Best Dog Beds with Attached Blankets

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November 4, 2022 / Daily Gear Travel / By: Melanie Evans

Cute dog peeking out from under the soft warm blanket dog bed

For humans, there is nothing like curling up with - or under - a warm cozy blanket on a chilly night - or day come to that matter. But what about dogs?

Sure, many of them like to curl up under their pet parents' blankets to snuggle, but should they have a blanket for their own bed? And what about those dog beds with attached blankets, are they safe and do pups like them?

These, and other questions are what we will be addressing here, as well as offering a look at our picks for the four best dog beds with attached blankets.

Our Top Picks

Best For Small Breeds

Cozy Cuddler

  • Orthopedic Support
  • Standard and Jumbo Sizes
  • Machine washable, water resistant

A Jack Russell sleeping in a blue dog bed with a blanket attached

Best for medium and large breeds

FurHaven Snuggery

  • Orthopedic foam bed
  • Machine-washable removable cover
  • Sizes: 18", 26", 35" and 44"

Pet Bed With Hooded Cover

Best for extra large breeds

Snoozer Cozy Cave Pet

  • Comfy nest style bed w/ ultra soft Sherpa lining
  • Machine washable removable cover
  • Sizes: Small, Large and X-Large

A golden retriever simply in love with this red colored cozy cave bed
  • Ultra soft vegan faux fur donut bed to combat anxiety
  • Deep wall provides head & neck support
  • Small and medium sizes

A beautiful Australian Shepherd inside a Calming Dog Bed with Blanket

Can Dogs Sleep With Blankets on Them?

Most dogs love blankets, and it's not just because they are warm. For some breeds, a love of burrowing under blankets is genetic, harking back to the days when as hunters and/or foragers they burrowed naturally. For others, it can be a reaction to something that has made them fearful or anxious, and burrowing in a blanket is a way to self-comfort.

Some pet parents do worry that their blanket loving pup could suffocate if they stay under their blanket for too long. Unless they are very small dogs under a large, heavy blanket that is highly unlikely, but dogs should not be 'tucked in' like a human child, as being unable to 'escape' when they want to may cause harm. 

Do Dogs Like Covered Beds?

A girl with a poodle dog sleeping on the bed

It is well known that cats like den-like beds, thus the large number of cat caves and cat houses on the market. But how about dogs? Do dogs like covered beds?

The answer is that it depends on the dog. Some love the sense of extra security a covered bed provides them with, and some just love the warmth. Others like the fact that a covered bed gives them a place to hide.

Not all dogs love covered beds though. Larger pups, or those who like to sleep sprawled out seem to feel a little claustrophobic in them, and very sociable pups may feel like they are missing out on something exciting if they have to be tucked away. Often, unfortunately, the only way to find out if your dog likes a covered bed is to try one, and perhaps be ready for a bad buy if they do not. 

What are Calming Beds, and Do They Work?

You may have seen advertisements for, or heard about, calming dog beds. But just what are these beds, and do they actually work? 

Calming beds come in many shapes and sizes, and boast different features, but they are all designed with one goal in mind: to help a dog feel safe and secure when they sleep. Calming beds are often recommended for anxious pups, or those who suffer from separation anxiety.

Most calming beds have some form of raised edge that facilities the burrowing that many dogs love. Some specialist versions are 'self-warming' while others are made using orthopedic foam to help relieve joint pain. Some are more like a cave, the kind you might be used to seeing a cat in, and some have a blanket attached.

Do they work?

Again, that depends on the dog. Many pet parents do report remarkable success with calming beds for anxious dogs and others on the fact that their pup simply loves theirs. However, once again, every dog is different, and what works for some may not be to your pup's liking. 

The Best Dog Beds With Attached Blankets

Some of the most popular calming or snuggle beds for dogs have blankets attached. This helps ensure that pups can arrange their blanket to their preference but will not lose it during play (chewing may be another story). But which is the best choice if you are shopping for a dog bed with an attached blanket?

Here is a look at five of our favorites (and those of our sleepy canine testers).

1. Cozy Cuddler Dog Bed with Hooded Blanket

  • Best For Small Breeds
A Jack Russell sleeping in a blue dog bed with a blanket attached

Cozy Cuddler beds offered by a company called Sheree are some of the most popular calming beds on the market, and a few different versions are available.

This particular option features soft, high sides, an attached blanket that pups can pull over themselves at will and orthopedic support for their joints, making it a great option for senior dogs prone to joint pain.

One of the wonderful things about this bed is that the whole thing can be tossed in the wash if it starts to get a little grimy, and it is also safe to tumble dry on low to help restore its height if your pup begins to flatten it out as he sleeps! 

ADditional specs

Dimensions: Standard: 27 x 27 x 7 inches; Jumbo: 27 x 27 x 7 inches
Material: Cover: Sherpa, Nylon; Fill/Frame: Polyfill
Features: Machine-washable, Water-resistant
Colors: Grey, Dark Chocolate, Light Blue and Wheat
Breeds: Extra Small & Toy Breeds, Small Breeds

2. FurHaven Snuggery Orthopedic Bed w/Removable Cover

  • Best For Medium & Large Breeds
Pet Bed With Hooded Cover

This bed is more like a cave, something that some pups love. An attached hood can be pulled over to create that effect or pulled back on warmer evenings or if your pup prefers to get some air!

The bed itself is made using pet safe faux fur and 3" orthopedic memory foam and is available in a wide range of sizes. It can be hard to find a blanket bed for a larger pup, and this one can accommodate dogs of up to 80 pounds (e.g. Golden Retriever).

Dogs who love to hide and burrow may love this bed, and it can accommodate all sleep styles, including those dogs who do not like to sleep covered up. This may be a plus if you have never offered your fur kid a bed with an attached blanket before. 

ADditional specs

Dimensions: Sleep surface (diameter) from 18" to 44"
Material: Polyester and Orthopedic Foam
Features: Machine-washable, Removable Cover
Lifestages: Adult, senior
Breeds: Medium and Large Breeds

3. Snoozer Cozy Cave Pet Bed

  • Best For X-Large Breeds
A golden retriever simply in love with this red colored cozy cave bed

This bed is perfect for dogs who get anxious and prefer the security of an enclosed bed. Crafted from furry fabric and lined with a Sherpa material that is warm in winter and cool in summer it cradles pups, so they can feel more secure as they sleep.

The bed's cover can be removed, washed, and tumble dried, another plus, and a sturdy brass zipper is hard for chew happy pups to damage. Although perfect for little dogs the Snoozer Cozy Cave is also available for larger dogs  - so if you have a big fur baby who likes to burrow this bed may be suitable for him as well. 

ADditional specs

Dimensions: Large (35"x 35"x 4") and X-Large (45"x 45"x 4") hood height 8" for all sizes.
Material: Cover: Suede; Fill/Frame: Polyfill
Features: Machine-washable, Removable Cover
Breeds: Large and Extra Large Breeds
Colors: 9

4. Pet Craft Supply Calming Bed + Blanket Combo

  • Best Budget Bed
A beautiful Australian Shepherd inside a Calming Dog Bed with Blanket

This bed looks soft enough for anyone to sleep soundly in, not just your pup! Generously sized this plush round bed has raised sides to support and enclose your pup while he sleeps but is far less constrictive than a cave style bed. The attached blanket can be removed as needed - and washed - and is light enough that your fur kid can cover himself up - and remove the blanket - at will.

ADditional specs

Dimensions: X-Small (18" x 18"), Small (24" x 24") and Medium (30" x 30")
Material: Plush, Synthetic fur
Features: Removable machine washable cover, non-skid bottom
Breeds: Extra Small, Small and Medium Breeds

DIY Dog Envelope Bed

If you have never offered your dog a bed with an attached blanket before, you could try DIY'ing one at home first, to find out if he likes the idea and save yourself cash on a bed he refuses to sleep in.

A dog envelope bed is not hard to make at home.

What You'll Need:

All you will need is a few simple supplies and a sewing machine. You will need an old pillow, pet safe fleece (how much depends on the size of your pup) a sewing machine or needle and thread measuring tape and scissors.

How It's Done:

As to how it's done this video will walk you through the (easy) process, or you can follow the written instructions from Shaina Glenn here


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