The 10 Best Dog Toys for Boxers

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November 6, 2022 / Dog Toys / By: Melanie Evans

Fun playing boxer catching a dog flyer

Every dog needs a toy or two, or more! Boxer dogs are no exception. However, as the lively, goofy Boxer has traits and habits that some other pups do not, finding a toy that will keep them engaged, and that they will not destroy in under an hour, can be a challenge for boxer dog pet parents.

So, what are the best toys for boxer dogs? In general, these smarter than average pups need tough toys that keep their brains working - as well as their teeth - along with the occasional comfort toy at bedtime.

But, out of all the toys on offer at the pet store, and online, which should you choose for your boxer? That' something we're going to take a closer look at now. 

Our Top Picks

Best Frisbee Toy

KONG Flyer

  • A dynamic rebound
  • Durable rubber makes for a softer; safer catch during fetching
  • Made in the USA

Dog Frisbee Chew-Proof

Most Popular Option

Zogoflex Hurley

  • Built for tough chewers
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA Free, Latex Free & FDA Compliant

Chew Toy

Best for Energetic Tug Games

Blueisland Rope Dog Toy

  • 100% nature washable cotton
  • For large and aggressive chewers
  • Great for teething puppies

BLUEISLAND Dog Rope Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Most Fun Dog Toy

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

  • Keeps dogs entertained
  • Play with me sounds!
  • Flexible & durable pet-safe phthalate-free vinyl 

Wobble Wag Giggle Dog

Best Ball Dog Toy

Romeker Dog Soccer Ball

  • Interactive football 
  • Light & flexible
  • Water floating ball

ROMEKER Dog Soccer Ball

Best for Fetching Games

ChuckIt! Fumble Fetch

  • Brightly colored
  • Jumps unpredictable in all directions
  • Floats on water

My Dog Loves this toy!
  • Six raised sides create multiple grab points
  • Size of a tennis ball
  • Interactive dog toy can be thrown up to 125 feet

Nylabone Power Play Ball for Dogs - Crazy Ball

Best Plush Dog Toy

Lamb Chop Classic Plush Toy

  • Incredibly soft, plush dog
  • Includes internal squeaker for tons more fun
  • Fun and cuddle toy

A plush lamb dog toy with squeakers

Top Puzzle Dog Toy

KONG Jumbler Ball Toy

  • Two-in-one ball toy
  • Handles make pickup and shaking easy for your hands
  • The interior tennis ball and loud squeak entice play

Fetch Ball Toy
  • Set of 5 dog rope toys
  • Great for removing tartar and build up
  • Made from 100% natural non-toxic cotton fibers

Dental Cleaning Chew Toys

Boxer Dog Traits

A boxer dog puppy playing in the grass

Photo credit: Anna Dudkova/Unsplash

Boxers are great family dogs since they love people and are very affectionate. This strong, powerful and intelligent breed also has a lot of energy to burn.

The boxer dog has a reputation for being a bit of a goofball, even as an adult. This is usually quite true, but behind all that silliness is a big brain, as boxers are extremely intelligent, and curious, pups.

Boxers are very energetic pups, well into their senior years. They love to run (and run) and jump, and, with the right toy, can very actively amuse themselves for hours, although they do prefer it when a pet parent or other human friend is around to play with them too!

When they are younger, until they are around two years old, boxer dogs also tend to be avid chewers. If a toy does not spark their imagination, or their affection, then they are quite capable of destroying it very quickly.

Often boxer pet parents have to take a loss of a number of dog toys before they discover that shopping a little more carefully for their pup's toys will offer a much better return on their investment! 

Signs of a Good Dog Toy for Boxers: What to Look For

German boxer dog playing on the beach with a frisbee


The best toys for boxers are toys that will engage their intellect and imagination and that are reasonably tough and able to stand up not only to lots of chewing behaviors. 

If they are given a soft toy, they usually prefer that it has lots of squeakers that are easy to activate. They enjoy toys designed to be pulled, tugged and tossed

And a good puzzle toy will usually keep a curious boxer entertained for at least a while!

What Toys are Bad for Boxers?

Toys that can be easily destroyed, especially if they have small parts like squeakers that can be accidentally swallowed, should probably not be given to an active boxer dog.

Many boxers are not particularly engaged by toys that don't 'do' anything and are likely to destroy those too. Boxers, like all pups, should never be allowed to keep playing with damaged toys either.

10 Best-Selling Toys for Boxer Dogs

Owners looking to buy toys for their Boxer should look for something that is fail-proof, durable and complements their playful and active nature. So what dog toys on the market are best to keep your Boxer from getting bored and misbehaving? Here's a look at ten of them. 

1. Best Frisbee Toy: Kong Flyer (Large)

We have already mentioned that Kong make the kind of tough toys boxers need, and the Kong Flyer is no exception.

Dog Frisbee Chew-Proof

Crafted from a durable, but soft and surprisingly lightweight, rubber the Kong Flyer - and you will probably want to purchase the large size here - moves through the air quickly and probably more importantly is easy for you to throw and soft on your pup's mouth when he catches it. 

Put the right spin on your throw and this frisbee will sail as high as your boxer would like and, even when he does get hold of it's very hard for him to chew and break, so should provide you and your pup with hours of energetic fun. 

2. Best Tough Dog Bone Chew Toy: Zogoflex Hurley

West Paw's Zogoflex Hurley been a best-seller chew toy since it was introduced in 2004. Made in the US by the US.

Best Dog Toy for Boxers

Throwing and retrieving toys can be a great way for owners to take their Boxers out to run around in the fresh air, exercise and increase the bond between you and your fur-kid.

Since Boxers are a playful breed they will always be happy to retrieve any toy you throw for them. One guaranteed durable option is the West Paw Design Tough Dog Bone Chew Toy, a non-toxic and American made dog toy. A guaranteed winner for many dog owners, the Zogoflex range is very popular and a brilliant choice for big chewers!

3. Best Rope Toy for Tugging: Blueisland Dog Rope Toy

Boxers love tug toys, but they tug HARD, so not just any tug toy will do!

BLUEISLAND Dog Rope Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Many of the tug toys you'll find in pet stores are not quite rugged enough to stand up to the very energetic tug games boxers love, so opting for a sturdier option like this one is a must.

These toys - the ropes are available in 3ft or 5ft sizes - are incredibly sturdy and feature thick knots at either end, and two or three in the middle depending on the length you choose - so that both you and your pup can get a good grip before the real tug of war starts! Better still, while most dogs can't and don't destroy these ropes quickly if they do the company will send you a new one free! 

4. Best Fun Dog Toy: Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

I love having conversations with my Wobble Wag Giggle ball, especially at 6 a.m on Saturday mornings while my hooman parents sleep.

Boxers Best Dog Toys

Toys that make fun sounds are great for keeping Boxers busy, but they need to be durable to withstand this large breed’s idea of fun. One such toy that comes highly recommended for boxers is the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball, a strong chew toy that your dog can pick up, toss, and carry around as it makes squeaking and giggling sounds. 

This talking giggle ball will keep your fur-kid busy and entertained for hours. Since it's also durable, it doesn't rip apart easily. 

5. Best Dog Ball: Romeker Dog Soccer Ball

This dog toy satisfies two of a boxer's common needs in a good toy; it's great to chase, and it adds a mental challenge to play time at the same time.

ROMEKER Dog Soccer Ball

Although this looks a lot like a standard soccer ball it's not. It is weighted to zig and zag, and while it might seem to move erratically, a smart dog will figure out that that's not the case at all, and by moving it in a certain way they can get it to go where they want. It moves as quickly as a standard ball though, so is great to chase. It even features fabric pull tabs to make it easy for your boxer pup to pick up!

6. Best Fetch Dog Toy: ChuckIt! Fumble Fetch

For all those Boxers who don't have enough dog toy balls, the Fumble Fetch from Chuckit! is a top choice for the ultimate game of fetch.

My Dog Loves this toy!

This ball dog toy features grooves which makes it easy for your dog to grab and run with. It’s made using a combination of durable rubber, EVA foam, and polyester material so it’s puncture-resistant if your pup has sharp teeth.

It’s also bouncy, buoyant and even floats in water. It comes in two bright colors: Orange/Blue and Max Glow, the latter glows in the dark making it suitable to play a nighttime game of fetch.

7. Super-Fast Bouncy Dog Toy: Nylabone Power Play Crazy Ball

This is another fun ball dog toy that adds an extra challenge to a game of chase and fetch.

Nylabone Power Play Ball for Dogs - Crazy Ball

This is a smaller ball - about the size of a tennis ball - and it is crafted from a tough, ridged rubber that is very hard for even aggressive chewers to puncture. When it is thrown the ball moves erratically, so your pup will need to watch it carefully to figure out where it has gone in order to bring it back!

8. Top Plush Dog Toy: Lamb Chop Classic Plush Toy

As we mentioned earlier, if you are going to give your boxer dog a plush toy, he will want it to squeak.

A plush lamb dog toy with squeakers

The classic Lamb Chop toy - which is available in several sizes - features not just one squeaker but five, one in each of her feet and one large one in her tummy.

Better still, from your boxer dog's point of view the squeakers are easy to activate, meaning that they are far less likely to destroy the toy out of frustration. And at nap time, as the toy is very soft and cuddly - despite being surprisingly durable - Lamb Chop makes a great nap buddy too!

9. Best Interactive Toy: KONG Jumbler Ball Toy

Best for interactive fun, this ball within a ball from KONG featuring a handle is excellent for playing tugging games with your Boxer dog.

Fetch Ball Toy

If you’re looking for a tough durable ball for your fur-kid, this is another great option to consider. This tough rubber toy with a tennis ball inside squeaks which adds to the excitement this toy brings.

Use it for a game of fetch or tug-of-war since the outer shell is considerably durable enduring many hours of play from your Boxer’s teeth and claws.

10. Top Dental Chew Toys: Otterly Pets Dog Pet Rope Toy (5-Pack)

The perfect toy for medium to large breed chewers. Great shape to chew, toss and fetch.

Dental Cleaning Chew Toys

These affordable dental cleaning chews are great toys not only for improving your dog’s dental health but to help keep your pup continually entertained. The rope helps remove soft tartar.

Each pack comes with 5 toys made of 100% natural cotton fibers in bright primary colors and in different designs and thicknesses which make them an excellent set that’s well worth having in your dog’s toy arsenal.

How Do Boxer Dogs Like to Play? How Much Exercise Do Boxers Need?

Boxers are, as we mentioned, usually very lively pups. They are not a breed you can skip exercising, and ideally need at least an hour's exercise a day. They love to walk -and run- and therefore are great companions for those who like to walk, hike or run themselves.

When it comes to taking camping trips, backpacking or hikes, Boxers should be on a leash to avoid them taking off after small animals like squirrels.

Even though Boxers can be shy when it comes to other humans, they love to play with other animals. Owners can have fun with their Boxers by taking them to dog parks.

Boxers also love to play tug. A tough tug toy (more on that in moment) will keep them happy for long stretches at a time - often for as long as their pet parent's arms can take it! They do benefit from frequent naps of course and should be encouraged to take them, especially when they are puppies.

As boxers are also very affectionate, often cute cuddly, pups many enjoy snuggling up with a soft toy at bedtime when it is time to calm down. 

What Canine Sports Do Boxers Like?

An adult Boxer dog in agility training jumping through a loop.

The energetic boxer makes a great dog athlete.

Most boxers are excellent at tugging sports, anything that involves running and jumping a lot - they make great frisbee, fetch and football players - and lots of boxers enjoy dock diving too.

Given the right training they have the intelligence to be excellent geocaching companions as well and some can even catch on quickly to the idea of hunting pursuits.

Since they are intelligent dogs, Boxers can also do well with agility training although you need to be patient and use a lot of positive reinforcement. Boxers don’t respond well to harsh treatment so training them can be a little more difficult for some owners.

With their history of herding and hunting, hide and seek can be a great game to spark a Boxer’s senses. Owners should start by having their Boxer stay while they go hide a toy, treat, or themselves. Once ready, owners can give their Boxer the go ahead to come and find whatever is hidden!

This game gives Boxers a chance to run around and plays into their natural instincts, which is great.

How Do I Keep My Boxer Entertained While at Work?

Boxers love to be in the company of others. Their pet parents, other humans, even other dogs and even cats. There may be times that you, understandably, have to leave them alone, especially if you have to head to work.

Ideally boxers should not be left home alone all day, especially if you crate them while you are out, so at the very least try to have someone check on them at lunchtime, or some other point during the day. 

A Kong toy can be very helpful to keep them engaged and amused safely when they are alone. These tough rubber toys bounce and can be tossed around - things most boxers love - but they can also be filled with a wide variety of frozen treats that a curious boxer can use to amuse himself to get to the very last morsel of yummy stuff. 

We should also mention here that boxers can be quite greedy, and so the treats you choose should be low in fats and calories and not too sweet, as boxers do have a genetic predisposition towards obesity and heart disease, things that a bad diet will only make worse.

To fill their Kong while you are away, try things like frozen fruits, frozen peanut butter (but not the 'diet' kind, as sweeteners like Xylitol are toxic for dogs) and you can even stuff their favorite treats inside so that they can puzzle them all out. 

The one thing you should not do is leave your unattended boxer dog with any toy that is damaged (even if it is a just a little) or that has loose squeakers or other parts that they could choke on if they decide to rip the toy apart. 

Final Thoughts

Boxers are great dogs that make loyal family pets. They are an affectionate, playful, and attention seeking breed that always wants to be near its family and are happy with just about any form of play time.

Boxers have a lot of energy and require dedicated owners who will make sure that they get enough stimulation and time outside to exercise. Boxers are a great dog for active owners who already have other pets, since Boxers get along well with other animals.


What dog toys does your Boxers love to play with? Share your favorites in the comments!


Melanie Evans

Melanie Evans is a professional freelance writer based in Scranton, PA, who, enjoys sharing her lifelong knowledge about dogs. When not working, Melanie enjoys playing a wide variety of sports, traveling and hanging out with her energetic boxer dog Bruce.

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