The Best Elevated Dog Bowls For Your Pup’s Dining Enjoyment

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November 6, 2022 / Dog Food / By: Melanie Evans

Dog sitting beside raised feeding station.

An elevated feeding system can make it easier for your pet to enjoy their meals and may even prevent certain health and behavior problems in some pups.

Raised feeders are also particular useful for dogs with medical conditions such arthritis or other joint issues who find it too straining to bend over to eat. 

Below is a list of the 9 best-reviewed elevated dog bowls for pups of all sizes.

Let's dive right in….


Pet Zone Designer Diner Adjustable Elevated Pet Feeder Raised Dog Bowls

This is our top pick - this raised dog feeder allows you to mount your pups bowls at the accurate height for feeding. No matter what size!

Pet Zone Elevated Pet Feeder

Priced under $25, this elevated dog bowl stand is the ideal 'starter' option for puppies, as it is fully adjustable and designed to (literally) grow as your pup does. It can be set at a height as low as 2.75" from the ground up to 12" inches, and can be set anywhere in between, offering convenient and healthier dining for dogs both short and tall.

The bowls themselves are stainless steel and rust resistant. They slot into two openings on top of what is a very attractive feeding platform finished in a matte black.

The adjustable legs fold flat into the platform for easy storage and as the whole thing weighs less than four pounds the Pet Zone Designer Diner is very portable as well.

This bowl is more durable than expected from a relatively inexpensive option and it is easy to adjust to the right height for your dog. We were also impressed with the good sizing of the bowls - not too big and not too small - and the fact that it is simple to disassemble to transport if needed.


Platinum Pets Modern Double Diner

You're looking at my favorite functional raised bowl holder. It is made from wrought-iron so it's sturdy, it's easy to assemble and easy to clean.

Platinum Pets Elevated Pet Bowl

This is another reasonably priced option made in the USA, this Platinum Pets double dog diner comes in five different heights ranging from 9" for toy dogs (and maybe even their cat friends) to the XL size that is designed for dogs of 30" tall such as Great Danes.  

Cup size for X-Small is 0.75 cup going to 10 cups for the extra large.

The feeding platform itself looks minimalistic. On the downside, it doesn't look very sturdy but this pet feeding system is made using wrought iron that is both durable and easy to assemble.

The feeding bowls included for use are crafted from powder coated stainless steel, allowing them to be offered in more than a dozen different colors. We like both the feeding station and the feeding bowls themselves are easy to clean and the bowls fit in their slots without being too loose or too tight - just right.


FOREYY Raised Pet Bowls

If you're looking for the most stylish elevated dog bowl - Foreyy's raised pet bowl - won't disappoint and it comes with a great price tag too!

FOREYY Raised Pet Bowls

This is one of the trendiest elevated pet bowls made out of bamboo. Bamboo is not just good looking, it is also a durable material - bamboo is used to create scaffolding in Japan - very water resistant and boasts natural antibacterial properties as well!

There are four different sizes available, ranging from $25 - $50 for pups from 4 to 15 inches in height, making this a choice for small, medium and large dogs.

The stand itself is very stable, as it consists of a roomy bowl holder set on sturdy bamboo legs, and the included stainless steel bowls are a perfect fit AND are well made.

Pet parents with boisterous and playful pups have happily reported that they're not easily tipped over. They're easy to assemble and very easy to keep clean.

The bowl's aesthetic appearance, as you might expect, fits in with any kitchen decor and does not look messy or out of place. 


Neater Feeder Deluxe w/ Leg Extensions

If you have a sloppy eater and want to have less to clean, the Neeter Feeder is the one for your pup.

Neater Feeder Deluxe w/ Leg Extensions

The Neater Feeder Deluxe Elevated Dog Bowl with leg extensions is great for sloppy drinkers and sloppy eaters. 

The feeding station itself is made from a sturdy plastic and the included dog bowls sit in front of taller 'splash guard' to help protect your walls from getting too messy (not all dogs are elegant eaters).

The elevating platform comes in two parts, and the space in between the two - they stack - serves as a drip tray to keep water off the floor. It is stabilized by non skid rubber feet and designed to be both 'spill-proof' and 'tip proof'.

It also includes leg extensions. The bowl sizes are: 7 cup for the food and 9 cup for the water bowl.

We love the simplicity and ease of use of this pet feeder. The included bowls are made from rust resistant stainless steel. By far, the main thing that stands out is how clean it helps to keep the area around the elevated dog bowls and how easy the feeding station itself is to clean.

It comes in sizes, small, medium and large.

 The large version of this dog bowl stand is ideal for large breeds such as German Shepherds, Great Danes, Pitbulls and Alaskan Malamutes, since the feeding height is 8 inches without leg extensions or 11 inches with leg extensions.


Pawfect Pets Premium Small Dog Elevated Dog Bowl

I like the Zen-look of this stylish pet feeder. It's fade and stain-resistant and stays firmly in place when your pup feeds from it.

Pawfect Pets Premium Small Dog Elevated Dog Bowl

The Pawfect Pets pet feeder is immediately striking not only because it is crafted from bamboo and looks very stylish but also because it is a one piece unit that has a very sturdy, but attractive design!

This does mean that it is not adjustable, so it's best for small dogs of up to about 9-10 inches (at the shoulder) in height (suits feeline friends too).

The stainless steel dog bowls that come with the feeding system are held in place by a silicone ring, which helps prevent slippage and spillage as your pup eats. Unusually for these products four bowls are provided.

Two of the bowls are deeper, perfect for food and two are shallower for water use.

In addition to its cool, rather Zen styling, we like the fact that this elevated dog bowl just cannot be tipped over and that it stays in place well when being used.

The bamboo feeder is easy to wipe clean and does not stain easily while the bowls are durable and resist staining well. 


Loving Pets Black Label Collection Rustic Bone Diner

This diner from Loving Pets has a beautiful aged copper finish on an elevated solid galvanized steel frame with no-skid rubber feet and which holds two Ruff N' Tuff stainless steel bowls that are machine washable.

Loving Pets Black Label Collection Rustic Bone Diner for Dogs, Aged Copper

If you like the antique look, and have a kitchen to match, the design of this sturdy metal - copper in fact - elevated dog bowl is likely to appeal to you, in aesthetic terms at least.

Adorned with a bone design this metal offering is created using thin, molded copper that pet parents report is surprisingly durable. The included dog bowls are made from rust resistant stainless steel and are sized for small dogs, as is the stand itself.

The bowls rest on the wire framework and the fit is snug.  

Available in sizes: 1 point (holds 16 oz. food), 1-quart (holds 32 oz. food) and 2-quarts (holds 64 oz. of food).

As this is an open feeder, we'd like to point out that using it with a feeder mat beneath it is a must in order for things to stay neat and tidy.

The stand is crafted from copper so it shouldn't rust easily and will even develop an aged patina over time that some may find attractive!


Pawfect Pets Elevated Bamboo Dog Feeder for Big Dogs

This stylish bamboo elevated feeder offered by Pawfect Pets is another great solution for easier eating and digestion for your pup. Available for small and larger breeds, it also comes with four stainless steel bowls.

Large Elevated Dog & Pet Feeder - Double Bowl Raised Food and Water Stand

Thanks to this large elevated dog bowls station you can add the elegance of bamboo to your home while also accommodating the larger pup in you life. It also eliminates strain on your dog's neck and keeps the food area clean.

Because large dogs are bigger, heavier and may be a little messier when eating the fact that the bowl stand is very sturdy is a real plus. The legs are wide to help it stay in place and when placed the included stainless steel dog bowls are secured by a silicone ring to stop them shifting out of place while in use.

Comes with four stainless steel bowls in total with a 7 cups capacity.

By far the most popular feature of this elevated dog bowl option is the fact that it is so large and sturdy.

As you may have found it by now,  many of the elevated dog bowls available are not built to stand up to larger dogs and as this one does so admirably which is why it's such a hit with pet parents as one of the best pet supply buys they had made in a long time.


PetRageous Toby's Set the Table Pet Dining Table

If you use want to buy a doggy dining table and use your own dog bowls, this set from PetRageous is the solution for you.

FOREYY Raised Pet Bowls

Our second-last pick on this list makes it because it is one of the few good elevated dining options that allows you to make use of the dog bowls of your choice.

This really is a lot like a contained non-skid dining table for dogs. It is crafted from a series of wrought iron and is offered in three different heights accommodating toy breeds to large breed dogs as needed.

You can use your own bowls and once the right diameter bowl is placed inside it stays there without slipping or sliding and that the enclosed back prevents it from being knocked down.

The size small stand is able to hold two 6 inch bowls, the medium is able to hold two 8 inch bowls, and the large is able to hold two 9 inch bowls.

The stand is very stable and stays in place even when used by a slightly messy eating large pup. It is easy to keep clean and once out of the box it takes just a few minutes to assemble.


YML Wrought Iron Stand with Single Stainless Steel Feeder Bowl

This is our top pick for the best single dog bowl stand. This is a great product, looks nice and dogs love them!

YML Wrought Iron Stand with Single Stainless Steel Feeder Bowl

This stylish yet sturdy single dog bowl stand is very attractive and just the right height for dogs to provide the safe and proper height for them to eat correctly. 

The price is affordable (under $25), it is very stable and does not tip easily. Along the stylish design, the bowl is nice and big and the stand itself will help dogs not bend all the way down to the floor when eating.

The stand features a stainless steel bowl with a capacity of 2.5L and the stand is made of wrought-iron. It's available in sizes: small, medium and large.

Check out this highly recommended single elevated dog bowl on Amazon.


Elevated Feeding Stations for Dogs

An elevated feeding system can make it easier for your pet to enjoy their meals.

The elevated dog bowls we have chosen are some of the best out there in our opinion - and that of a lot of satisfied pet parents, but they are far from the only good choice available.  

Different pups - and their families - have different needs and may prefer a different option instead.

There are some things that you should keep in mind in general when choosing to use and buy an elevated pet bowl system for your pup.

You may also be wondering just what is making so many people make the switch from traditional pet bowls to these raised option.

To help you we've put together this short buying guide to answer that question and more.

Why choose an elevated dog bowl?

Aside from the fact that they often look nicer and are easier to clean (more on that later) there are several potential health benefits that making use of an elevated dog bowl can offer to your pup and maybe even one or two for you....

Improve a pup's posture

By elevating your dog's 'plate' to a more comfortable height they will not have to bend so much to reach their food and water and can eat in a more natural position.

This will serve to improve their posture and, just as would be the case for you, prevent cricks and nagging aches and pains.

Reduce join strain in older dogs

As we age our joints get weaker. The same is true for dogs.

Bending down to eat from a bowl placed on the floor can put added strain on a dog's hips, shoulder and elbow joints. For a pup with back issues, which some dogs do develop with age, bending down to eat can be especially painful (and difficult).

Raising the level of their bowl will therefore help keep them pain free and make dinner time a much more pleasurable experience.

Slows down a pup's speedily gushing down their dinner

Some dogs naturally take their time when eating, but many also eat too fast, gulping at their food. Many pet parents find that when they offer their pup an elevated dog bowl instead they slow down at meal times and eat a little slower.

Speedy eating is bad for more reasons than it just looks greedy and can be quite messy.

If they are kibble eaters - and most pups are, even if they also eat wet food - their choking risk is increased if they gobble their food.

There are more serious concerns to keep in mind as well.

As some pet parents are aware, as some dog breeds are more genetically disposed to it than others, on rare occasions if too much air is introduced into the stomach too quickly it can lead to a painful, and potentially fatal condition called volvulus, more commonly known as dog bloat. This is a twisting of the stomach that cuts off the blood supply to the affected dogs organs.

As eating too fast can add excess air to the stomach, anything that can be done to slow a speedy eater down is helpful.

For many pups an elevated dog bowl does that, and so may decrease their risk of developing this very serious ailment.

Correct aggressive eating behavior in dogs

Even the most gentle of dogs can become aggressive at mealtimes, especially if there are other dogs (or cats) around. Eating at floor level can make these behaviors worse.

This may have never happened to them, but it is instinct, rather than paranoia that makes pups uneasy in this situation. Back when their ancestors lived in the wild there were all kinds of other creatures around that might try to snatch their food.

So somewhere in their distant racial memory some pups recall that and will snap and snarl if their bowl is approached while they eat.

By elevating their food your pup will be able to see more of what is going on around them as they eat, and so can eat more secure in the knowledge that their food is safe and therefore stay calmer while they do so.

Get big dogs off the floor

Some large dogs, not wanting to stand and bend to eat their food from the floor, lie down to eat instead. This is, as you can imagine, not conducive to healthy digestion and it is not good for their posture either.

Raising their bowl up and off the floor will get them off the floor too, and eating in a healthier, more comfortable position. 

Minimizes the mess you have to clear

Most pups eat in the kitchen or in a mudroom. Most dogs are at least a little messy when they eat.

Cleaning up food splatters and water spills is not something that any pet parent could ever say they enjoy. 

Many elevated dog bowls boast features that help minimize dinnertime mess which is better for your home and better for them, as leftover morsels of food can quickly become breeding grounds for bacteria.

An elevated dog bowl will cut down on the need for you to bend down and clean, therefore making feeding time a little easier on your back as well.

Finally, most elevated dog bowls are contained within an attractive feeding station that can be matched to the decor of the room they are used in.

Buyer's Guide: Elevated Pet Feeding Stations

Adjustable Elevated Dog Bowls

Pet Zone

Here are some things to keep in mind as you shop, no matter which elevated dog bowl you do eventually opt to buy.


One of the most important things you have to consider when comparing elevated dog bowls is its height, or the height it can be set at in the case of adjustable elevated dog bowls.

Many popular elevated dog bowls can be set at different heights, but you should still read the specifications carefully, as the maximum height may still not really be suitable for a very large dog or the minimum height may be a little too high for a very small pup.

What is the ideal height for an elevated dog bowl?

To determine what that would be for your pup measure him from the top of his shoulders to the underside of his paws when standing up straight on the floor. Then subtract six inches from that measurement and you should have the approximate correct height to look for as you shop.

Feeder size

Some elevated dog beds are more like full dining stations for dogs and resemble actual pieces of furniture.

This means they may take up more space than you envision, especially if you are shopping online, as it can be difficult to judge the assembled product's real size from staged product photos.

To get the sizing right, take the time to measure the area you intend to place your new doggy dining set up in when it arrives and then match those measurements to the specifications listed for the elevated dog bowl set up(s) you are considering.

Bowl size

Most elevated dog bowl feeders come with specially sized bowls included, but it's important that you make sure that those bowls will be large enough to accommodate the amount of food your pup usually eats at every meal.

Most products will list the bowl size by the number of cups of dry kibble they can accommodate, so you may have to do a little quick math in order to determine how much wet food they can hold if that too is a part of your pup's diet.

Bowl type

Many of the elevated dog bowl options you will encounter - including almost all of the choices on our best of list - are stainless steel, and that is a great choice. Stainless steel is rust resistant, mold resistant and can be cleaned with simple water and mild dish detergent.

You may also find that some bowls have been powder coated to add extra color. When done correctly powder coating is permanent and the paint used will not transfer into food or rub off.

You may want to exercise caution here however as some cheaper options have been known to shed their color and that may be unsafe for your dog.

Stainless steel is not the only choice you might encounter. Ceramic bowls are sometimes included with some elevated dog bowl products.

These are rather heavy though and may chip, so they may only be suited for smaller dogs who are daintier eaters than their larger counterparts.

Feeder material

Main materials types you can find in elevated dog feeders are: are acrylic, coated metal, plastic, stainless steel and wood.

The average elevated dog bowl set up offers at least two spots for bowls - one for food and one for water - but that is often where the similarities end. You can now find feeders that are made from everything from plastic and wrought iron to bamboo and copper, as our best of list reflects.

Part of your material choice may be based on aesthetics.

Bamboo looks very sleek and elegant and is great for modern decor schemes, while the wrought iron and copper options add a vintage, rustic charm that some pet parents love.

Plastic is very practical and can add a fun vibe to the space (especially colored plastic). Here, this choice is purely a matter of personal taste.

However, you should keep ease of care and durability in mind as well. Bamboo is very tough but it can be scratched relatively easily, especially by stray sharp claws or teeth.

On the upside it is both naturally water resistant and boasts 'built-in' antibacterial properties and cleans easily with basic soap on water.

Iron and similar materials may occasionally be susceptible to rusting over time, so look for a product that has been treated to be rust resistant.

You also need a feeder that is sturdy and will not tip over easily, and some of the lighter options may not be able to promise that if used by a larger, more rambunctious pup.

In terms of durability and ease of cleaning plastic is also a good choice, but only if it is thicker plastic, the kind that popular kids toys are made from, for example. You should also consider the fact that plastic can stain permanently if dark colored foods are added to it often.


An elevated dog bowl is of little use if it will fall over or spill when used, so stable set up is a must. Look for wide legs, or, in thinner construction, stabilizing features that help ensure that the bowls stay put at mealtime and that the feeder itself does not collapse.

It can be hard if shopping online to judge how stable a certain option might be, so take the time to read reviews from previous buyers and make sure that you will be able to return it for replacement if it fails within a reasonable time (nothing can be expected to last forever however).

The stability of the dog bowls within the feeders is important as well. If the bowls do not fit well then they will be easy for even small pups to tip over and spill.

Often those elevated dog bowls that offer a stabilizing ring for the bowls to be placed in are the best choice.

There are some things you need to do here though. If an elevated feeder is meant to be used only with the bowls they came with (which is often the case) then if you opt to make use of other bowls then you cannot expect great results.

It's also important that you make sure that the product is assembled correctly out of the box. Even if it looks very easy to do so take the time to read and follow the instructions, just to make sure that everything really is put together the right way.

Finally, make sure that the elevated dog bowl you eventually use is set on a level surface.

If it is not even the best options will become unstable. This is particularly important to pay attention to if you will be using a feeding mat enough your new feeding set up to help minimize mess.

Is your pup still growing?

Puppies, like human babies, tend to grow quickly during their first few months and years of their life, and that means that they can outgrow things very quickly too. Including their brand new elevated dog bowl.

In this situation an adjustable option is a great choice.

Many of the best ones, including those we choose for our best of list, can be adjusted to grow with your puppy, to save you the hassle and expense of purchasing a new one every time your fur baby has a growth spurt!

Do you travel with your pet?

Some pet parents love to include their pups in their travel plans and they still need to eat when away from home.

If you want to make sure your dog can still enjoy all the benefits that eating and drinking from an elevated dog bowl has to offer then choosing an option that is relatively easy to assemble and disassemble - is a must.


Price should never really be the first consideration made when you are buying something that your pet will make use of every day, but it is only natural that for most people it will come into the equation at some point.

The good news is that there are some excellent, very reasonable options available - including some of those on my list above- that offer all the functionality, and style you are looking for at a price that won't break the bank.

You will pay more if you want a more furniture like option, but if that is important to you - and there is nothing wrong with that - then those few extra dollars will be money well spent.

Final word on adjustable elevated dog bowl stands

Whatever the reason you might be considering purchasing an elevated dog bowl for your furkid we hope that this guide to the best elevated dog bowls has given you the information - and opinions you need to make the best possible shopping and usage decisions.

Whichever option you eventually decide on we know one thing for sure your dog will almost certainly thank you for getting his food up off the floor and letting him enjoy his dinner (lunch or breakfast too) in a more civilized, healthy manner than ever before.


Melanie Evans

Melanie Evans is a professional freelance writer based in Scranton, PA, who, enjoys sharing her lifelong knowledge about dogs. When not working, Melanie enjoys playing a wide variety of sports, traveling and hanging out with her energetic boxer dog Bruce.

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