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Man squatting in bushes bird hunting with a Weimaraner dog and a gun in his hand

The Top 150+ of The Best Hunting Dog Names

What dog name to choose is something most pet owners start thinking about from the moment they make the decision to either adopt or rescue a pup. It’s a not an easy decision and one that shouldn’t be made lightly. Luckily, there are several ways to pinpoint the best name for your canine companion.If you […]

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Dog wearing a native American headdress

The Top 75+ Cool Native American Dog Names

If you’re looking for native American Indian names for your dog, our comprehensive list of 75+ names will definitely inspire you. The collection of Native American names listed below include Apache, Cherokee, Navajo, Sioux, Cheyenne, and Crow names for your male or female canine companion. Native American Indians traditionally give names generally based on gender, combining favorite […]

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A cute Great Dane

227+ Big Dog Names [+Meanings]

Despite their large and imposing look, large breed dogs like the Great Dane, Newfoundlands, Mastiffs and Irish Wolfhounds are really just big softies, good humored and well-behaved pups. Choosing a name for your large canine companion can be quite a tall order (pun intended!). The name you finally decide on should reflect your dog’s unique […]

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Best Spanish Dog Names

180+ Spanish Dog Names [+Meanings]

I have to admit, I have a soft spot in my heart for all things Spanish! Coming up with a unique name for your dog can take time and needs careful consideration. If like me, you love all things Spain or have a Spanish dog breed that needs an awesome name, we have a list of […]

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A cute setter dog parading for St. Patricks Day

153+ Irish Dog Names [+Meanings]

The Irish have some wonderful names and words, some of which go back to Celtic and Gaelic. Many of these names would make perfect choices for your dog, be they an Irish breed or not! From popular names to mythology, we have covered a large range of Irish dog names and their meanings for you […]

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cute Beagle puppy lying on carpet at home

The best vacuum for pet hair for 2020: Vacuum cleaner reviews by dog owners

We love our furry pets, but keeping your home (mostly) free of pet hair can feel like a major chore! We’ve seen a lot of vacuum cleaners out that are specifically made for pet owners, but do they really make a difference and are they worth buying? That’s what we’re here to answer today!    We […]

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Best Pool for Dogs

The 13 BEST Dog Pools For Pups of All Sizes Revealed [2020 Reviews & FAQs]

It’s a hot day. You’re in the pool. The kids are in the pool. Is your pup in the pool? He’d probably like to be too.The summer can be far less fun for dogs than it is for humans. They get hot and bothered and sweating isn’t something they can do to cool off. What […]

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What is the best pet insurance for older dogs?

The 4 BEST Senior Pet Insurance for Older Dogs to Consider in 2020

Health insurance is a complicated thing!It’s a complicated thing for humans, but when it comes to pets, especially dogs, it can be even more complicated. If the dog is an older dog, it can even become hard to insure them at all. Which is unfortunate, as it is senior dogs who usually need to make […]

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Pet insurance for dogs with pre-existing conditions

How Does Pet Insurance for a Dog with a Pre-Existing Condition Work?

The term pre-existing condition is controversial, and that is true whether you are using it to talk about humans or their fur family members. As we usually use it when discussing health insurance it can make buying – or even qualifying to buy -pet health insurance a confusing business.Here we will attempt to clear up […]

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A dog at the dentist with plaque and tartar

Does Your Pet Need Dog Dental Insurance?

Few conversations about pet health begin with – or even include – dental health. Maybe you give your pup a tooth cleansing bone once in a while, but often that is as far as we, as pet parents, go when it comes to caring for our pup’s teeth.As is the case for humans though, dog […]

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