to Expect When Your Dog is Expecting

Watching a dog go through pregnancy and give birth to puppies can be an exciting and special time, but owners who are going through the process for the first time can find it a little daunting. Knowing about the different pregnancy stages and what to expect from your expecting dog can help ease any unsureness […]

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Boost Your Dog's Digestive Health with Probiotics

How to Boost Your Dog’s Digestive Health with Probiotics

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that aid in gut health. Most people think of bacteria as being bad. That’s true in a lot of cases, but there’s also ‘good bacteria’ in our bodies that help promote healthy digestion. Studies have been conducted on the effects and benefits of probiotics in humans, but research into […]

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Three Adult Boxer Dogs eagerly awaiting to be fed

Best Boxers Dog Food: Raw Feed or Commercial Kibble?

Originally bred as guard dogs, Boxers are a medium breed that also makes a great family dog. Boxers love kids and being around their people, plus they generally get along well with strangers and other dogs. This breed is high energy, so they do best living an active lifestyle with lots of play and exercise.Getting […]

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Grain Free Diet for Labradoodle Dogs and Puppies

Labradoodles Diet: Which Is The Best Food to Feed, Raw or Dry Kibble?

Labradoodles are a cross between a poodle and a Labrador retriever. They’re hypoallergenic and were originally bred as guide dogs, but since then they’ve become a popular family dog too. Labradoodles are easy to love because they’re very social with people, kids, and other dogs. As a bonus, they don’t shed a lot either. The adorable, […]

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Relaxed Puppy Sleeping

How to Get a Puppy To Sleep Through The Night

Getting a new puppy can be very exciting. They’re so cute, rambunctious, and playful, but what some people don’t think of is how tiring it can be to take care of a puppy. Puppies are just like babies. They need you to feed them, clean them, teach them, and take care of them. They’re up […]

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A Mixed-Breed Brown Dog Howling

7 Fullproof Methods on How to Stop Your Dog from Excessive Barking

Dogs bark. It’s how they communicate and let us know when they need something, but sometimes dogs start to bark excessively which can be annoying not only for you, but also for your neighbors. It’s important to teach your dog when it’s okay to bark and when it isn’t early on, so their barking doesn’t […]

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A working Siberian Husky, exploring their diet and feeding nutrition guide,

Siberian Huskies Diet: Which is the Best Food To Feed, Raw or Dry Kibble?

What we now know as Siberian Huskies started when dogs were crossbred with Arctic wolves thousands of years ago. These wolf-like dogs were trained to help tribes by working alongside hunters, transporting goods, and scent tracking. Siberian Huskies are working dogs bred for speed and endurance. It’s important that their owners understand the breed and […]

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