Top 100 Male Husky Dog Names List [+ Meanings]

October 14, 2022 / Dog Names / By: Krystine Therriault

Names for male Husky dog breeds

Huskies are beautiful Northern dogs known for their unique markings, vocalizations, and big triangular ears that stand erect.

Naming huskies is fun since they are a distinctive breed. If you are struggling to choose a name, we’ve simplified the process by selecting some of the best names and breaking them down into 7 different categories.

Keep reading for the best husky names for males and meanings and a special section on naming huskies. 

Top 10 Male Husky Names

Here are ten of the best Siberian and the best Alaskan husky dog names male, chosen from our list of 100 top male husky dog names:

1. Echo

2. Olaf

3. Chief

4. Balto

5. Hercules

6. Blizzard

7. Broderick

8. Hachi

9. Oreo

10. Titan

Badass Husky Dog Names for Male Dogs

Badass husky names male

There is something about huskies’ piercing gaze that can come across as intimidating if you do not know them. If you have a protective, badass husky, one of these male names might suit his personality.


If you are looking for white male husky dog names, Ghost is one good option. 


A tough name like Brute suits a big, mean looking husky. It becomes an ironic name if the dog is gentle and sweet.


A roman God and hero famous for his strength and adventures.


Spike as an American name means ‘long, heavy nail’. It is also the name of a character on the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


This name recognizes the breed’s tough nature and background. What is more badass than a cold, windy, icy blizzard? Or making your way through one as many husky packs have done?


If you are a Star Wars fan, you might enjoy naming your dog after this classic villain.


Referring to diesel fuel, this name is one of many popular dog names male husky owners choose.


Tyson is a solid name that reminds most people of American professional boxer, Mike Tyson.


Fang was the name of Rubeus Hagrid’s large Boarhound in the Harry Potter series and is a badass-sounding dog name.


Vlad the Impaler was a key Romanian ruler in the 1400s, known for his cruelty towards enemies.


The name Gunner means ‘bold warrior’.


A good name for a well-behaved pup, possibly a working dog. The name Chief has an air of authority to it.


If you are looking for a great badass name for your husky, why not name your pup after one of your favorite rock artists?


A strong male name shared by a Roman military commander, American actor, and the main character in a Shakespeare play.


Blaze is a popular masculine dog name that means ‘flame’.

Nerdy Husky Names

nerdy husky names

@Taiko Husky from Pixabay

Consider yourself a nerd and/or pride yourself on being an intellectual? We’ve got Siberian and Alaskan husky male dog names for that.


After the lovable but nerdy character from the show Big Bang Theory.


After the Lord of the Rings character. You could also use Frodo, Bilbo, Gollum, or any other favorite from the trilogy.


Perhaps your guilty (or not so guilty) pleasure is Pokemon. If that’s the case, you’ve got plenty of name inspiration to draw from.


A Japanese name that means ‘eight’. The name is popular with dog owners because of the 2009 film Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, the American adaptation of a Japanese movie about an Akita named Hachikō.


Names like Gizmo or Gadget are great for tech-savvy husky owners.


Among other unique male husky dog names, Pixel is a good one for pups whose owners work in fields like photography and graphic design.


A Greek name that means ‘great thinker’.


If you are a Batman fan this could be a meaningful nerdy dog name.


Cassius is a name that was used in the Roman Empire. It comes from Latin and means ‘vain’.


Choose your favorite scientist for an excellent nerdy dog name.


There are few people in pop culture nerdier than the Office’s Dwight Schrute. Need I say more?


Looking for mischievous male Siberian husky dog names? Loki is known as the God of Mischief in Norse mythology and is also Thor’s brother.


Some Siberian huskies have red fur that is like the color of copper, making it one of the best red husky male dog names. Copper, Cu, is 29th on the Periodic Table of Elements.


Worf is one of many Star Trek characters you could name your dog after.


Chester is a great nerdy name. Just think of Chester Fleet, the awkward boyfriend of Rory’s college roommate in Gilmore Girls. 

Strong Male Husky Names

Strong male husky names

A list of strong male husky dog names with meanings, featuring the names of a few famous male dog names for Siberian husky pups.


The name of a Siberian Husky who pulled a 3,142-pound sledge and was awarded the title of ‘Strongest Dog Alive’ in 1963.


An English name that was originally a title of royalty. A baron was given gifts of land and serfs in exchange for protection and loyalty to the King.


A Greek name meaning ‘lion’.


Balto was a Siberian Husky born in Alaska in 1913. He became famous as part of the team of dogs that transported serum in 1925 to help fight a diphtheria outbreak.


Angus is a unique, manly Scottish name that means ‘one choice’.


Kevin is one of those good male husky dog names inspired by a human name. It means ‘handsome’.


If you are going for character-inspired strong dog name, the Mighty Hulk is a good one.


A simple moniker for your strong male Husky pup, yet an effective one. 


One of our top male dog names for Alaskan husky dogs, who are bred to be larger and have better endurance than the Siberian husky.


Short for Sergeant, a rank in some military and police services.


Dog names male husky puppies seem well-suited for include other animals they resemble. Bears like the white Polar Bear are strong and brave, just like huskies.


A popular Scandinavian name used by Kings. It means ‘everlasting ruler’.


The name Titan is Greek and means ‘defender’ or ‘strong man’.


A Hebrew name that means ‘strength’. 


Although commonly associated with a Frozen character today, the name Olaf has Old Norse roots. It means ‘ancestor’s descendant’ and was the name of a famous Viking ruler.

Exotic Husky Names For Male Dogs

exotic dog names for huskies

Here are some exotic boy husky names, along with names that touch on Huskies’ background as working dogs in Northern climates.


An Italian name meaning ‘rock’ or ‘rest’. This is one of the exotic yet popular dog names male husky owners use.


A Scandinavian name that means ‘strong and manly’.


There are many great Russian husky names to choose from. Luka, for example, is the Russian form of Lucas or Luke. It comes from the word Lucius, a Latin name that translates to ‘brighter than light’.


A cool sounding name for a black and white husky inspired by an Alaskan mountain peak.


Huskies are an intelligent breed which is why Elim, Kenyan for ‘knowledge’, would make a fitting name.


A Greek name meaning ‘man’s defender’.


This name means ‘water’ in Indonesia.


An Arabic name that means ‘pure’, ‘virtuous’.


Pablo is a Spanish name that means ‘small’. Could be a good name for the runt of a litter or a husky mixed with a smaller breed.


A Casanova is a smooth-talking man who loves women and has many lovers. A good name for a romantic pup or one that is used for breeding.


A good name for a working husky, meaning ‘helper’. This name has Irish roots.


Baxter is a nice name that comes from the Old English occupational name for a baker.


A Greek name that means ‘order’ and ‘beauty’.


Tibetan for ‘great joy’.


Short for William, this Irish name means ‘protector’.

Cute Boy Husky Dog Names

Cute dog names for Siberian Husky Puppies

If you are searching for a cute husky name for your male puppy, we have a few suggestions for you.


The black and white coloring of some huskies make this cookie the perfect food-inspired name for a forever-hungry Husky.


The name Alfie is extremely popular in the United Kingdom. It is the name of a character in the beloved comic series, Archie, and is also the name of English singer/songwriter Lily Allen’s younger brother.


Huskies are soft, fuzzy, and cloud colored (white, grey, or black depending on the weather).


If you’re searching for husky dog names with blue eyes, Blue is a great simple choice itself.


An excellent name for a Husky who enjoys travelling with its owners/pack.


Moose is a good name for a big, awkward, lovable dog.


Because huskies are soft, white, and fluffy like marshmallows.


This classic cute dog name is overrated for a reason. Perhaps this is your child’s first dog, or you simply love cuddles?


Another food-inspired name for a chocolate colored husky.


Short for Oliver and a perfect choice for a playful Husky.


Any names that remind you of the cold climates where Huskies originated are fair game, like Ice, Yukon, Snowflake, or Tundra.


A cute, simple name that means ‘soldier’.


An edgy name for a husky with black markings.


The name of big furry mythical creatures known to live in cold climates.


If you’re searching for Indian dog names for male husky, Nanook is the Native American word for polar bear.

Unique Husky Names for Males

A coyote looking Siberian Husky on a tree lined road in the autumn covered in foliage.

Huskies are a unique breed, which is why they deserve unique names and not cliches!


Echo is a cool sounding dog name that is not too common.


An uncommon name mostly associated with JFK’s assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and DC Comics’ supervillain Oswald Cobblepot, a.k.a. Penguin.


French for wolf, in honor of how much huskies still look like their ancestors.


A Greek name and the son of Poseidon.


A fitting name for a dog with a lot of energy, who seems to bounce back and forth a lot.


The name of a town in Alaska. One of many possible geographically inspired Alaskan husky names.


This unusual name will probably remind most people of the beloved Harry Potter character, Albus Dumbledore.


An interesting name for a black and white husky.


If you have a sense of humor and want to be a little off-putting, you could name your husky Sprinkles.


The name of an ancient prophet. It means ‘God’s strength’.


A biblical figure and the name of a character on the show Arrested Development.


A unique name you might consider if you are a fan of American musician Jimi Hendrix.


This food inspired name is fun and different.


Fans of Sherlock Holmes may like this name for an intelligent, inquisitive dog.


A noble sounding Welsh/Irish name that means ‘son of Roderick’.

What Should I Name My Husky?

Huskies are arguably one of the most easily recognized dog breeds.

The fact that they are known as sledding dogs and are very distinctive looking makes them attractive to many, although they are not a breed for novice owners.

Tips on How to Name Your Husky

Naming your husky does not have to be difficult, but it takes thought to choose a name that you will love for years to come. Ask yourself these questions to narrow it down:

  • Are you okay with a more common/classic sounding name or do you want something unique?
  • What are your interests? Do you like movies, music, sports, etc.?
  • Is language/culture an important part of your life?
  • Does your dog have any characteristics (physical or character-wise) that stand out?

Use these prompts to get you started. Once you pinpoint what you are interested in, write down a few favorites. If you are part of a big family, it can take time to find a name everyone agrees on.

One surefire way to make sure you will not get tired of your dog’s name is to practice saying it repeatedly! If you still like it after the first hundred times you know that it is a good one. You should also make sure the name is easy for your dog to learn and is not confusing in any way.

The most popular male husky dog names are the ones that suit your dog’s spirit. They are memorable and meaningful.

Enjoy the process, and congratulations on your new family member!


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