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Cute dog walking through grain fields

Best Dog Food Made With Wholesome Grains of 2020

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably aware that healthy grains can benefit your dog’s diet even though they aren’t needed for your furry friend to survive. Grain-free diets have become very popular in the last few years. Trendy diets like paleo and keto have resulted in well-meaning owners wanting to feed a similar diet to their […]

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Low Phosphorus Dog Food

Best Prescription and Non-Prescription Low Phosphorus Dog Food of 2020

Our kidneys serve the important function of filtering blood and maintaining the balance of fluids in our bodies. When kidneys are not working properly it wreaks havoc on bodily systems. Toxins and waste accumulate in the blood and fluids, salt, and minerals become imbalanced in the body.Kidney disease impacts around 1 in 10 dogs, which […]

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Cute pug eating a bowl of wet canned dog food

Best Canned Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs

As a dog owner symptoms like flatulence, vomiting, and diarrhea that come with a sensitive stomach are not pleasant to deal with. Watching your pet dog suffer is the hardest part though. Luckily, your dog does not need to suffer endlessly with stomach problems. With the help of a trusted veterinarian and support from wet (canned) […]

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Best Dog Food for Less Poop

Best Low Residue Dog Food for Less Poop and Easier Digestion

Does it seem like your dog is constantly eating and pooping but never really satisfied? One thing I know you’ll agree on is, as a dog owner, we don’t want to pick up more poop than we have to. The best dog foods for less poop are low in fiber, also known as low residue dog […]

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sad looking labrador dog lays his head down on the floor in wait

Why Do Dogs Sigh?

Why do dogs sigh?  It is easy to assume that they do so for the same reason as their human friends, and, in some ways, that would be right, or so experts believe. But in other ways a dog may sigh for other reasons than their pet parents expect, as we are going to take […]

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Pet labrador licking female owner feet

Why Do Dogs Lick Your Feet?

Dog owners around the globe know that their furry friends like to lick you. They do this for a number of reasons that may not make sense to us. One area dogs like to lick are the feet, which can seem puzzling to most owners, and unpleasant to those of you who have ticklish feet […]

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Reasons and Causes of Dogs Eating Own Vomit

Why Do Dogs Eat Their Own Vomit?

Dogs have a lot of strange habits that puzzle and sometimes disgust us. I think that you’ll agree that throwing up and then eating their own vomit is one of the least appealing things that dogs do. However, it’s actually pretty common.The answer to the question, “Why do dogs eat their own vomit?” is simple […]

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