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A cute and adorable small dog breed

119+ Small Dog Names [+Meanings]

Selecting a name for your small canine companion is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a pet parent and should be found within the first week or so. Your puppy deserves a great name, fitting for their small size and joyful character. We have scoured through hundreds of unique names and came up […]

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Highly intelligent dog wearing glasses working on laptop

132+ Nerdy & Geeky Dog Names [+Meanings]

I have a lot of gamer geek friends who have chosen a suitable geeky name for their furry friends. Whether you love sci-fi, science, literature, or programming, they are no end of nerdy and geeky dog names to choose from. To make things a bit easier, we’ve come up with several comprehensive lists of nerdy […]

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Police officer with German Shepherd

95+ Tough Dog Names [Origin+Meanings]

Choosing a name for your dog is no small thing. Some people will pick a name that suits the dog’s personality, where others will name them after something tor someone they love. While it’s easy enough to name a fluffy Pomeranian something cute, how do you find a name for those tougher looking dog breeds, […]

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Popular Male and Female Japanese Dog Names

153+ Cool Japanese Dog Names [+Meanings]

There’s no doubt that Japanese dog names can be the cutest and most unique option for naming your canine buddy. Whether you love anime, have a Japanese dog breed, or just love all things Japanese, we have a great list of 153 of the most popular, and unique Japanese dog names that you will love, […]

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A dog turning his nose up at food loss of appetite

Understanding Loss of Appetite in Dogs

It’s taken as a given that dogs love to eat. Puppies, young dogs, older pups, as pet parents, we expect that our fur kids will always be eager when it’s time to eat. That’s why it can be so distressing when your pet dog seems to lose his appetite and the food that used to […]

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Common autoimmune disease in Dogs

Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA) in Dogs

Canine Immune- Mediated Hemolytic Anemia – more commonly known as IMHA – is a relatively rare but complex, and potentially life-threatening disorder of the blood. It can affect humans, cats and dogs. While it is not common, because it is a serious, chronic disorder it is something that every pet parent should at least be […]

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GERD or severe acid reflux in dogs

Understanding Acid Reflux in Dogs

You know that people often suffer from acid reflux – you may do so yourself. Also commonly referred to as heartburn, humans of all ages have been known to reach for the Tums to help solve the problem. But did you know that dogs can suffer from acid reflux as well? And helping them deal […]

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Cherry Eye Correcting Surgery

Understanding “Cherry Eye” in Dogs

Those puppy dog eyes are so cute, they melt your heart every time you see them. That’s why when something appears to be wrong with them, for a pet parent it’s scary and distressing. Unfortunately, however, there are some eye diseases that dogs are susceptible to such as glaucoma, conjunctivitis or “dry eye”, however one […]

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Dog food made with lamb and lamb meal

The 9 Best Lamb Dog Food [2019 Reviews + 8 FAQs]

Lamb is a flavorful, nutritious meat that dogs love. It’s rich in essential amino acids, high in zinc, stabilizes blood sugar levels and is a good source of dietary fats. Finally, lamb is a good allergy alternative for dogs with food allergies or intolerances caused by beef, chicken or turkey.Since lamb has become such a common […]

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Understanding Lyme Disease Ticks Affecting Dogs

Understanding Lyme Disease in Dogs

You may have seen various celebrities in the media recently discussing their battle with Lyme Disease. Singers Avril Lavigne and Shania Twain had their careers derailed for years by it and actors Alec Baldwin and Ben Stiller both suffered a similar fate. You may also even know people personally affected by the disease, especially if […]

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