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A high-energy chocolate Labrador puppy running around in the forest

6 Most Effective Ways to Handle High-Energy Dogs

If you’ve been a dog owner your whole life, you might be used to the needs of high energy dogs. On the other hand, if you’ve only ever had low energy dogs or you’re a new dog owner you be taken aback by just how much energy some dogs have. When you have a high […]

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An adult Golden Retriever, exploring their diet and feeding nutrition guide,

Best Dog Food for Golden Retrievers – Is it Raw or Commercial Kibble?

Golden Retrievers are a very popular dog breed. They’re friendly and smart, which makes them great working/therapy dogs or companions for active families. Since Golden Retrievers are sometimes prone to health conditions like hip and elbow dysplasia, cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy, and allergies, it’s important for owners to make sure they’re getting the nutrition they […]

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A Dog chewing on a toy to keep teeth clean and free of decay

10 Dog Dental Tips to Maintain Dog’s Teeth Clean and Healthy

Dental disease is a common disease that many dogs suffer from, yet it is largely preventable. Some dog owners scoff at the idea of having to brush their dogs’ teeth, but good dental hygiene is an important part of your dogs’ overall health. Here are 10 tips to keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy: […]

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Adorable dog hugging a fleece dog blanket that is soft to touch

5 of the Best Dog Blankets…Your Dog Will Never Be Happier

You know the feeling of snuggling up in bed with a cosy pillow and a soft blanket, peacefully drifting off into sleep? Your dog could have that same experience with a dog bed and, yes, a dog blanket. You might think that getting a blanket specifically for your dog might be going a little overboard, […]

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The Best Dog Seat Protectors for Dogs Waterproof and Durable

6 Best Car Seat Covers For Dogs Reviews in 2018

Dogs love to get dirty, are your seats protected?We recommend seat covers to keep the back seat or front seat of your car from getting absolutely mangled with dog hair, drenched in doggy smell or worse protect the fabric of your car seat from getting seeped in your puppy’s urine.Truth is blankets don’t work quite […]

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How to Handle Puppy Teething

Puppy Teething – What To Expect with a Teething Dog (& Tips)

If you recently got yourself or your family a puppy, congratulations! Puppies are adorable and fun, plus they grow up to be great companions whether you’re single, an older couple, or a parent with children. It’s true that puppies can be a blast, but they can also be a handful. As your puppy grows, you can look […]

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Best Pet Halloween Costume

13 Best Dog Costumes to Go Trick or Treating With This Halloween 2018

Happy Friday the 13th!  Here at iPupster, we like to think of ourselves as a little crazy about the holidays and going trick-or-treating with our pup is no exception. With only a few weeks ago from the big event, it’s time we begin the hunt for the best-reviewed Halloween dog costume. If your pup doesn’t […]

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Large Dog Houses Reviews

Best Dog House for Large and XL Dogs 2018 Review & Guide – Find the Best Outdoor House for Your Pet

Dog houses, the ultimate refuge for your pet! Whether you’re looking to home your dog for just a couple of hours a day while you’re at work or as a permanent fixture, we’ve got you covered. A dog house provides shelter, security and comfort. Dog houses come in various shapes, sizes and build. However, my guess is […]

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A man jogging with his dog on the beach

What Makes a Leash, the Best Running Dog Leash? 2018’s TOP Picks Reviewed

An increasing number of people are making their four legged friends a part of their daily exercise routine. With the number of people exercising with their dogs increasing, the number of available leash options is on the rise as well. Having the right gear is important for you and your canine companion. Depending on the […]

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A bored dog stuck indoor in an apartment

9 Ingenious Ways to Exercise Your Dog If You Live in An Apartment

Just because you don’t have a fenced-in yard does not necessarily mean that you can’t find a place you and your dog can’t walk to for some off-leash exercise. Sometimes making sure your dog is getting the exercise and stimulation they need might require some creativity.

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