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The 13 BEST Dog Pools For Pups of All Sizes Revealed [2019 Reviews & FAQs]

Best Pool for Dogs

It’s a hot day. You’re in the pool. The kids are in the pool. Is your pup in the pool? He’d probably like to be too.The summer can be far less fun for dogs than it is for humans. They get hot and bothered and sweating isn’t something they can do to cool off. What […]

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The 4 BEST Senior Pet Insurance for Older Dogs to Consider (2019)

What is the best pet insurance for older dogs?

Health insurance is a complicated thing!It’s a complicated thing for humans, but when it comes to pets, especially dogs, it can be even more complicated. If the dog is an older dog, it can even become hard to insure them at all. Which is unfortunate, as it is senior dogs who usually need to make […]

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How Does Pet Insurance for a Dog with a Pre-Existing Condition Work?

Pet insurance for dogs with pre-existing conditions

The term pre-existing condition is controversial, and that is true whether you are using it to talk about humans or their fur family members. As we usually use it when discussing health insurance it can make buying – or even qualifying to buy -pet health insurance a confusing business.Here we will attempt to clear up […]

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Does Your Pet Need Dog Dental Insurance?

A dog at the dentist with plaque and tartar

Few conversations about pet health begin with – or even include – dental health. Maybe you give your pup a tooth cleansing bone once in a while, but often that is as far as we, as pet parents, go when it comes to caring for our pup’s teeth.As is the case for humans though, dog […]

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BEST Puppy Insurance in 2019 [3 Affordable Options for ALL Breeds]

Puppy Insurance Plans and Coverage Reviews

Bringing a new puppy into your home – and your family – is a happy, exciting event for everyone involved. Having to think about the unthinkable – your new fur kid getting sick or injured – is not something any new pet parent wants to do, but the fact is that this is just the […]

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American Bulldog Pet Insurance – How Much Does it Cost?

American Bulldog Insurance

The American Bulldog looks tough and even perhaps a little mean, but looks can be deceiving. This stocky dog is actually something of a softie and makes a great furry family member.Descended from the now extinct Old English Bulldog, the American Bulldog has a long heritage as a working dog. Old English Bulldogs were bred […]

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Pet Insurance for Boxer Dogs: Is It Worth the Cost?

Pet Insurance for Boxer Dogs

The Boxer dog is a true family favorite and a pup that lights up the lives of pet parents in thousands of households across the US. Known for being bright, smart and very active a Boxer Dog is also a very good looking pup, often standing as tall as 25 inches and weighing as much […]

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First Time German Shepherd Owner? Advice on What Pet Insurance You Should Get

German Shepherd Pet Insurance

The German Shepherd is a loyal, hugely intelligent and sometimes fiercely protective guard dog for his pack, which is what this smart canine considers his human family. They are some of the most popular working dogs in the world – they are the most common canine officers found in police departments all over the world […]

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What Is the Cost of Insuring Labrador Retrievers?

Cost of Insuring a Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is America’s most popular dog breed, one known for its placid temperament and loving nature. The breed began, however, as tough, hardworking waterdogs in the cold wilds of Newfoundland, Canada where it was bred to serve as a fisherman’s mate.Why a dog from Newfoundland came to be associated with Labrador instead is […]

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Exploring the Best Shih Tzu Pet Insurance Cover Options

Shih Tzu Insurance

The Shih Tzu is a little pup with a very long and distinguished heritage. In a nutshell, if you are per parent to one of these adorable dogs he is truly a part of Ancient Chinese history! These Lion Dogs – so called because that is what their breed name means in Chinese – were […]

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