15 Dogs That Do Well Alone at Home

October 13, 2022 / Dog Breeds / By: iPupster

Basenjo sitting on the window ledge of in an apartment alone at home

Are you thinking about getting a new puppy or adopting a dog? Canines are great companions that can bring a lot of joy to your home, but it is important to choose the right breed for your lifestyle

If you are a working adult, or if you spend most of your day away from home, you will need to pick a dog that can tolerate isolation for long periods. Just like people, most dogs require constant attention and companionship, but there are several breeds that don't mind being alone, enjoying it even as much as they like to bond.

15 Independent Dog Breeds That Can Be Left Alone

1. Akita

An Akita Inu Puppy Dog With Spotted Nose

The Akita is a beautiful dog that has loads of natural loyalty. In addition to being wary of strangers, it is also highly willful and generally bold. Prized for its guard dog abilities, this breed is best suited for single dog households.

All dogs require training in order to be left home alone, however, the Japanese Akita has a natural inclination towards being solitary. This courageous pet is very loyal and will remain on the property when left alone at home during the day, or even in the evening.

They will typically be alright with eight to nine hours alone before they start to become anxious. They do not like being left alone in public or on the street, however.

2. Basenji

The Basenji is a muscular breed of hunting dog.

Basenjis are active and also very curious dogs. They are ok being left at home for several hours as long as there is room for them to play. It is important to give them plenty of exercises to reduce their urge to run and jump as well as to dispel boredom.

They are generally ok with being left at home alone for anywhere from four to six hours at a time with proper training. They are happy to live in an apartment as long as they get plenty of exercises when they are taken outside.

They are very trusting and well behaved and will walk beside their owner off the leash with the right training. Basenji dogs are great for newbie owners and they can stay happy living in an apartment.

3. Basset Hound

Small Basset Hound puppy and adult dog with prominent big ears

The basset hound has a very easy-going temperament and is known for being friendly. This breed is used to roaming in hunting packs so it will get along well with other dogs and animals in the same household.

They are very family-oriented and smart but have a stubborn streak that can make training difficult at times. With the right training, they do well alone at home for as much as six hours but much longer will cause separation anxiety.

The basset hound also doubles as a guard dog so leaving them at home while you are working is a great security measure.

4. Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large and very friendly breed and also has a calm disposition. 

They have a high amount of energy and are often used for herding and tracking. They are very obedient in nature and will follow commands with ease and poise.

They prefer not to be left alone for more than seven hours but with training, they won’t grow anxious with long periods of isolation. 

They are very attached to their families but with the right amount of mental stimulation and exercise, they can be trained to remain on the property alone.

5. Bullmastiff

A cute bullmastiff puppy

The hazel-eyed Bullmastiff dogs are a giant breed but they happen to be very gentle. They are companion dogs prized for their ability and desire to offer lifelong protection to their owners.

When it comes to appearance, Bullmastiffs closely resembles a Pit Bull.

Although, they are big dogs, they are quite calm with a moderate energy level. Most dogs of this breed prefer to be near their owners but can be trained to stay at home alone during the day. 

When allowed off the leash during walks most Bullmastiffs prefer to stay next to their owner. They are not running dogs and tire quickly, but are happy walking for moderate distances with their owners

6. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

A toy spaniel adult dog

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has a gentle, sweet-tempered yet playful temperament. These dogs enjoy the comforts of home in addition to human companionship. With the right training, they are happy to stay at home for as long as 9 hours a day before they get lonely.

They do have a moderate to high level of energy so make sure to leave plenty of toys to keep them occupied and also take them for vigorous walks once you return home. When training them make sure you use a gentle hand. They do not respond well to yelling or harsh punishments. 

7. Chinese Shar-pei

A Chinese Shar Pei puppy in the grass

Shar-peis are generally very laid back and have low energy levels making them one of the best dogs to be left alone at home. As a breed, they tend to be very aloof and think independently. 

Like all dogs, they do need training in order to prevent nervousness when being left alone, but in general, Shar-peis are happy spending time on their own during the day.

They do well living indoors and in apartments, because they don’t need a lot of exercise.

They have a bit of a stubborn streak, so it is important to spend time reinforcing their training and encouraging good social behavior.

8. Chow Chow

Best nutrition for Chow Chows?

The Chow Chow loves people but has a very high activity level. As such it is important to allow them plenty of time to play outside when you are at home.

Daily high-impact exercise is the best way to keep them happy and proper training will allow them to enjoy time at home alone. 

They are good watchdogs and can tolerate between six and nine hours at home on their own before growing anxious. They are also very demure dogs who enjoy their independence.

9. Greyhound

What foods to feed an Italian Greyhound dog?

When you think of Greyhounds the image of racing dogs may come to mind, but this breed is actually very low energy. They love a nice walk and will get bored if now exercised regularly. They have a natural penchant for chasing prey, but in general, are very quiet dogs.

This breed is also very gentle and highly intelligent. They are happy to spend most of their day at home alone sleeping. Although they don’t mind staying alone, try to limit your time to no more than ten hours.

10. Japanese Chin

A family of Japanese Chin Dogs

Japanese chin’s are smart and also very sensitive dogs. This independent breed is most often selected for companionship due to their love of affection and highly responsive natures. They have a moderate to low energy level but still need regular exercise to stay healthy and prevent restlessness.

These affectionate dogs require a great deal of regular grooming due to their impressive coats.

They tend to mimic the emotions of their owners, so if you are relaxed and calm about their being home alone, they will adapt and enjoy their time alone as well. It is best not to leave this breed on their own more than six hours at a time.

11. Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso sitting alone on a green chair in the home

Lhasa Apsos dogs are very smart but also very stubborn. Being naturally independent it is important to train them in a firm hand but with love and patience.

They are very social by nature and do well living with other dogs as long as they have adopted while they are puppies. 

They have a high level of energy and are revered as excellent watchdogs. As puppies, it's best to spend as much time as possible with them but adult Lhasa Apsos dogs are happy to stay on their own at home.

12. Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer Dog Breed

Miniature Schnauzers have a high energy level and a very lively temperament. They do well living in the country or the city.

Dogs of this breed who have room to play outside tend to do well on their own for longer periods than those who live indoors on their own. 

They learn quickly and are highly affectionate in nature. Proper training will keep them from being destructive when left alone however they are not prone to anxiety.

13. Peekapoo

Small white peekaboo dog

The Peekapoo is a high energy dog that tends to be very active. They love to play and needs to be exercised daily, but are very sensitive to the heat.

With proper training, they are okay staying at home for a general workday, but not longer than 9 hours at a stretch.

They are usually adopted as companion animals so excessive periods of time alone can cause them to become destructive or depressed.

14. Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu is the perfect blend of a playful family dog and a calm protector. They are happy to run and play when the family is active but is equally happy to remain sedentary when alone.

Daily exercise is all that this independent dog needs to be happy and they are okay with being along for a better part of the day.

15. Standard Poodle

Grey Standard Poodle Dog Playing Outdoors on Grass

Poodles have moderate to high levels of energy and love to walk, run, play, and jump to stay in shape. As long as they get plenty of time outdoors, they will stay calm when they are at home alone.

They prefer companionship so consider housing them with other dogs or make sure that they get plenty of cuddle time after periods on their own at home. They are easy to train, very smart, and fiercely loyal.

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