Goofy & Loyal: What are The Best Dog Toys for German Shepherds

German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds of all time. They have been kept as family pets and used as working animals in the military, police, and other industries. German Shepherds make great pets for families with kids and active singles. They are large breed dogs that can grow up to 90 pounds so they do best in houses with yards and rural areas where they have a lot of space to exercise. So it's crucial to select the toys that keeps them mentally stimulated for long hours. So what toys best create that context?

Here's a Quick Look at the Top 3 Toys for German Shepherds

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German Shepherd Quick Breed Overview

German Shepherds are known for being faithful dogs that are protective of their families and devoted to their master. This is an intelligent and obedient breed that is easy to train if the owner establishes that they are the boss and uses positive reinforcement. German Shepherds also make effective guard dogs if you teach them the difference between welcome and unwelcome visitors. Although German Shepherds can be very affectionate towards their families, their sheer size can be intimidating to strangers.

German Shepherds have strong, muscular bodies with an outer coat that sheds all year. These beautiful dogs come in various shades, including tan and black or red and black.

How Do German Shepherds Like to Play?

This breed is highly active and loves exercise, so they will be happy to keep up with any stimulating activities that you introduce to them. As a family or single owner, exercising with a German Shepherd is a great way to stay healthy and establish a strong bond with the pet.

German Shepherds should always be kept busy due to their intelligent and hardworking nature. Keep them occupied with tasks around the house throughout the day and have engaging dog toys around for when you are away. They generally enjoy Frisbee or ball games. Having a German Shepherd who is always bored could lead to destructive behavior, so provide your dog with a box of chew toys that he can carry around and gnaw on – this will be much appreciated!

Take your German Shepherd on hikes, runs, and walks. Use the breed’s intelligence to play games that involve the senses. When playing with a German Shepherd, owners should keep in mind that they don’t always play nicely with smaller dogs and animals, so they should be kept on a leash in open areas.

Our suggestion is to invest in a few good quality, durable toys and frequently rotate them so your German Shepherd doesn't get bored!

Games You Can Play To Manage Their Energy Levels

Since GSD's are such a motivated and intelligent breed, games that involve agility and obedience are perfect. This could mean taking a German Shepherd to the agility track or do some obedience training, which can be done alone or in a local group. In an agility track dogs follow courses that go over, under, around and through various obstacles, and can work up to competition level depending on your level of motivation.

To keep a German Shepherd occupied around the house you can get them to do little jobs that make them feel helpful, like putting their toys away in a bin or fetching the mail every day.

Those are a couple of games that can keep a German Shepherd occupied mentally, but owners should also focus on playing fetch and going for runs to make sure they are getting enough physical exercise too. Running beside you as you jog, cycle or roller-blade are also good aerobic exercises for dogs. Aerobic exercise releases endorphins, which will have health benefits for your German Shepherd.

Toys to Buy & Toys to Avoid for German Shepherds

Toys To Buy

Chew Toys

Best Chew Toy for German Shepherds

BINGPET’s Tough Durable Chew Braided Rope is a great toy that owners can use to play with their German Shepherds or the dog can play with on its own. These types of toys are great because they are built to withstand the strength that large dogs bring to the table and help keep them busy so they don’t chew anything that they shouldn’t.

There are many super strong chew toys currently on the market specifically designed for large dogs and should last longer than one week and this is one of them!

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Treat Dispensing Toys

Best Dispensing Toy for German Shepherds

KONG Classic Dog Toy and other tough rubber toys that let you hide treats and other food are ideal for German Shepherds adult dogs and puppies. The KONG Classic Kong Dog Toy has been the gold dog toy for more than 30 years. The most interesting feature of the dog toy is that it is extremely bouncy. Hence, the dogs will find the toy very interesting to play. These toys are tough enough to withstand large breed dogs and keep them busy looking for the hidden treats inside! Plus, they have no small parts and are easy to clean. They are perfect for stimulating games of fetch too.

This toy has been recommended by veterinarians, dog trainers and dog enthusiasts across the world and its pretty much a guaranteed indestructible dog toy for your beloved German Shepherd.

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Toys to Avoid

Cheap Toys

Since German Shepherds are a large breed that can sometimes be known for aggressiveness, owners shouldn’t buy them soft toys that are too easy to rip apart. They might not last very long and squeaky toys can have small pieces inside that large dogs could choke on.

Final Thoughts

German Shepherds are amazing, loyal dogs that can make a great addition to many families. They need a lot of attention, carefully selected German Shepherd dog food for large breeds, training or they could become destructive or aggressive, so they need experienced dog owners with time to take proper care of them. German Shepherd owners should make sure that their dog gets daily exercise and is kept busy with toys and other physical and mental activities to keep them happy and stimulated.