Best Couch Covers That Repel Dog Hair

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November 6, 2022 / Daily Gear Travel / By: Krystine Therriault

A puppy looking guilty sitting on the couch with no cover

Dogs are great to have around. They’re a lot of fun and they make great companions. What’s not great is the effect that dogs can have on your home and furniture.

Some people don’t allow their pets to sit on furniture because they tend to track in mud from outside and leave everything covered in a mess of dirt and fur. Don’t even get me started on accidents or when your dog gets sick.

Some dog owners love having their dogs cuddle with them in bed or on the couch though. If you see your dog as a member of the family and believe that they therefore have every right to be on your furniture, we get you.

Unfortunately, before you know it your nice furniture that took you ages to pay off is in shambles. Ripped up, smelly, hairy, stained...

Pet furniture covers are an ingenious way for you and your dogs to enjoy the best of both worlds - quality bonding time and clean, in-tact furniture. 

Buying Guide Your New Pet Furniture Covers


One of the first things you should be sure of when you’re looking for a pet furniture cover is what size you need.

This is usually measured by seat width, but there are also options specifically for love seats and chairs or with more material to cover the back of the couch.


Your couch cover should be comfortable for you and your pets to sit on, but you also need to make sure that it’s good for its purpose - to keep your couch safe.

The best furniture covers are made of durable material that’s easy to clean and ideally water repellent, and pet hair resistant.


Pet furniture covers vary in price, but as with most things the lower the price the lower the quality.

Taking time to research the right cover and paying a little more will get you more use and satisfaction out of your investment.


Pet seat covers are great at keeping your furniture looking great, but not all pet furniture covers look great themselves.

Chances are you don’t want to cover up your couch with something that’s an eyesore, so one other thing consider is finding a cover that matches your décor.

The Best Sofa Covers That Repel Dog Hair

Celine Linen Furniture Protector Review: #1 Best Dog Sofa Protector

A two seater sofa with a plush quilted sofa protector in khaki and nice pattern design

If you seriously want the best dog couch cover that stays in place and repels pet hair you’ve got to take a look at this offering from Celine Linen.

Celine Linen’s Reversible Quilted Furniture Protector is available for chairs, sofas, and love seats with more than ten color options available to choose from.

This furniture protector that feels as soft as Egyptian cotton is made with a long back to make sure it stays in place, because what’s the point of a furniture cover that doesn’t stay on your furniture properly?

This cover is made with specially treated microfiber that’s both soft and protective and is pet hair resistant.

The Celine Linen couch cover measures 110" X 75.5" and is best for couches up to 92" long. This cover is not recommended if you have a leather couch, though. Some excellent features of this cover are that it’s soil resistant and water repellent. It’s also easy to take on and off your couch and is machine washable.

Owners love this cover because it is convenient and has a pretty leaf pattern. However, some owners have mentioned that the sizes can be a bit difficult to figure out and the ties to fasten the cover to the couch can be a bit confusing.

Despite this, pet owners still love the quality and how these furniture covers look, work, and feel.

Elegant Comfort Review: Best Budget Buy

A large sofa covered with a beige furniture protector

For owners not looking to spend a ton of money, the Elegant Comfort Sofa Cover is a great value couch cover for dogs.

This quilted furniture protector is great for busy houses with lots of messes, whether that’s from kids or your pets!

These furniture covers are made with treated microfiber that’s super soft, water repellent, and soil resistant. Elegant Comfort’s sofa cover measures 110" X 75.5" and works with couches that are up to 92" in length.

This line of furniture protectors is also available for chairs and love seats, with an amazing fifteen colors to choose from.

If you’re looking for something to protect your couch from attracting all your dog’s hair and other messes, this couch cover is easy to put on, remove, and is machine washable.

Super simple and effective! One thing to keep in mind is that this product is not recommended for leather couches, though.

Pet owners love this furniture protector because it has a long back, so it doesn’t slide down and it comes with straps that help keep it in place.

One of the only challenges is figuring out how to tie the cover down with straps.

Owners love the quality of these furniture covers for their bargain price, along with the look and feel. 

Elaine Karen Review: Best Premium Couch Cover for Dogs

Luxurious Reversible Quilted SOFA Protector that Keeps furniture safe from pets, stains, and spills

Elaine Karen’s Deluxe Reversible Sofa Protector comes in 10 colors and pattern options to suit any space.

This quilted sofa cover measures 75 x 110 inches and comes with a long back to make sure that it stays securely in place. If you’re constantly dealing with fur, claws, mud, and other messes on your couch, this is a simple solution that works great.

This one-piece furniture cover is easy to install and is machine washable (in cold water), so when there’s a mess it’s easy to take care of it and put the cover back on your couch when you’re done.

It’s filled with high-loft polyester batting and made with soft but durable microfiber. If you have allergies, you can rest assured knowing that this sofa cover is made with hypoallergenic materials.

Owners like that this couch cover is made of sturdy material and is easy to install out of the box.

One issue to look out for is that the measurements of this couch cover include couch arms in the measurement, so if you have a couch without arms it doesn’t quite fit properly. 

Other than that, owners find that it does the job of attracting their dog’s hair and keeping it off their furniture.

Bottom Line... What's the Best Dog Sofa Protector?

Finding dog couch covers that are comfortable, attractive, and functional is a great low-cost way to spruce up old furniture that your dogs or furry cats have already started to destroy.

It’s also a wonderful way to keep your new furniture from suffering the same fate as the furniture that came before it.

We really can’t pick one as the best pet couch cover overall, because we understand that every couch and home décor is unique and everyone out there has different needs, uses, and budgets to consider.

That being said, our aim with this review was to provide options and make you aware of some of the things to watch out for when buying your furniture protector.

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