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Pet Sleeping Guide for Dogs and Puppies

Pet Sleeping Guide: How Much Sleep Do Dogs REALLY Need?

As most people regard their dogs as a part of their family, and themselves as pet parents, it’s only natural that they should be concerned about the basics of their fur kid’s health in the same way as they are about that of their human kids.One of the things that almost all mammals, including humans […]

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Doberman Dog Food

The 5 Best Dog Foods for Dobermans in 2019

The Doberman Pinscher, unlike some other large dog breeds is not an ancient breed at all. In fact they did not exist as a formal breed until the 1870s, bred in Germany as guard dogs. The story behind their creation is actually a very interesting one. A German tax collector called Louis Dobermann was in […]

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Best Foods for Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Best Dog Food for Great Pyrenees: Palatable Foods To Feed Your Gentle Giant!

The Great Pyrenees, or Le Grande Chien des Montagnes (“the big dog of the mountains”) as they are known in Europe, is one of the most powerful and majestic working dog of all. Yet as tough as they can be they also make rather mellow members of the family as well as great protectors of […]

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Havanese playing in the grass

5 Best Dry & Wet Dog Foods For a Havanese in 2019

Did you know that the aptly named Havanese is the only dog breed that is native to Cuba? These bouncy, cheerful and very clever little dogs were – legend has it – first bred as lap dogs for the wealthy in the sixteenth century and the ancestors of the modern Havanese were said to lead […]

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Cute Lhasa Apso Puppy

Analyzing the Best 5 Dog Foods for a Lhasa Apso

If you have ever looked at a Lhasa Apso and thought that they look rather regal there is actually a good reason for that. These smart pups make up a breed that has been around for at least 1,000 years and whose ancestors were tasked with guarding monasteries and palaces across the Himalayas while also […]

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Anxious Dog Left Home Alone

The 13 Best Dog Toys for Dogs With Separation Anxiety in 2019

Does your sweet tempered dog become a nervous wreck when left home alone? Does he wreak havoc on the place – and your stuff – while you are gone only to transform back into the loving fur kid you know as soon as you return? If so, the chances are good that your pup is […]

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Best Sport dog bumpers

The Best Dock Diving Toys in 2019

Dock Diving. For pups who live near the water – or can be transported to it – this doggie sport – because it is a real sport – can provide them with endless fun and exercise. While not every dog is a water baby , many are and they get truly excited about the idea […]

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Best Toys for Bad Weather

The 7 Best Interactive Dog Toys in 2019

Each dog is different, and all dogs play. However, since behavior and attitude can vary significantly across breed lines, some dogs tend to be more playful than others.For some people, a low energy dog makes the perfect companion. It’s not a knock on the pup to call it low energy, they aren’t lazy, they simply […]

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