13 Best Dog Pools For Pups of All Sizes

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November 4, 2022 / Daily Gear Travel / By: Melanie Evans

Best Pool for Dogs

It's a hot day. You're in the pool. The kids are in the pool. Is your pup in the pool? He’d probably like to be too.

The summer can be far less fun for dogs than it is for humans. They get hot and bothered and sweating isn't something they can do to cool off.

What they'd almost certainly like to do though is take a dip in a nice pool to cool off, followed by a long, cold drink of fresh water and a nap in the shade.

The problem is most kiddie pools - which are ideally sized for many dogs - are not actually made for them. A stray claw can render them useless in seconds.

The good news is however is that there are an increasing number of dog pools on the market, and these are specially crafted so that your fur kid can stay cool and have more fun in the sun. Just like the humans.

But which of these many dog pools is the best choice for your pup? To find out, we took a close look at some of the bestselling, best reviewed dog pools available today and with the help of some eager 'water pups' came up with our list of the 13 best pools for dogs.

So, without further ado, let's dive in (pardon the pun) and take a look at the best dog pools for any pup.


Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pool

This is a great dog pool to travel with. It folds easily, dries quickly if left in the sun and is as suitable for human kids as it is for those with fur, allowing everyone to get in and splash together.

Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool...

The Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pool is a hugely popular choice with pet parents and, as we found out, for lots of good reasons, as it it can tick most of the boxes when it comes to features that any good dog pool should have.

Sizes: S---32" x 8", M---39.5" x 12", L---48" x 12", XL---55.1" x 12", XXL---63"x 12"

Out of the box this pool is easy to set up, and as it's available in five sizes from small to XXL there's an option that will suit almost any pup (or pups if you want to host a dog pool party) It's easily foldable, rigid structure is bolstered by high density, mold resistant fiberboard in its panels making it more durable than some dog pools that make use of a flimsier support.

As there is no need to inflate or assemble the pool, it can be set up and ready to fill in minutes. Pet parents report that its tough PVC floor stands up to scratches and claws well and draining the pool is easy, as all you need to do is open the drain plug on the side and then let gravity do its thing. The corners of the pool are double stitched and sealed with a waterproof fabric trim that not only helps the pool last long but is a nice aesthetically pleasing touch as well.

This pool probably not quite deep enough for most pups to really swim in, but the fun they get from splashing around is more than enough to keep them cool and happy. Add a few dog toys and your fur kid can have even more fun. And when the fun is over if things got a little grimy, which can happen, the pools wipes clean easily with a dampened cloth and a little soap and water if needed.

As to price, this is not the cheapest pool on our list, but for all the great features it has to offer we think it's worth every penny.


Fuloon PVC Pet Swimming Pool

This is also another pool that is well suited for travel. It comes with its own carrying case and is nice and lightweight so taking it to the beach or park is more than a possibility.

Fuloon PVC Pet Swimming Pool Portable...

The Fuloon PVC Pet Swimming Pool is another rigid, foldable dog pool that needs no inflation and is easy to set up. Available in four sizes, this dog pool range can accommodate pups of all sizes and has a tough, PVC non-slip floor that resists claw damage. Its dual colored design is a nice touch as well, as are the reinforced fabric edges that help lend extra support and durability.

Sizes: S---32" x 8" ; M---39.4" x 11"; L---47.2" x 11"

This dog pool's durability is one thing that those who have purchased this dog pool for their pup praise the most. Pet parents report that while not scratch proof the Fuloon PVC Pet Swimming Pool stands up well to the occasional stray claw catching the floor or sides. They also praise the pool's ease of folding and the fact that a larger than usual drain hole in the pool's side helps drain it faster when pool playtime is over.

After use if left in the sun it will dry out reasonably quickly and can then be transported back home with ease. The pool can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and then, once fully dry, packed away again until next time in the included carrying bag.

The one thing that some pet parents who have purchased this pool do caution is that this is not the right choice for an aggressive chewer, as the sides of the pool show damage quickly if bitten.


FrontPet Foldable Dog Pool

From its bright and appealing look to its well constructed reinforced sides and scratch resistant floor, this pool has a lot to offer.

Frontpet Foldable Dog Pool - Collapsible...

This pool - which is available in three sizes, from small to large and from 8" to 12" in depth is an easy to use, easy to carry wading pool sized options that is as suited to human toddlers as it is to precious pups.

Sizes: S---32" x 8" ; L---50" x 12"; XL---60" x 12"

Pet parents report it stands up to general wear and tear well although it may be damaged fairly easily by aggressive chewers or sharp claws.

The pool is crafted from a reinforced PVC and has fabric sealed edges on its sides to help it maintain its shape. Its drain hole is larger than many others which helps empty it faster when the time comes. It is easy to set up and can be transported with ease in its own (included) carrying bag.

Another very appealing aspect of this dog pool is its very reasonable pricing. If your pup has never had his own pool before it can be hard to tell if he's actually going to like it (not all dogs love water) and so spending too much on something untested may not be something you want to do at first. If so then this is an excellent option to choose as it offers a good quality dog pool at a very reasonable price.


Petsfit Portable Outdoor Pool for Small to Medium Dogs

The Petsfit portable pool is another excellent choice for small to medium dogs. It needs no inflation, it's leak-proof and its rigid sides mean that once it is set up it stays in place.

Petsfit Kiddie Pool,Foldable Dog Pool...

The pet parents of small to medium dogs are looking for dog pools that are not so deep,  that pups new to water will NOT get into trouble and panic AND that's also tough enough to stand up to some clawing and chewing - as that's just what a lot of dogs do when in the pool. The water can be a very exciting new challenge for a pup to figure out, and splashing and pawing at the water is one way for them to figure out just what this stuff is.

Sizes: 41” Diameter and 12” Deep.

This is a very lightweight pool as it is crafted entirely from heavy oxford and waterproof nylon cloth assembled on a wire coated frame. This means that it folds into itself into a single rectangle when not in use and is super easy to carry almost anywhere.

Pet parents who have purchased this pool liked the fact that it stayed upright, even when full, and scratching at the sides seems to cause little to no damage. They also love the pop up nature of the set up which can be achieved with one hand in a matter of seconds. This is one of the more expensive options on our list, but for small dogs it offers good value and lots of splash time and is durable enough to make it through several summers unscathed.


GRULLIN Pet Swimming Pool

The largest version of the pool available measures a generous 48"x12, making it large enough for most big dogs to splash and cool off with ease.

Pet Swimming Pool Portable Foldable Pool...

Even the largest option in many dog pools can't quite accommodate - or stand up to - big boisterous dogs, but of all the pools we looked at the GRULLIN Pet Swimming Pool is one of the best choices you can make for your larger fur kid.

Sizes: 48” Diameter and 12” Deep.

It's crafted from a very tough PVC and the corners and edges are reinforced to add even more durability. Although this is a large pool it folds up into a single, easily portable square that will fit into a tote bag so you can take it along to the park or beach so your pup does not have to miss out on any summer fun.

Another advantage of this larger pool is that it can accommodate human kids and fur ones. A non-slip bottom helps humans stay on their feet and the stability helps the more nervous larger pooch feel more comfortable in the water. The pop up nature of the pool set up is quick and easy and water can be drained via the large drain hole at the side of the pool.

Pet parents who have purchased this pool are impressed with its durability and note that its thicker and heavier than usual construction does allow it to stand up to energetic larger pups' water play very well. The price is right too, as it is one of the less expensive choices on our list.


LILYS PET Portable Folding Swimming Pool

The perfect sized pool for small breeds. It's affordable, folding and leak-proof doubling up as a tote-bag! 

LILYS PET Portable Folding Bath tub...

Lots of tiny dogs love water, and lots of them love having their own dog pool. However, many pet parents are concerned about putting them in a pool that's too deep for them, especially if they have never had one of their own before. The LILYS PETS Portable Dog Pool and Bath offers the peace of mind of a small pool that will be safe for very small dogs to splash around in that is also as easily portable as your favorite tote bag.

In fact, one of the rather neat features of this tiny dog pool - it measures just 18 inches by 9 inches, is that it can function as a tote bag too and is perfect for RVing. There are pockets in its sturdy PVC and 600D oxford fabric Oxford sides that can hold brushes, treats, leads and even shampoo, as this little dog pool can also double as a very convenient bathtub.

Pet parents who have purchased this dog pool love the fact that it is perfectly sized for the most petite of pups, that it is very durable and the fact that it is easy to carry, thanks to a long, adjustable nylon strap that can be attached and removed as needed. Many report that they love the versatility of this choice and that it's great for camping, as when it's not in use as a pool or bath they can use it to transport things like dog bowls and even their pup's clothes.


Alcott Inflatable Dog Pool

This tough 4-inch diameter PVC dog pool from Alcott is easy to get into, easy to drain and is both chew and claw-proof - a sound investment.

alcott Inflatable Pool for Dogs, 4'...

Although we all prefer the durability and ease of setup of a rigid sided dog pool there is also a lot to be said for a well-constructed inflatable dog pool. The Alcott Inflatable Dog Pool is such a pool.

Sizes: 48” Diameter and 16” Deep.

The appeal of this pool, apart from the fact that it stores very easily and can be folded up very small, is its shaping. The pool features dips in the side which offers lower entry points.

This is great not only for smaller dogs who may have problems getting over the sides of a taller pool, but also for older dogs whose mobility is not quite what it once was. As simply sitting in the water can help soothe the aches and pains that some older dogs feel in their joints then the fact that this pool allows them easier access to this kind of cooling relief is likely to be something they’ll love.

The pool inflates surprisingly quickly, thanks to the fact that it inflates from three different locations on the poor. When inflated, the pool has three ridges that help keep it stable and it is crafted from a tough PVC that is designed to be puncture resistant. Customer who have purchased this pool report that it withstands clawing well but a sharp bite may be enough to puncture it.

The pool can be drained by opening the drain plug located at the bottom of the pool, and then, once dry deflates easily and can be folded and stored back in its carry bag. The pool is light enough that it can be transported almost anywhere with ease and it even comes with a puncture repair kit in case there are any unfortunate accidents with a stray claw.


Alvantor Pet Swimming Pool

Instant pop-up pool that is easy to carry, is durable and stable and doubles up as an indoor or outdoor pool.

Alvantor Pet Swimming Pool Dog Bathing...

For most of us, a dog pool can only really be used in the spring or summer, and then ends up consigned to a garage shelf for the rest of the year. Some pet parents however make use of their dog pool all year long, turning a summer swimming pool into a fun indoor ball pit that can help keep energetic pups - and equally boisterous human kids - amused when the weather won't allow them to be outside as much as they might like.

Sizes: 42” Diameter and 12” Deep.

To be used as a dog pool and a ball pit, the choice you make has to really be able to stand up to accidental clawing - because pups really dig for those balls - while also not being so large that it takes up half of your living room. The Alvantor pet swimming pool is a great choice that meets all these requirements and more.

The pools durability comes from the fact that the manufacturer reinforces its sides with a PVC backed ripstop fabric that is especially good at resisting claw damage. The pool features a petal like pop up design that makes it easy to set up and put away and it comes complete with its own storage bag for easy portability.

It should be noted that the pool has no drain hole. This is perhaps less convenient than some other options when used outside - as the pool will have to be manually emptied  - but a bonus when the pool is used indoors as it will ensure no lingering water around the drain hole - which is quite common - can leak out onto your flooring.

The Best of the Rest

All of these dog pools also impressed us - and our furry friends - during our testing and are all worth your consideration as well.

Yaheetech Foldable Pet Pool

This is another dog pool that impressed us with its durability, even when used by larger dogs.

Sizes: M: 47.2" x 11.8" (Dia.x H) , L: 63" x 11.8''  (small also available.)

The pool is crafted using a tough PVC and its sides are reinforced with thicker than usual mold resistant panels that help ensure the pool stays standing even when fur kids (and human kids) are jumping in and out of it. It features a large drain hole in the side and according to many of the pet parents who have purchased it the thick, anti slip bottom resists scratching and tearing very well.

Many of the positive reviews come from the pet parents of much larger dogs - over 50 pounds - and so this is another swimming pool for dogs to consider if your water baby is a bigger pup. 

No products found.

KOPEKS Outdoor Rectangular Swimming Pool

This pool immediately stands out because of its rectangular shape. And even though it is not an Olympic swimming pool sized it offers plenty of room for small to medium dogs to splash and play to their heart's content and maybe even share it with a human kid as well. 

Sizes: S: 31" x 20" x 8” Deep, M: 37" x 24" x 10” Deep, L: 43" x 27" x 12” Deep.

The pool's walls are made of an industrial strength PVC and are very sturdy. It folds out - and then folds up again easily and becomes a neat rectangle that can easily be stored in the included carry bag. Its screw on, screw off drain cap is less likely to leak than plug only options and most reviewers report that it is easy to twist securely into place.

This is also a very versatile pool. Use it not only as a cooling paddling pool for your pup but also as a dog - and toddler bath - and even a sink for doing dishes while camping! 

KOPEKS Outdoor Rectangular Swimming Pool...

ALL FOR PAWS Outdoor Dog Pool

If you are looking for a very cool looking dog pool that will also keep them very cool then the ALL FOR PAWS Outdoor Dog Pool is a good choice.  The ripple design on the outside of the pool walls is very attractive but the heavy duty PVC construction helps ensure that the pool is as practical and durable as it is good looking.

Sizes: L: 63" x 12";  (Depth x Height) M: 47" x 12" 

Although this pool is available in several sizes, it is the large size that seems to be the most popular. At 63" x 12" it's large enough to allow big dogs to cool off and get their splash on with plenty of room to move and its reinforced vinyl floor resists accidental damage from clawing and scratching quite well.

The only complaint some pet parents have about this dog pool is that a smaller than usual drain hole means that it can take longer to empty than some of its competitors.

ALL FOR PAWS 63' Dog Pool for Large Dog...

Pro Goleem Foldable Dog Pool

If you are looking for a really big dog pool that can accommodate both fur kids and their human kid friends then this pool, when purchased in its largest size available, may be just what you are looking for.

Sizes: XXL: 78.7" deep x 11.8" height (several other sizes available)

It should be noted that this pool takes up lots of backyard space. It measures a whopping 78 inches in diameter, so there is indeed plenty of room but it is not so deep that dogs or kids can swim in it, but they will have plenty of space to splash and play. Its heavy vinyl and PVC sides are durable, but some pet parents do report that they occasionally have a tendency to flop a little if the pool is less than half full.

The pool is drained via a plug on the side and will fold up into its carrying bag for travel, although because of its size even folded it is a bulkier option than many of the other pools on our list. 

Pro Goleem Foldable Dog Pool Collapsible...

SwimWays Spring Float Paddle Paws Dog Pool Float

You're in your swimming big pool. Your pup looks like he'd love to chill out in it too, and the SwimWays Spring Float Paddle Paws Dog Pool Float allows him to do that, even if he is up to 60lbs.

Sizes: S: 51.5"L x 31"W x 9"H, L: 64.5"L x 43.25"W x 9"H

The float - which looks a lot like the pool floats humans love to relax on in the summer - is crafted from a heavy duty PVC and its edges are reinforced by a paw friendly mesh fabric that protects the raft from claw damage as your pup lounges. The quality is great as SwimWays have been making pool floats for humans for decades and this one is simply made a lot tougher so that it can meet the extra demands a pup might put on it.

Pet parents who have bought this float report that pups of up to 90lbs have made use of it safely and successfully and most agree that it is durable, good value for money and offers their pups a way to enjoy the water and a little relaxation as well. 

SwimWays Paddle Paws Spring Float Dog...

7 Key Features to Look for in a Dog Pool


The 13 pools on this list are some of the best you can buy and we tried to include options that will suit every dog. They are far from the only choices available though and there are some other good dog pools out there for you to consider when shopping for the best pool for your dog.

Whichever option you eventually choose however there are some key features you should look for. Here are the most important...

1. Durability

Some people, when they first consider buying a pool so that their pup can enjoy a cooler, more comfortable summer, simply buy a children's pool from the toy section. However, they usually find out, rather quickly, that most kids pools are just not durable enough to stand up to the extra demands a pup will put on it.

Dogs really can be very rough on a pool, especially as many dogs get very excited and playful in water. They may also catch the pool with their claws as they play, leading to punctures and tears if the pool is not designed to withstand that rougher treatment then it will not last for long.

All dog pools are designed to be tough, but it's fair to say that some are tougher than others. One of the reasons we chose our top pick, the Jasonwell Foldable dog pool over all the other other admittedly great choices is that it offers great durability but it is not so rigid that it is hard to set up or that pups (or kids) will hurt themselves on pool walls that are too hard as they get in and out.

2. Size

Getting the size of the dog pool you choose right is another must. If a pool is too large for a smaller dog then they may panic at being in so much water. On the other hand if a pool is too small for a larger dog then it won't offer them too much enjoyment and they are likely to get bored of it rather quickly.

So how do you know what the right size really is?

While the manufacturers all offer the size specifications, it can be hard to envision how well that will work for your unique pup.

One good rule of thumb?

Measure your pup from nose to tail and try to then find a pool that is at least double that size in diameter. And don't forget, you will also need to consider how much room the pool will take up in your yard.

3. Ease of Use

No one wants to spend an hour setting up a dog pool on a hot day. And no one wants to spend hours draining and drying it out. This means that ease of use is another very important feature to look for when shopping for the best dog pool.

Options that fold out quickly are always a good choice, as are pop up options like the Alvantor Pet swimming pool we featured on our list. Basically the easier they are to set up the better, so take a look at both the instructions for assembly and a few buyers reviews to determine how well the option you are considering fits the bill.

Drainage should be a big consideration too. Eventually all the water you put into your dog pool has to come out. Ideally you do not want to have to try and tip a dog pool up to drain it, so those with large, faster flowing drain holes are the best choice. Side drains are usually better than drains located at the bottom of the pool as water draining straight down may lead to a waterlogged lawn very quickly, resulting in a new pool that will be far less fun.

4. Portability and Storage

The ideal dog pool should be both easily portable and not take up too much room to store.

Almost all of the pools on our list fit that criteria as even the largest of them fold up into portable rectangles or squares to be stored - or carried - easily in an included bag.

No matter what dog pool you buy however, it is important that you store it in a cool, dry place when it is not in use to prevent rotting, mold or shrinkage which are all, of course, things that could seriously damage the pool.

5. Looks

Looks may not be the most serious and important consideration when it comes to buying a dog pool, but there is no reason that you should not take them into account. After all this is likely to be an item that you display in your backyard or on your patio all summer long, so you do want it to look as nice as possible.

6. Price

Our top picks are all reasonably priced items, but some are obviously a little more expensive than others. While price should never be your most important consideration when buying a bigger dog care item like a dog pool you can certainly keep it in mind. Our top budget pick, the Frontpet Foldable dog pool, is a great option for those buying their pup his first pool, as it offers great functionality but won't be such a big financial loss if it turns out he does not like it.

Dog Swimming Pool: FAQs

Cute Dog Swimming

Provided that the pool they swim in is designed for dogs, and they are under supervision, then yes.

Contrary to popular rumor, not all dogs love the water, and not all dogs know how to swim. If your pup is trying a dog pool and seems to be scared of the water, or of getting in the pool in general, don't force him to. If you force a reluctant dog into a pool then, just like a human, it's quite possible that they will develop a fear of water that will last their whole life.

That having been said, most dogs do take to their pool, even if it takes a few tries and a demonstration of just what they are supposed to do from you! And, as long as they are supervised then hanging out in their pool all summer is something they can enjoy and if you are up for even more fun your kids - and you - can join him too.

Can dogs drown?

We all think tend to think of dogs as strong swimmers, and many are. But yes, it is possible for a dog to drown.

Most cases of dog drowning occur in lakes and in the sea, but a dog can drown in a human swimming pool on rare occasions. Most dog pools however - including all the pools on the list - when sized correctly for your pup are not deep enough for them to really swim in, just paddle and splash.

The one thing you should be aware of is if your pup is a short nosed breed like a pug or a bulldog they will need extra supervision when in the pool.

For short nosed - or brachycephalic as they are properly known - dogs the fact that their snout is so short means that they are more prone than other pups to inhaling too much water. This can lead to both drowning and something called dry drowning, so these pups should be watched with extra care when they are in any pool, including their own special dog pool.

Why can't my dog just use a standard kids pool?

The fact is that the average 'kiddie' pool is just not durable enough for use by dogs. Its for this reason that we suggest that if you have both human and fur kids who are likely to want to play in a pool together, it's better to buy them a durable dog pool to share than a flimsy kid's one.

My dog likes to jump in the big pool. Is the chlorinated water bad for him?

According to the American Kennel Club, because the chlorine levels in the average family pool are fairly low then there is no real harm in letting them swim in the pool. However, because dogs have more sensitive membranes than humans around their eyes and nose, they may become irritated by the chlorine more easily.

The best rule of thumb is that if your pup does go into the family pool is that you limit the time he is there and that you rinse him down with cool, clean water when his swim session is over to remove any lingering chlorine from his fur and from around those sensitive mucus membranes.

The one thing you should never do is allow your pup to swim in the family pool alone. Dogs have no idea how to use the steps to get in and out of the pool and even if they are strong swimmers panic over not knowing how to get out of a steep sided pool could lead to them becoming exhausted, or to inhale too much water and drown.

If you own a pool and you have children you almost certainly have lots of safety precautions in place to prevent them falling in accidentally. If you own a pool and don't have human kids, you should still implement some of the same measures to keep your fur kids safe too.

Final Word on Doggie Pools

Water dog

We hope that you have found this guide to the best dog pools useful and that you now feel better equipped to go out there and choose the best pool for dogs for your pup. We also hope that you now understand a little more about dogs, swimming and water safety for dogs in general.

All that really remains for us to do now is wish you happy shopping and, that when you have found the perfect pool for your pup that you both have lots of fun - and make lots of great memories - splashing around in the water when the temperatures rise and it's time for some cooling water fun! 


Hopefully, the reviews and buying guide will help you find the right pool for  your loyal friend to splash in and cool off! Either way, we’d love to hear your comments, questions or suggestions down below.


Melanie Evans

Melanie Evans is a professional freelance writer based in Scranton, PA, who, enjoys sharing her lifelong knowledge about dogs. When not working, Melanie enjoys playing a wide variety of sports, traveling and hanging out with her energetic boxer dog Bruce.

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