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greyhound running in park with a teddy bear chased by a smaller dog

Picking 2019’s Best Dog Toys for Greyhounds

Do you know what your Greyhound’s favorite dog toy is? Large sized breeds like the Greyhound need large sized toys to accommodate their size. Big paws and mouths!

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beagle puppy playing with frisbee dog toy on the beach

C’Mon, Let’s Play! What are the Best Toys for Beagles in 2019?

Beagles are sometimes known for having an annoying tendency to park and chase other wildlife, but these bad habits can be fixed with some rewards based training using treats and favorite toys

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Cute bulldog playing with tennis ball outside in park

How to Pick the Best Toys for Bulldogs in 2019?

Bulldogs are less energetic than other dog breeds, but regular exercise in small spurts is still important to manage their weight.

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vizsla puppy eating from dog bowl

Best Dog Food for Vizslas

Proper nutrition is the cornerstone for an active and healthy Vizsla and good dietary management has a profound positive impact for your pal in the long run.

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Pug playing tug of war in park

Pug at Play: What are the Best Toys for Pugs?

When he’s not resting in his favorite place – your couch – Pugs like to play. We’ve set out some great ideas of dog toys for your Pug, all of which provide excellent quality and good value for money.

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dog scratching fleas

Best Dog Flea + Tick Home Spray of 2019 [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

The likelihood of your dog getting parasites such as fleas and ticks is very likely and if your dog is itchy it is a sure sign you are need of a flea spray. But with so many treatments and sprays currently in the market it is hard..

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Rottweiler playing with the best rottie dog toys durable ball

How to Pick the Best Dog Toys for Rottweilers of 2019 [Chew-a-nator PROOF]

Finding the best dog toys for a Rottweiler can be a challenge. Here’s why? For one they have the highest bite force and second being a large breed they can destroy a toy in less than a minute.

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