7 Best Toys for Akitas

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November 12, 2022 / Dog Toys / By: Melanie Evans

Akita Playing With A Fetch Ball Toy

Smart, intelligent and endlessly loyal to their human pack, the Akita makes a wonderful addition to any family. So what toys will keep the Akita engaged and entertained?

Here is a look at seven of the best (durable) toys for Akitas.

Always supervise your dog when getting a new toy.

Best Akita Dog Toys

What makes these the best rated? Customers said these are the best for their dogs.

1. Best Selling Toy: JW Pet Hol-ee Roller X Extreme Dog Toy

Almost every single pet owner is in agreement - this toy is very durable, very tough and able to stand up to a lot of chewing.

Tug Treat Toy

Because Akitas are often rather aggressive chewers - and they are certainly big dogs - some pet parents often feel that the only toys that will stand up to the test are those that are made from very hard plastic or rubber. The problem there is that some dogs just don't like the way that feels in their mouth and they really would prefer a toy they can get to grips with.

The Hol-ee Roller X Extreme Dog is one such toy. It is crafted from a very durable rubber - one that many pet parents who have purchased the toy say is very tough - but has the flex and give that your pup might be looking for.

The toy looks different right out of the box. It has a rather unique honeycomb shape but that is not just for aesthetic purposes or to make the toy stand out. The construction allows your pup to carry it around with ease, and makes a game of fetch more interesting and successful. This toy is 5 " in diameter whereas the Jumbo is 7.5 " in diameter.

Speaking of interest as Akitas love a mental challenge the toy can be filled with their favorite treats and then their games take on a new element as they try to push, prod, shake or roll the Hol-ee Roller until their tasty rewards appear.  Alternatively, fill it with a tennis ball or a small toy that can be inserted inside to pique your dog's interest and challenge him. Other pet parents, like to push it up a level and wrap treats rolled up in fabric and stuff it in the Hol-ee Roller - the perfect enrichment toy!

Did we mention it's dishwasher-safe too!! We particularly like the Hol-ee for its special design as it really does seem to make it easier for an Akita pup to play - and stay engaged - with for hours on end.

2. Top Rated Toy: KONG Jump'N Jack Dog Toy

A favorite in our household - this fetch toy is chew-proof, it fights off plaque and provides hours of entertainment.

Treat Dispensing Interactive Dog Toy

Akitas love to get outside and play, and for many a great game of fetch is just the thing to help them burn off some of that excess energy while also having a great time with their human companions. The Kong Jump'N Jack is a great toy to use in those kinds of games, but it has a lot more to offer than just that.

At first look, the toy resembles a ball shaped tree, as it is made up of a set of chewable 'branches' that form a (sort of) circular shape. This makes the toy easier and more enjoyable to play with for both your fur kid and you. For pups, the branches make the toy easier to pick up and hold on to when caught and for you, it makes it easier and more efficient to throw, a win, win situation if there ever was one.

The toy is crafted from a very sturdy rubber. Not only does that mean it is long-lasting and can stand up to even the most aggressive of chewing sessions but it also helps to clean your pup's teeth as he plays, as nibbling on each of the branches gently removes plaque and dislodges food that may be stuck between their teeth. Many of the online reviewers who have purchased this toy state that fact alone made the Jump N' Jack worth buying!

But that isn't all this clever toy offers. It can be stuffed with your pup's favorite treats at which point it becomes a puzzle toy too, adding even more fun to playtime as every Akita loves a good mental challenge.

We love this toy because it's tough, durable and versatile. As the owner of a large pup and heavy chewer myself- I have owned the same Jump N' Jack for years, so that is another great reason to buy one for your Akita. You should get an excellent return on your investment.

3. Crazy Critters Stuffing Free Squeak Dog Toy- Raccoon

The Crazy Critters Racoon however is one of a range of soft dog toys that is stuffing free and yet still nice and soft and cuddly.

Stuffingless Squeak Dog Toy

Akitas are loyal and loving pups but some like to have a friend of their own too, to play with and cuddle, especially if there are times when they are left alone at home. Stuffed toys are perfect for this purpose but as many Akita pet parents know it is hard to find a soft toy that can stand up to a big playful pup like theirs.

The racoon dog toy stands up well to aggressive chewing and features a squeaker for extra engagement in addition to the fun 'wrinkling' sound it makes when chewed.

The toy is large enough to please a larger dog and its funny 'face' is even rather amusing to pet parents as well. This is a toy that is, in fact, a big hit with them all around, as it offers a way for their bigger pup to gain a cuddle buddy that will not end up a mass of torn fabric and loose stuffing within a few hours, something that is often the case with other stuffed toys. 

4. KONG Jumbler Ball Dog Toy

A durable dog toy in the shape of a ball with handles making it easy to pick up and throw or for your pup to carry in its mouth. 

Fetch Ball Toy

The KONG Jumbler Ball Dog Toy is a durable doggie ball with a twist; not only does it provide hours of fun fetch play time to amuse, engage and exercise your pup but it also offers extra features that will help present him with a challenge that will exercise his brain as well!

This uniquely shaped and designed toy is essentially two balls in one. The larger, see-through plastic ball has a handle at the top that is easy for any pup to grip so that the ball is easier to carry and easier to toss. Inside there is a second ball - a tennis ball – that, when the outer ball is manipulated in just the right way will squak, adding an extra element of interaction to engage your pup.

How durable the toy is, of course, always going to be a concern for Akita pet parents. According to many online reviewers the answer is VERY, with some reporting that the same toy has lasted their pup for several years.

5. Busy Buddy Twist 'n Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

A super-durable ball made from natural rubber that is also a puzzle and treat toy to keep your furry pal entertained.

Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

Another toy that offers a fun mental challenge for intelligent Akitas, the Busy Buddy Twist 'n Treat rewards your clever pup for his efforts and the challenge it presents can be adapted as he learns to help make sure that the toy remains interesting and engaging every time he plays with it.

Out of the box the Busy Buddy Twist 'n Treat appears to be a standard doggie ball, colorful, well made and great for a game of fetch. Look a little closer and you'll see that it opens up so that it can be twisted apart and your pup's favorite treats can be added to its core.

The treat opening can be adjusted so that the rate at which the treats flow can be adjusted and different sized treats will dispense at a different rates too, so by varying those options you can keep challenging your pup to find new ways to make his toy reward him for his perseverance and smarts!

We found the ball is super durable thanks to fact that it is crafted from a tough, but supple natural rubber that can withstand the attentions of even the most aggressive chewer. Equally we found that the chance to vary up the 'game' with ease is a plus and something that keeps pups entertained for hours at a time.

6. Budget Buy: Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball

This tough ball is great for general ball play - fetch, a quick game of doggie soccer.

Challenging interactive ball

If you are looking for a well-made, easy to transport puzzle toy that your pup will love the Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball may be just the thing. Whether you're playing fetch or doggie soccer - it also offers pet parents a way to reward their pups for their smarts as well as their athletic prowess.

Treats (or raw veggies/fruits which is what I often use) are easy to add to this brightly colored ball and will be dispensed as it is rolled, tossed or pushed. The unique circular indents on the ball's surface make it easy for both dogs and humans to grip and it's tough enough to stand up to some rougher play by pups who REALLY like to chew.

Here's the Tricky Treat Ball in action, demonstrated by two very eager Border Collie/Golden Retrievers. 

It's available in 3 sizes, small ( 2.8"), medium (3.5") and large (5").

The Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball is really quite brilliant because of its challenging nature, as the treats do not dispense quite as quickly and easily as they might from other puzzle toys and pups are called upon to really do some 'puzzle solving' to find out just how the ball 'works', which leads to an engaging experience that can last for hours.

We particularly like this toy's durability and the softness of the outer cover which not only makes for a quieter playtime indoors but also for a softer impact on a dog's teeth.

7. Frisco Skinny Plush Squeaking Raccoon Dog Toy

A cuddly toy, featuring two squeakers to keep pups engaged and provide a snug company friend at night time.

Plush Squeaky Toy

This is another cuddle buddy toy that is designed to be able to withstand life with aggressive chewing dogs while providing them with the comfort - and interaction - they crave. 

This raccoon itself is very cute and very fuzzy - a great choice for a cuddly companion - and stands up rather well to rough play and chewing and although it does have stuffing it is minimal, so should an 'accident' occur the mess will be minimal! It features two squeakers in its torso, and this, makes it even more engaging.

What Toys Should You Buy for Your Akita?

The toys on the list are just a very small handful of those that you will find on offer at any pet store.

But just what kinds of toys in general are best for an active Akita pup?

Akita playing with a chew toy

This chew toy mom got me is really fun!

Durability is important of course as Akitas are larger pups who do tend to like to chew quite aggressively.

Interaction and engagement - the kind that good puzzle toys for dogs provides - is just as important though.

As they are very intelligent, inquisitive creatures Akitas need a mental challenge otherwise they are liable to get rather bored - especially when alone - which can lead to destructive behavior, separation anxiety or even depression.

Dog Toys Safety Tips

Just like you keep safety tips in mind when letting your human kids play with their toys there are some things that should be kept in mind when your Akita - or in fact any pup - plays with the toys you have carefully chosen for them.

Aside from specifically looking for breed specific dog toys that are durable enough - and sized correctly - for your fur kid you should also supervise their first play time with any toy.

This will help ensure that it is appropriate for him - that he does not rip off pieces easily that may cause a choking hazard - and that everything works as it should.

Share your tips on how to keep an Akita entertained in the comments below.


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