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Best Automatic Dog Food Feeder

How to Choose and Use An Automatic Dog Feeder

As much as we all wish we could, for many of us it’s just not possible to be with our pups for every meal. An automatic dog feeder can be a great way to ensure that they don’t go hungry though, and more and more busy pet parents are investing in one to help keep […]

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Small and Toy Breed Dog Harnesses

The 4 Best Dog Harnesses for Small Dogs in 2019

It’s the rare small pup that does not like to get out for a walk with their pet parent. And, for pet parents it’s a great way to interact with their fur kid, take a break from their day, to keep fit and even to socialize with other pet owners. When out walking though the […]

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Dog Ramps to Help Prevent Injuries to Joints

Best Vehicle Dog Ramps: Must-Have Item for Pets With Joint Injuries

Does your pet suffer from joint problems? Pet ramps can significantly alleviate the pain on your buddy’s legs if they are struggling to get in and out of the car or getting onto furniture. They’re also a great preventative for older or middle-aged dogs since dog ramps can help prevent strain on the joints.Pet ramps […]

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Dog in a tent in his own sleeping bag resting

Dog Sleeping Bag: Buying Guide & Best Gear for Camping

If you’re planning on a lot of backpacking and need some lightweight packable warmth for your pups during those chilly nights, a dog sleeping bag is a must-have item for your next adventure trip. Read our non-technical sleeping bag buying guide and take a look at our top picks for your pupster suitable for both […]

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Agility training, dock diving and flyball are some of the sports your dog can play!

9 Summer Activities for Fido – Sports to Help Keep Your Dog in Top Shape

Summer is a favorable season for spending time in the great outdoors! But, it can flash away like a day without having spent time with your furry friend. Most times, it a gamble to choose the type of activity that will keep Fido happy and exercised at the same time. However, play is a vitally […]

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An owner and his dog canoeing in the calm waters in the lake

Fido’s First Kayaking Adventure – Ultimate Guide and Best Gear

Summer is already knocking, and NOW is the best time to plan that family vacation. Owners bring their pooches on all types of watercraft – be it stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, boating or sailing. If you love the outdoors, then one of your bucket list activities should be kayaking. It is an exciting experience […]

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Adorable dog hugging a fleece dog blanket that is soft to touch

5 of the Best Dog Blankets…Chew and Hair Resistant

You know the feeling of snuggling up in bed with a cosy pillow and a soft blanket, peacefully drifting off into sleep? Your dog could have that same experience with a dog bed and, yes, a dog blanket. You might think that getting a blanket specifically for your dog might be going a little overboard, […]

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A puppy looking guilty sitting on the couch with no cover

Best Pet Sofa Covers: Protect Your Couch from Dog Hair with these Top Picks

Best couch covers for dogs or dog couch protectors are ideal if you have a high impact dog that is messing up your new sofa or couch. Here’s our review of the best couch covers and protectors.

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The Best Dog Seat Protectors for Dogs Waterproof and Durable

6 Best Car Seat Covers For Dogs Reviews in 2019

Dogs love to get dirty, are your seats protected?We recommend seat covers to keep the back seat or front seat of your car from getting absolutely mangled with dog hair, drenched in doggy smell or worse protect the fabric of your car seat from getting seeped in your puppy’s urine.Truth is blankets don’t work quite […]

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