10 DIY Dog Ramps [With Blueprints & Instructions!]

October 15, 2022 / Dog DIY / By: Melanie Evans

Cute french bulldog trying to jump down from a sofa

A dog ramp can be very useful for use with beds and other elevated surfaces like cars and sofas and is created specifically to help dogs with mobility challenges.

Perfect for dogs with medical disorders like arthritis or other joint impairments, or disabled pets that use a dog wheelchair, as well as senior canines who find it difficult to keep up with young puppies or their longer-limbed pup peers, dog ramps are increasingly used by pet parents to give more freedom to their less able dogs.

You can, of course, buy dog ramps that are ready for use out of the box, but you can also choose to craft your own if you are a DIY minded person. Doing so may save money or it may also accommodate odd locations that are hard to navigate with store bought dog ramps, a taller than usual bed for example. You can also choose the DIY dog ramp route if you want it to better accent your current home decor.

As is the case for any DIY project, you will need both inspiration and instructions to do so, and that is what we have gathered for you here: 10 DIY dog ramp ideas, complete with instructions, so that you can craft a dog ramp for your own pup.

1. Easy IKEA Inspired Basic DIY Dog Ramp for Small Dogs


Even if they don’t have specific mobility challenges, small dogs with little legs struggle to keep up with bigger dogs, and things like climbing into bed with their parents, or up to a window to survey the great outdoors, are quite beyond them without help. 

This very easy to make DIY dog ramp is designed specifically for those small dogs and calls only for the use of some basic tools and a few inexpensive supplies from IKEA, most importantly their iconic Ekby Tryggve shelf. Making use of these simple elements, you could probably construct this simple DIY go ramp in an afternoon, if you follow the full instructions you’ll find here.

2. IKEA Crate Dog Ramp With Storage


IKEA is, let’s face it, a source of almost all the furniture your home could ever need, but it also offers even more elements needed to create dog ramps.

This DIY dog ramp is crafted using simple IKEA crates and is a narrower option than many of the dog ramps on our list, making it an excellent choice for helping a smaller dog navigate up to where he needs to go in a smaller space, such as an apartment bedroom. It is also a relatively simple build, and you can find all the instructions and blueprints needed to craft it here.

3. DIY Dog Ramp with Storage


This DIY dog ramp offers extra function in the form of built-in storage. While it calls for a little more woodworking, the effort may be very worthwhile, as the ‘under ramp’ storage will allow you to corral all of your dog’s toys in one spot, so that they are not strewn around the room, yet your dog will still have easy access to them. You can find out more about how to build this useful dog ramp here.

4. Cabinet Door DIY Dog Ramp


This DIY dog ramp might be the perfect way for those who do not trust their woodworking and construction skills to allow them to build anything too fancy to create a functional dog ramp while also recycling old furniture elements that might otherwise have ended up being discarded, making this an eco-friendly project as well as a useful one.

Although the project creates a very basic dog ramp without any additional ‘bells and whistles’, it is also very functional, as you’ll discover if you follow the instructions found here and build your own.

5. DIY Dog Window Ramp with Storage


It must be very frustrating for smaller dogs and those with mobility challenges to be forced to miss out on all the exciting things that can be glimpsed from the window. This is likely to be even more upsetting for them if they have dog - or even cat - companions who can do so with ease. This DIY dog ramp can solve that problem and give them the view they long for.

This project one again makes use of IKEA furniture - this time a tiered bookshelf - but you could make use of almost any similar piece of furniture (you might be able to find something easily at a thrift store) to create this clever DIY dog ramp that offers dogs a better view of the world and your home some extra storage. Find out how to make it here.

If you're not feeling up the task or have little to no carpentry skills, Majestic Pet have a ready-made eye-catching portable pet stairs that small dogs could easily climb on to sit made out of soft Sherpa foam.

6. Traveling DIY Dog Ramp


Getting in and out of a car, or down the steps to get to said vehicle, can be almost impossible for a dog who is of shorter stature, or who has a harder time getting around. This inexpensive collapsible DIY dog ramp offers a way for pet parents to change that and once again give their dog the freedom to travel.

Crafted using only a few simple supplies from a hardware store and a carpet remnant, this ramp can accompany you - and your doggo- on all your travels and should be something you can build in just a few hours by following the instructions here.

7. Ornate DIY Doggie Ramp Steps


If your woodworking skills are a little more advanced, you can try your hand at crafting this rather ornate wooden dog ramp that would make the perfect addition to your bedroom, adding function for your dog without spoiling the overall look of the space.

The fact is that this DIY dog ramp looks more like an elegant step stool, and if you have the patience (and the tools) to follow the instructions you’ll find here you could create a DIY dog ramp that looks like store bought furniture!

8. Collapsible DIY Dog Ramp


Would you prefer a DIY doggie ramp that can be stored out of sight when not in use? If you live in a smaller space, such a ramp will certainly be handy, and it’s also very helpful if you want to move the ramp from room to room with relative ease.

The fact that this ramp is also very easy to build is another plus, and you can find the instructions for doing so here.

9. Outdoor DIY Ramp for Large Dogs


Apparently this dog ramp, designed for use outdoors and to help dogs get up and down steps they might encounter there, was created for an 80lb pup post surgery, so you can be almost certain that when constructed it will stand up to your large dog too.

If you follow the instructions you’ll find here, you’ll probably also be pleased at just how simply and inexpensively this handy dog ramp can be built, as well as how easy it is for you to move around.

10. Make it in a Minute Dog Ramp

If you have a small breed, and a number of boxes from moving, or the grocery store, that you are not quite sure why to do with you could try using them to build this very simple, temporary dog ramp that, by following the simple guidelines in this video, you can probably put together in just a few minutes.

These are just a few homemade dog ramp ideas to get you started, a Google or social media search may yield many more.

The great thing about any of these ideas is that you can adapt them to suit your dog’s needs and your own design tastes, allowing you to create a functional aid for your pup that will make a big difference in their day-to-day life. And what could be better than that?

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