6 Best Dog Car Seat Cover for Dog Hair

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February 2, 2023 / Daily Gear Travel / By: Krystine Therriault

The Best Dog Seat Protectors for Dogs Waterproof and Durable

Dogs love to get dirty, are your seats protected?

We recommend seat covers to keep the back seat or front seat of your car from getting absolutely mangled with dog hair, drenched in doggy smell or worse protect the fabric of your car seat from getting seeped in your puppy's urine.

Truth is blankets don't work quite so well even if you secure it tight between the seats, since your dog will keep moving around. I know Bailey doesn't sit still during our journeys together. 

While dog seat belts are the safest way to travel with dogs and also stops your dog from scratching your console if they travel in the front with you, there are a few good quality dog seat covers designed to provide portability, safety and comfort for you and your travel buddy.

We discuss and compare some of our favorites below. Let's get started! 

Quick Buying Guide to the Best Car Seat Covers For Dog Hair

Labrador dog sitting in car seat

Dogs love traveling with their humans. However, when traveling by car dogs should always be strapped in or crated so they can't distract the driver and cause an accident.

When you're considering buying a dog seat cover, keep the following in mind.


The two main fabrics used are polyurethane (PU) or a quilted cloth.

The first is in the form of a plastic material, is waterproof and scratch-proof. These are usually spot clean only. If being waterproof is your main concern, we recommend this material especially if you're planning on bringing your mutt along for some dog kayaking or he's just too fond of water. 

The latter, is aesthetically pleasing, provides more comfort for your buddy and is a more popular option with buyers. In most cases, cloth fabrics also have a liner to give you that waterproof feature and are generally machine washable on a gentle cycle.

Front Seat or Back Seat Dog Cover

Front seat "dog seat cover" do exactly what it says on the tin - covers your front passenger seat and is a great option for those dogs that get travel sick or are anxious travelers and prefer to be near their owners.

Back seat dog covers generally drape over the rear seat offering good coverage and keeping them fur-free.

One consideration is that we recommend dogs are restrained whether they travel in the front or rear seat using a harness or a dog seat belt to prevent the driver from being distracted and ensure safety for both you and your travel buddy. So ensure seat belt holes are provided and that they line up for ease of access and are not obstructed in any way.

Seat Style

Do you have a bench seat or bucket style? Does you vehicle have headrests? The majority of car seat covers are designed to hang over the headrests and usually comes with flaps going down against the side of the seats/between the doors or can be just tucked between cushions. Also the cover should have seat belt openings.

Hammock Type Cover

A Hammock design is an alternative to the rear seat dog cover and works like a regular hammock. It simply hangs off the back of the driver and passenger side front seats and connects to the front of the seats in the back of the car.

If you're an avid camper and like hanging out by the fire, eating food, and having a good time with your family and best bud, why not read our article on the ultimate dog sleeping bag buying guide for maximizing your next adventure trip. 

Top 6 Best Car Seat Covers For Dogs

#1. Winner Outfitters: Best for Big Dogs

Weatherproof Dog Seat Cover Pet Seat Cover for Cars, Trucks, and Suv

Product Info:

  • 56" Wide x 60" Length
  • For backseats of All STANDARD cars, trucks & SUVs
  • Convertible style
  • Black, only

What We Like About It

  • Machine Washable
  • Seat anchors
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Waterproof
  • Easy install

The Winner Outfitters seat covers model is best for bigger dogs since it can be hard to find a car seat their size. These covers also help block off access to the front seat and they're large enough to provide good coverage for the back seat.

Some additional features that make Winner Outfitters’ seat cover a winner (excuse the pun!) is that it’s easy to install and is truly waterproof, so you can rest assured that your car seat is protected from accidents and spills or a wet Fido if he is a regular swimmer. The seat cover is also designed with built-in rubber non-slip backing and seat anchors that keeps your dog from sliding around when you stop and turn.

Overall users swear by how well made and sturdy this convertible dog car seat cover is. Other users love how soft and comfortable it is for their dogs even after it's been machine washed several times. (Use a gentle cycle!)
The company even offers a satisfaction guarantee, so if you aren’t happy you can get a full refund and keep the seat cover. One of the only complaints is that the seat cover might not be wide enough for larger trucks, but overall it comes highly recommended and a must-have for travelling anywhere!

#2. BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover for Cars

Solid pet seat cover at a great price.

Product Info

  • For Backseats Use
  • Two Sizes: Standard (54" W x 58"L) suits cars and X-Large (60"W x 64"L)
  • Convertible style

What We Like About It

  • Side-flasps extensions
  • Waterproof
  • Seat Anchors
  • Safe non-toxic material
  • Withstands extreme temperatures
  • Machine washable  

BarksBar’s Original Pet Seat Cover is designed to fit in standard cars, pick up trucks, and SUVs. It’s easy to set up - all you have to do is secure the straps around your headrests and tuck in the seat anchors. Clean up is easy too, since the cover is machine washable.

Another important feature is that the seat cover fabric is waterproof, so your back seat will be protected from dirt, floor, messes, and other accidents like if your buddy is travel anxious and gets carsick. It's also fairly secure so you won’t find it moving around in your backseat, keeping your dog secure and comfortable. It even comes with two pockets that allow for easy storage of your pet essentials.

Pet owners report that this pet seat cover is very durable and made with high quality materials that even bigger dogs can’t destroy. The price is great, and even though over time owners might have trouble with things like broken zippers, the company’s customer service is helpful. In fact, most users love that this bargain seat protector keeps their dogs safe and injury-free in the car during travelling.

#3. Ruffwear Dirt Bag Seat Cover: Best Coverage for Side, Seat and Floor

The Best car protector! No more dog hair!

Product Info

  • Convertible Design: Hammock & Traditional Back Seat Cover
  • Granite Gray Color
  • One Size
  • Measures 62.6"W x 55.1"L
  • Heavy duty Polyester

What We Like About It

  • Machine Washable
  • Great for multiple dogs
  • Waterproof
  • Durable & Comfortable
  • Seatbelt access point
  • Non slip

Another excellent dog car seat cover from the reputable Ruffwear crowd. If you are looking for the best coverage including the floor of your car, this premium dog car seat cover is the best pick for you! The comfortable polyester fabric ensures durability, users have this 2 years+ with very little tear and wear that's visible and that's from daily use from multiple dogs with a combined weight of between 100 - 150 lbs.

The Ruffwear seat cover is quite versatile and can be utilized for the rear seat as a hammock, regular seat covering or when the seats are folded flat down, covering the boot also. You have integrated seatbelts access points and when not in use it can be easily packed and folded away. The fabric doesn't stain from moisture, dirt, snow or mud and cleaning is real easy - whether wiping it down or throwing it in the washer for a complete through wash.

Owners love this car seat cover because of its durability, quality and flexibility, being easy to install, easy to wash and offers complete coverage of the whole back seat and this what you really expect from the makers behind Ruffwear travel product supplies. Highly recommended it and worth the price!

#4. BarksBar Pet Seat Cover: Best Front Seat Cover

Non slip front seat cover waterproof and chew proof

Product Info:

  • Front seat covers for SUVs, pick up trucks and cars
  • Heavy Duty Polyester

What We Like About It

  • Waterproof
  • Color fast Material
  • Machine washable
  • Easy Install

BarksBar’s Pet Front Seat Cover will help keep your seat protected from mud, fur, and other liquids from travelling along with your pet. It also keeps your seat protected from claws and teeth since it's made from high-quality heavy-duty polyester making it the best front seat dog cover for your car. 

This front seat cover is comfortable with a quilted pattern and has built-in rubber backing and anchors to keep the cover, and your pet, in place. Along with being easy to install and clean, this car seat cover is also made using safe and environmentally friendly materials that can withstand heat and wear.

This front seat cover comes highly recommended by owners who say that it’s easy to set up, remove, clean, and take care of. One thing that users mention is that the seat cover doesn’t wrap around the sides and back of the seat. Still, the BarksBar front seat cover will help keep your passenger seat clean and in-tact if your co-pilot buddy likes to ride with you in the front seat of your brand new spanking car. 

#5. NAC & ZAC Pet Cover: Best Dog Cover for Trucks, Pick Ups & Large SUVs

Best dog cover that covers the whole seat and suits trucks, big SUV's and pick ups

Product Info:

  • Bench Style for Rear Seat
  • Best for Trucks, Pick ups and Large SUVs
  • X-large sized Seat Cover is 66" width X 49" length
  • Black and Gray Colors

What We Like About It

  • 3 layers with PU waterproofing
  • Machine Washable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Reinforced headrest straps and clips
  • Heavy duty material
  • Fits multiple dogs
  • Nonslip

The hugely popular NAC & ZAC bench seat covers are specifically designed to fit trucks, pick ups and large SUVs. They strap on to your vehicle's headrests, covers the whole seat since it has extra side flaps and elastic strips for each corner. Plus, if you have leather seats, the cover has rubber backing to keep it in place and has seat belt openings with velcro.

The heavy duty material is canvass-like so great for durability yet it still has a nice feel to it. The middle layer is waterproof PE material so no worries for stains from any spillage or accidents. The cover is a breeze to wash and supports more than one dog!

If you've been looking for a cover that anchors on the back seat corners and under seat corners and is NOT a hammock style, this top-notch product is for you. We also like the lifetime warranty and the user satisfaction this product keeps on receiving.

#6. Amazon Basics Car Seat Cover: Best Budget Pick

AmazonBasics Waterproof Car Bench Seat Cover

Product Info:

  • Rear seat protector
  • Universal fitting
  • 56"L x 47"W

What We Like About It

  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Has pockets
  • Easy Install

AmazonBasics bench seat dog cover is your best budget pick and is designed to attach over the seat using two headrest loops, two seat anchors and two elastic straps to secure the edges and stop it from being crumpled up and pushed aside.

The AmazonBasics dog seat cover is made of 100% polyester with supreme protection against fur, claw marks, spills and dander that is easy to put on and take off. 

Users report the soft texture feels cool and allows their dog to relax during travelling. As an added bonus, this cover folds up to a small package so that it is small enough to be stored in the car/trunk for when your pet is not with you.

Overall if you're looking to protect your back seat and need a durable, heavy duty seat cover that can withstand years of use yet is affordable have a look at the AmazonBasics Pet Cover.

Best Car Seat Protectors - Bottom Line

Dog car seat protectors are relatively affordable and totally worth the investment. 

We made sure to select only the most popular, best value seat protectors out there, so these dog travel supplies are an absolute minimal investment that we guarantee will keep your vehicle from getting destroyed and your Pooch happy and comfortable.

Finally, it's your turn. In the comments section below do let us know if there is anything that we missed in our Best Dog Seat Cover Review or which of the choices you ended up with.

Love this review? Share it and Come Back and Leave Your Own Review! 

Ruffwear Dirt Bag Seat Cover - The Best Dog Seat Protector that converts between a hammock and a bench seat. See it in action!


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