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Pitbull Breed Traits and Characteristics

7 Things I’ve Learned About Pitbulls

Overall, pitbulls are not the villains that they are often made out to be by the media and other organizations.

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Durable Border Collies Dog Toys

Got a Superactive Border Collie? 10 Best Rated Fun Dog Toys To Keep Borders Entertained

Since Border Collies are such intelligent dogs, owners should keep them busy with toys that can hold their attention while they are away, like interactive toys and puzzles.

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Best Food to feed Whippets

How to Pick the Best Dog Food for Whippets and Which Supplements are Necessary?

We all love our pets, but that doesn’t mean we always know what is the best thing to feed them. And truth is there is nothing sadder than a fat whippet.

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Best Adult, Senior & Puppy Chow Dog Food Brands of 2017

Chow chow dogs and puppies require a high protein diet depending on age, weight and health. Learn all about how to feed your chow chow here.

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Best Grain Free Dog Food for Overweight Bullmastiff

Best Grain-Free Dog Food for Bullmastiffs With Food Allergies and Weight Issues

The Bullmastiff is a trusted family pet and despite its large and fearless appearance he really is just one huge gentle giant. But how do you keep a muscular dog this size healthy? Naturally it starts with their diet.

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Shar Pei Dog Foods

What’s The Best Nutritious Dog Food for a Shar-Pei?

Feeding the Shar Pei the right food could help avoid a lot of these issues and keep their skin healthy and itchy-free. Let’s face it, Shar-Pei pet parents suffer as much as their dogs do.

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English Setters Best Dog Food

Best Dog Food for English Setters: Dietary Needs for a Classy Dog

So when it comes to optimum nutrition, what is the best diet for English Setters? Keep reading and discover the top 5 foods for these classy hunting dogs..

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Miniature Schnauzer Diet

Miniature Schnauzer Optimum Diet: Seeking out the Best Dog Foods

So what kind of food is best to feed your loyal Schnauzer? We take a look at some of the key #dogfoods for optimum nutrition…

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Best Dog Food for Maltese

Maltese Nutrition Guide: Best Foods To Feed a Puppy, Adult and Senior Maltese Dog

When it comes to feeding your Maltese, seek out pet foods which focus on protein quality. Meat derived protein beats out plant derived protein every time. Aside for lean protein, Maltese also have a requirement for amino acids, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. This breed also suffers from several other diet related health problems like juvenile […]

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Seresto Pet Flea Collar Reviews

Seresto Flea Collar Reviews and How It Compares with Advantix For Dogs?

Seresto is a pretty nifty and cleverly designed flea collar made by Bayer for dogs and cats. Seresto protects your pet for up to 8 months from fleas, flea eggs, ticks and flea larvae.

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