Why Do Pomeranians Howl?

October 14, 2022 / Behavior / By: iPupster

A Pomeranian Spitz Dog with tongue out smiling howling barking outdoors on the green grass

Every type of dog regardless of age or breed has the ability to howl. This is a natural function used as a form of communication between animals or their owners. There are some breeds that may howl more often than others as well as breeds that have distinctive howl sounds.

So yes, Pomeranian dogs do howl just like any other dog. If you are worried that your Pomeranian is howling too much or that they may not howl enough, we have some information that may help ease your concerns.

Pomeranian howls, like any other dog, are a way to communicate. The sound may be made from fear, or it can even be caused by inherent pain. Sometimes dogs will howl when there are other canines around or if there is an intruder on the property.

Dogs, especially Pomeranians love to vocalize. Howling is a normal part of this habit and is used to communicate with people or other dogs around them. If you are looking for information on what your Pomsky’s howling means or how to get them to stop, keep reading to find out more.

Do Pomeranians Howl?

Pomeranian and Chihuahua Dogs sitting on the sofa furniture at home socializing and smiling

The main reason Pomeranians howl is to communicate with other dogs in the local area. If the neighborhood dogs are out of sight or far away, howling is one of the easiest ways to make their presence known. It is an instinctual behavior that all dogs have, not only Pomeranians.

Another reason Pomeranian dogs may be triggered to howl is if they hear a high-pitched sound or tone. Shrill musical instruments, loud music, or even the sirens of emergency vehicles can trigger a howling jag in your furry friend.

In most cases when the sounds cease, the dog also will stop howling.

Do Pomeranians Howl When They Sense Illness?

Dogs are very sensitive creatures who have a keen sense of smell. Their ability to detect odors is 10,000 to 100,000 times that of humans.

They can also detect changes in energy that most humans are unable to notice. Pomeranian dogs, like most dogs, are able to understand the change in a person’s health long before any outward signs of illness appear. Depending on how close a dog is to a person, they may howl or become agitated if they sense illness or strong emotions.

There are even dogs trained specifically to howl or bark when they sense specific ailments in people like lupus or a variety of cancer types including lung cancer, breast cancer, bladder  cancer and prostate cancer.

Are Howls A Form of Happiness In Pomeranians?

Pomeranian dogs howl to communicate, sometimes this is a happy form of communication while other times it means something else.

When Pomeranians get excited and want to draw attention to their feats, they may howl at their owner.

If you are getting ready to start their favorite activity such as going for a walk or a swim, they may get excited and will howl to showcase their pleasure. Usually, this is combined with tail wagging, jumping, and licking if your dog is allowed to do so.

A happy white and orange pomeranian dog that is barking howling and smiling outdoors on the grass

What Does a Pomsky's Howling Mean?

Pack bonding is one of the main reasons dogs howl or reply to howls on their own. If they hear a loud noise or even if their owner howls at them, they will respond in kind due to genetic pack behavior. Consider it a form of social bonding. Either your Pom is showing that he is the leader of the area pack, or that it acknowledges you as the leader of the pack.

It is simply a way to showcase closeness in a purely instinctual way. If your dog is craving attention and they notice that howling is an effective way to do it, they may repeat this behavior to gain more positive attention.

Can Howling Mean Your Dog Is In Distress?

White pomeranian lying on the floor at home

If your dog is howling, it may also be a sign of illness or distress. Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety may howl to show their feelings. This can be triggered when they have been left alone for long periods of time or may howl for some time following the departure of their owner.

In some cases, your dog may howl if it is left outside while everyone is inside the home. Pomskies are cuddly dogs and need plenty of affection and attention in order to thrive. For dogs that get plenty of attention but still howl, it may be worth a visit to your vet to see if they are suffering from some form of illness.

Pomeranian Howling and Illness

Older dogs may start to howl as they develop age-related ailments such as cognitive dysfunction. Pomskies that are generally happy and well cared for may also howl if they are in pain or suffering from an illness.

Stomach upset, paw problems or other health issues can cause serious recurring pain that results in whining, whimpering, and howling. If you think your Pomeranian may be sick, take them to their regular veterinarian for a check-up to diagnose the problem.

How to Deal With Excessive Howling

If your Pomeranian has learned to use howling as a way to get attention, training them to use other forms of communication is important. Start by writing down or paying attention to when your dog howls. This will let you know what their triggers are so that you can use the right type of training to discourage that behavior.

For example, if your dog starts to howl when they are hungry or when they need to go outside to use the bathroom, teach them to bark or scratch your leg to get your attention instead. For this to be effective you will need to take an active role in ignoring their howls for attention and only responding to the alternatives you present.

Use Positive Reinforcement To Curb Howling

Pomeranian on the couch owner training using treats

Punishments are not very effective when dealing with Pomeranians or other dogs. Instead, reward silence and other forms of communication. Once your dog understands that they will get a better response from silent or low sound communication, they will automatically ditch howling unless it is an emergency.

You can put this practice into effect by offering your dog treats for being quiet and ignoring their attention-seeking behavior when they howl.

Not only does this avoid punishment, but it also lets your dog know you care about him and value his communication efforts.

Getting Professional Help With Howling Problems

It can be a challenge to teach your dog to stop howling, but help is available. When online training classes are not effective, you can always hire a Certified Professional Dog Trainer to help train your Pomeranian. One-on-one classes in your home or in a training center can be an effective way to curb unwanted behaviors without the need for harsh punishments.

Another advantage of getting professional help is that your dog will learn other skills and tricks at the same time.

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