20 Best Outdoor Dog Toys To Keep Them Busy

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November 12, 2022 / Dog Toys / By: Melanie Evans

Border Collie playing with a Puller toy outdoors

Most dogs love to be outside, especially when their family is with them. They like to play too, and so just like human kids need plenty of outdoor toys to keep them amused so do your fur kids.

Outdoor dog toys need to be more than just generally entertaining though. Ideally, they should also be durable, size appropriate, engaging and, most importantly of all, safe to use. But with so many choices available online and off which outdoor dog activity toys are best for your dog? 

To help answer that question we've put together this list of our picks for the Best 20 Outdoor toys for dog to entertain themselves, based both on the 'opinions' of our own canine testers and reviews and feedback of other pet parents who have tried these toys out. 

Best Outdoor Toys for Dogs To Keep Them Busy

1. Chuckit! Kick Fetch Toy Ball

Pups love balls, and a game of fetch with one is always fun. This sturdy ball toy takes that fun to a new level though and can offer you as a pet parent as much of an exercise challenge as your pup!

Crafted from a tough, weather resistant and pup safe, but soft, rubber the Chuckit! Kick Fetch resembles a soccer ball but has special grooves that not only help it bounce in lots of fun ways but make it easy for your pup to pick up in her mouth too.

The idea is that you kick the ball, and it bounces away for your pup to fetch. Our testers loved the game and were kept amused for longer than we had the energy to play! Other pet parents reported similar results, and most were delighted with it, although several caution that it may not last long around aggressive chewers if they are allowed to get hold of it unsupervised.

As this ball toy is available in several different sizes, there's one that's right for all kinds of pups and you can even opt for a glow in the dark version that makes evening play not only possible but also lots of fun. 

2. PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Toy

PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher -...

Ok, so you'd like a bit of downtime on the sun lounger, buy your pup still wants to play ball. The PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Toy offers a great way to make you both happy.

Once you add a ball (or balls) to this clever little toy it does all the work. It can launch balls for up to 15 minutes automatically (so your pup does not get too tired out) and smarter pups can easily be taught to drop retrieved balls back into the launcher, so that they can keep the game going all by themselves. If you prefer the game will then resume after a 15 minute 'rest period', so in theory it could keep your pup chasing balls all day!

The battery powered unit - there is also a mains adapter if you'd prefer to use that - features a special sensor that halts the game if people walk past, to prevent painful accidents! This does mean that you'll have to teach your pet to stay at least seven feet away for the toy to work, but we found that pretty easy to do.

One great thing about this ball launcher is that you do not need to use special balls, so if your pup, like many, has some favorite tennis balls those can be utilized so that they have something that they are familiar with right away! 

3. Jasonwell Dog Swimming Pool

Most pups love to paddle and a dog swimming pool is one of the best outdoor dog toys you can choose to help keep them cool and safe on a hot summer day as well as amused and engaged. 

Why not simply use a regular wading pool? Simply put, most of them are just not up to the (unintentional) punishment most pups dish out to a pool as they play. One of the reasons we love the Jasonwell pool is that it's very tough and can stand up to claws, teeth and boisterous bois!

The pool folds flat for easy storage and transportation and fills and empties quickly and easily. It does not need to be inflated and is available in several different sizes so every pup can play. And if there are human kids in the family too, they will have just as much fun in this roomy, sturdy pool.

4. Trixie Agility Slalom Dog Training Poles

TRIXIE Dog Agility Course with 12 Slalom...

Ever had an ambition (for your pup) to perform agility tricks like the ones you see in big dog shows? Trixie Agility Slalom Dog Training Poles are a great way to get them started!

These sturdy poles, which are very colorful and crafted from very durable, but 'bendable' materials are designed to be set up so that you can teach your pup to weave between them, slalom style.

There are twelve poles in all, and the kit comes complete with both a storage bag and a booklet that offers handy tips for getting the most out of your pup's new training regime. You can vary the course set up according to your pup's size, ability and the exercises being 'performs' and making these changes only takes a few minutes.

While none of our canine testers are quite ready for the Westminster Dog Show they did have a lot of fun, and the fact that these poles can be set up as easily in a larger space in the park as they can your backyard means you can take their training anywhere, making this an outside dog toy that is as useful on vacation as it is at home. 

5. Chuckit Pro Launcher

Chuckit Pro 25M Dog Ball Launcher, 25'...

If you don't have a pitcher's arm throwing a ball as far as your pup would like you to can be a challenge (and a disappointment for her) The Chuckit Pro Launcher offers a solution to all this, by providing you with a lightweight manual ball launcher that can be used to achieve those long throws your pup loves without too much effort on your part.

The toy is available in several sizes and can accommodate standard tennis balls, so if your fur kid has a preferred set of well-loved tennis balls they can still be used as a part of this new game.

Another big bonus this outdoor dog toy offers that we loved, as did many other pet parents according to their reviews, is the fact that however messy and muddy the balls get you don't have to touch them, as the Chuckit Pro Launcher both picks up and grasps it for you. It's colorful and durable too, making it a great addition to any pup's outdoor toy box.

6. West Paw Zogoflex Zisc

West Paw Zogoflex Zisc Dog Flying Disc,...

Frisbee is another favorite outdoor pursuit for most pups. However, most cheap beach frisbees just aren't up to a dog's teeth and the expensive, sport type models are just well, too expensive to be used for outdoor pet play.

A pet specific frisbee like the West Paw Zogoflex Zisc is a perfect alternative. Crafted from colorful and durable materials it's chew resistant - although, as a number of pet parents report, not chew proof - and available in several sizes so you can find the perfect playtime fit for your pup.

As it's lightweight the 'Zisc' is easy to transport and the fact that it can be flipped over and used as a travel food or water dish is another plus, as that cuts down on the amount of 'stuff' you have to carry when you head away from home for some outdoor fun. 

7. Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole

Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2 with...

This outside toy for dogs is a favorite with lots of dog trainers, as it helps hone a pup's agility as well as give them the high energy exercise they need, even in short bursts of use. It's almost like HIIT training for dogs was the observation of one pet parent and they're right. Waving the pole around is also great exercise for pet parents!

This is a durable toy and the colorful tassel even squeaks when 'caught'. something our canine testers found lots of fun and many pet parents agreed their pups did too. An extra bonus? The Squishy Face Studio Flirt Poleis sold in several different sizes so that even the smallest dogs can benefit from the fun it has to offer. 

8. Hartz Dura Play Ball Squeaky Latex Dog Toy

Hartz DuraPlay Bacon Scented Dog Toys,...

When it comes to outside dog ball toys the Hartz Dura Play Ball Squeaky Latex Dog Toy is one of the best on the market. It's made from a super durable natural latex that can stand up to even aggressive chewers and its ridged surface makes it easy to throw and easy to catch, something that will please both pups and their humans.

We love the bright colors too, as they make the ball easy for pups to find and easy for everyone to see even at dusk when the light starts to fade, which is a great time to get some outside play in the summer with your pup, as it's usually after work is done and the hot temperatures of the day are starting to cool. 

9. Nerf Ridged Squeaker Football

Nerf Dog Rubber Football Dog Toy with...

Some pups play ball like they were meant to be working a receiver position in the NFL anyway, so the Nerf Ridged Squeaker Football is perfect for them. And while you may not have Tom Brady's arm the lightweight but durable rubber it's crafted from makes it easy to throw. Better still the ridges built into it make it easy for your pup to catch.

As this is something of a classic outside dog toy, we weren't surprised that our canine testers loved playing with this, and we appreciated the fact that the bright colors made the ball easier for everyone to keep track of! The toy is even water resistant, so if it ends up the water it won't come to any harm. 

10. Tumbo Tugger Outdoor Hanging Doggie Bungee Rope

You can't always be on hand to play with your pup, but it can be tough for them to understand that. The Tumbo Tugger Outdoor Hanging Doggie Bungee Rope is a solo play toy that is designed to keep them amused and energized well you take a break and kick back a little in the sun.

The toy is exactly what the name suggests; a bungee rope that your pup can play solo tug games with for as long as he likes (or as long as you can safely let him anyway) It is long enough to be entertaining but not so long that a dog could get tangled up in it and in our tests we didn't see any snap back that could be painful or dangerous. 

11. Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Dog Toy

This is a yard toy for dogs that is as much fun for their human playmates as it is for them. Basically, it offers all the fun of the Nerf water guns we loved as kids (still love as grown-ups actually) but instead of firing blasts of water it fires tennis balls for your pup to catch and fetch instead.

If you are up for some lively outdoor play this toy is lots of fun and pups love it. It's as hardy as all Nerf guns are, easy to fire and you can make use of the tennis balls of your choice, including any that happen to be your furkid's favorites. 

12. Pacific Play Tents Agility Obedience Training Tunnel

Technically this is an outdoor dog obedience training aid, and when used for that purpose it's great. The tunnel is tough but not too rigid, is durable enough to stand up to the occasional clawing and stays upright so that it is safe and easy for pups to pass through.

Even if you are not formally training your pup with it this tunnel is fun for them. Many pet parents report that their dogs (and even some cats) love to run and walk through it and some even choose it as a cool spot to snooze. We loved the fact that it was so easy to assemble and that its surprisingly lightweight, making it easy to take with you as a travel toy for your pup. 

13. KONG Wet Wubba Dog Toy

KONG Wubba Wet Dog Toy - Large (Assorted...

Yes, it's a slightly strange name, but this is a great water toy for dogs that is as much fun on land when pool time is done.

Crafted from a very durable nylon and equipped with a squeaker that is surprisingly long lasting, even for an avid chewer, this toy is easy to throw, easy to catch and floats in the water so it won't get lost. Better still, even if it ends up very dirty and muddy by the time playtime ends it's easily machine washable, and that wash won't damage the squeaker. This is a great choice for larger dogs that love toss toys and to play tug of war but the smaller option is great for little pups too.

14. Puller Dog Fitness Tool

COLLAR Puller Standard Two Rings not...

This toy encompasses several different interactive dog toys in one. It can serve as a ball, a frisbee, and a tug toy all in one and is available in lots of different sizes, so there is a choice that's right for every pup.

As it is a ring toy it is easy for pups to grip, and easy for humans to grasp and throw. It's fairly durable too, although some pet parents warn that an aggressive chewer should not be left alone with it as they are likely to be able to destroy it pretty quickly. 

15. HERO PlayTime Rubber Kettle Ball

You have your kettlebells to help you get a great workout, and this toy allows your pup to have a kettleball to do the same.

This toy is designed to be pulled, thrown, tossed and fetched and it's unique kettle shape makes it easy to hold and to throw. Pet parents were happy with how much their pups enjoyed tossing the toy around, even when they were playing alone, and we loved the fact that the neon colors make it easy to find when playtime is over. 

16. TrioGato Outdoor Dog Water Sprinkler

It's crucial that pups stay hydrated when they are out in the sun - especially is they are running and jumping, and this 'self service' dog water sprinkler helps make sure that there is plenty of fresh water available when your pup wants it, and that they don't have to drink warm, stagnant water but can get fresh running water instead.

The play element is incorporated by the face that pups 'serve themselves' standing on a large pedal that activates the sprinkler. We found that showing pups how it works was straightforward and that they got the idea fast. We also loved the fact that you don't need to be an engineer to set it up and that it's lightweight enough to be perfectly portable when you are travelling. 

17. Chuckit! Paraflight Dog Toy

Chuckit! Paraflight Flying Disc Dog Toy,...

This frisbee toy is great for dogs who love to run, as it is a long distance frisbee, designed to be easy to throw long and high. The distance is achieved thanks to the parachute material its crafted from, and an added bonus is that is a tough fabric that won't tear easily, making this a toy that can offer many hours of fun.

18. Boomer Ball

The Boomer Ball is a super tough outside dog toy that offers lots of mental stimulation for curious pups. The idea is not that they hold it - in fact it's not designed for that at all - but that they 'kick' push and nudge the ball to where they want it to go, getting a good workout in the process.

All this makes the Boomer Ball an excellent choice for solo play, and its durable construction means that, according to many pet parents, even very aggressive chewers can't rip it apart. 

19. Cool Pup Popsicle Toy

Every good kid deserves a popsicle on a hot day and that's as true for furkids as it is for human ones. What pups don't need is all the sugar that's in standard popsicles, so this toy makes an ideal, long lasting nonedible treat that is still a lot of cooling fun.

This brightly colored dog toy is designed to be filled with water and can be frozen easily and safely. As pups play with the toy the ice melts and cooling water spurts out. This fill and freeze dog toy is great for all pups, but pet parents report its especially good for soothing teething puppies.

20. PAWISE Agility Bar

This training aid is a great way to channel all that running and jumping your pup loves to do into something more refined, while also offering them a challenge they won't be able to resist.

We love the fact that this agility bar is easy to set up but also very sturdy, so it won't topple over easily. The bar can be set at a variety of heights and it's even lightweight enough that you can take it to the dog park with ease where your pup can show off his newfound skills! 


What are your favorite outside toys for dogs? Any top picks we missed? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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