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Zinc toxicosis in dogs

Zinc Poisoning in Dogs

Zinc is a common element. It’s found in all kinds of household items and also occurs naturally in many foods and beverages. The body needs a certain amount of zinc to maintain a healthy immune system and good thyroid function. For pets, however, consuming too much zinc can be dangerous, leading to zinc poisoning in […]

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Polymyositis in Dogs

Polymyositis In Dogs

All pups, large or small, need strong, healthy muscles to thrive and truly enjoy themselves when out and about with their family or when playing by themselves. There are some canine diseases that make that hard however, and can lead to their muscles wasting away. One such condition is polymyositis in dogs.What is polymyositis?Polymyositis is […]

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Kidney Failure in Dogs

As is the case for humans, a dog’s kidneys have crucial functions to perform every day. They must remove waste from the body, help make red blood cells, control the body’s PH levels and the kidneys even have a role to play in bone health. Unfortunately, just like humans, these vital organs can stop working […]

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Girl shopping for dry kibble

The best dry dog food for 2020

Finding the best dry dog food for your dog is a difficult task, absolutely! Every dog has different needs, and there are hundreds of options to choose from, so how do you make an informed decision?That’s where we have you covered. This complete guide to buying dry dog food will help you easily identify the best […]

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Cute golden retriever and shorthaired gray domestic cat indoors

Toxoplasmosis in Dogs

Cats and dogs can live very happily together, as many pet parents can attest to. However when they do, certain extra precautions need to be taken to ensure that everyone – cat, dog and human – remain healthy, especially when it comes to preventing toxoplasmosis in your pet dog.What is Toxoplasmosis?Toxoplasmosis (also called toxoplasma) is […]

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Dog sitting on the beach looking at the ocean

Salt Poisoning in Dogs

Salt has been used for centuries to add flavor to all kinds of food, and, to humans, it’s a fairly harmless addition. There is some evidence that excessive salt consumption isn’t the best thing for human health, but in moderation it just adds flavor. For animals, including dogs, too much salt can be poisonous. And […]

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Brown Labrador rolling around in grass

NexGard Allergies in Dogs

Making use of flea and tick prevention products for dogs is an excellent idea in many ways and one that vets encourage, especially for those pups who live in areas of the country where Lyme Disease is a problem.However, recent news stories, and an alert from the FDA about NexGard allergies in dogs has pet […]

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A do and owner at the vets getting a diagnosis

Hypoglycemia in Dogs

Hypoglycemia – aka low blood sugar – is something talked about in terms of human health a great deal. But the fact is that this condition – hypoglycemia is a condition, not a disease in itself – can affect your pet dog too, and for many reasons.What is hypoglycemia?Hypoglycemia is the medical term used to […]

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A cute and adorable small dog breed

119+ Small Dog Names [+Meanings]

Selecting a name for your small canine companion is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a pet parent and should be found within the first week or so. Your puppy deserves a great name, fitting for their small size and joyful character. We have scoured through hundreds of unique names and came up […]

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Highly intelligent dog wearing glasses working on laptop

132+ Nerdy & Geeky Dog Names [+Meanings]

I have a lot of gamer geek friends who have chosen a suitable geeky name for their furry friends. Whether you love sci-fi, science, literature, or programming, they are no end of nerdy and geeky dog names to choose from. To make things a bit easier, we’ve come up with several comprehensive lists of nerdy […]

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