The Top 150+ of The Best Hunting Dog Names

October 14, 2022 / Dog Names / By: iPupster

Man squatting in bushes bird hunting with a Weimaraner dog and a gun in his hand

What dog name to choose is something most pet owners start thinking about from the moment they make the decision to either adopt or rescue a pup. It’s a not an easy decision and one that shouldn’t be made lightly. Luckily, there are several ways to pinpoint the best name for your canine companion.

If you own a hunting dog breed like a Labrador Retriever, Dachshund, Pointer or a Beagle, naming your male or female dog monikers that mean “hunter” or “huntress” may be an obvious hunting dog name choice.

But, since it’s their instinct to locate, flush out, retrieve and hunt you could go for dog names that mean 'hunter'. Consider “Chase” meaning “to hunt” in French or “Theron” the greek word for hunter. You get the idea!

Or, how about hunting dog names inspired by guns and ammunition such as “Gunner” for your male hunting dog and “Berretta” for female dogs. Since guns are a critical part of their hunting experience these types of names are fun ideas for gun dogs such as Pointers, Retrievers, Setters, Spaniels, and Water Dogs (such as Poodles).

Perhaps, you prefer to hunt with a “Bow” or “Arrow”? Take it a step further, do you hunt for birds and waterfowl, how about “Fowler” as a dog name for a Spaniel? Other fun names pertaining to bow hunting dog names are “Robin” as in Robin Hood, “Hawkeye” or “Bear”.

Find inspiration for hunting dog names from mythologytelevision showsnaturefamous hunters and shootersfishingfavorite book characters or movies, your choices are endless.

So, without further ado here’s our list complete with +150 name choices to help you find the best hunting dog name for your new pet to reflect his or her strong hunting instincts!

Are you ready?

Top 10 Male and Female Hunting Dog Names

We're going to start off with the current top 10 hunter dog names that you can name your furry friend.


Boy Names

Girl Names
















Male Hunting Dog Names

For all of you dog owners with hunting dogs, we have 100 manly dog names for you to choose from.

These are some of the best boy hunting dog names that are unique, badass and catchy!

1. Ace

Of Latin origin meaning "one". A great pick for a dog that excels. It’s also the name of the German Shepherd canine movie star from 1938 to 1946.

2. Ammo

A fitting and strong male hunting dog name.

3. Arrow 

Like to hunt with a crossbow? What’s more fitting than naming your hunting dog “arrow”?

4. Arawn

Arawn stags from Celtic mythology and would make a badass name for your dog. Arawn was king of Annwn in Welsh legends and associated with hunting and dogs. 

5. Apsat

A powerful name for a game hunting dog. In Georgian mythology Apsat was god of the hunt associated with fish and birds.

6. Actaeon

The name of a skilled hunter in Greek mythology who was changed into a stag and later devoured by his own hounds.

7. Apsat

The name of male deity of birds and animals in Georgian mythology. He’s also a patron of birds and fish.

8. Apollo

Apollo, the god of hunting in Greek mythology.

9. Astro

A dog name inspired by astronomy. It relates to the stars, celestial objects, or outer space. It isn’t used much in the mainstream so it will make a unique male hunting dog name.

10. Archimedes

A male name of Greek origin meaning "master planner".

11. Atlas

A great name for a big strong dog. Atlas was a Titan in Greek mythology who was responsible for bearing the weight of the heavens on his shoulders, a punishment bestowed on him by Zeus.

12. Bear

Why not choose “Bear” for your big and imposing dog breed. A great choice for powerful pooches like the Norwegian Elkhound or the Karelian Bear dog. 

13. Benelli

A great choice for your male hunting dog. Benelli is a firearm manufacturing company from Italy. Perfectly apt name for your pet!

14. Beau

Beau means “handsome” in French. It’s easy to say and it’s a perfect choice for a Weimaraner, one of the most unique and elegant looking breeds of the hunting group.

15. Blitzer/Blitz

Describes a type of military attack and is a good name for a boy dog who is speedy and resourceful.

16. Bosco

We love this name! Bosco is of Italian origin and is a very popular choice with dog owners.

17. Bones

Another good unisex name choice for your new pooch , after the female protagonist Temperance Brennan in the popular crime drama “Bones”.

18. Boone

If you’re looking for a cool name, you can’t go wrong with Boone. Boone means "a blessing".

19. Boomer

We love Boomer for a dog name. It’s Dutch and means “gatekeeper”.

20. Booth

Great for a good pheasant hunting dog name. It’s of English and Scottish origin and means “small dwelling place, shed".

21. Bolt

Great name for flushing dogs. It was also the name of a white Shepherd dog from the Disney film “Bolt”.  

22. Blaze

Blaze was the name of the German Shepherd Dog who played Rin Tin Tin in the 1950s TV show The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin.

23. Bow

Another favorite of ours and a popular hunting dog name.

24. Buckshot

A cool male hunting dog name that is strong and perfect for a Weimaraner or an Irish Setter.

25. Buddy

A very popular name…. after all… he will also be your buddy! Buddy was the name of former U.S. President Bill Clinton's chocolate Labrador Retriever.

26. Bullet

Bullet is an awesome name and fitting for a hunting male puppy.  

27. Buck/Bucky

If you’re a deer hunter, this would make a lovely name for your pup. Buck is also the name of an Alaskan Malamute dog, one of the dogs in the movie “Eight Below”.

28. Brutus

A tough dog name for your male puppy – this name is bold, tough, and mighty. Great for Bloodhounds or a German Shepherd.

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29. Cazador

It has a nice ring to it. Great choice of name for a Spaniel. It means “hunter” in Spanish.

30. Chase/Chaser

A great moniker for tracking dogs since you can’t really hunt if you can’t chase? So we had to include this name in our list of dog names meaning “hunter”. The name Chase, translates to “hunt”.

31. Chasseur

Another hunting word, in French it literally translates to “hunter”.

32. Cain

Do you hunt a lot with a spear? Cain is of Hebrew origin meaning “a spear”.

33. Cooper

A cool name for your male puppy. It’s of English origin meaning “barrel maker”

34. Chevy

Chevy is popular choice for male puppies. In French, it means “horseman, knight”.

35. Churchill

A distinguished name for hunting dogs. It’s of English origin meaning “hill of the church”. 

36. Dash

Best fit for good flushing dogs and sounds, well, dashing.

37. Dachs

Is your dog hunting badgers? In German, Dachs means “hunter of badgers”.

38. Derringer

Another cool hunting dog name and perfect for a Bloodhound, American Foxhound or a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

39. Deputy

A funny or humorous dog name fitting for a hunter’s buddy.

40. Diesel

Cool enough for a male puppy. It’s German origin and a pet form of Matthias.

41. Duke

An aristocratic name that oozes nobility. 

42. Falcon

A bird name perfect for dog breeds that hunt for birds and waterfowl. It’s got a nice ring to it.

43. Fetch

Best fit for good speedy hunting dog.

44. Fiachra

If you or your dog have Irish roots, a strong Gaeilic name like Fiachra is a good choice of moniker for your hunting dog. It means hunter king.

45. Fox

You hunt for foxes? A great name for a speedy and sharp canine.

46. Fowler

A fitting name for a dog breed used for flushing birds and waterfowl such as the English Springer Spaniel. The meaning of fowler is “falcon trainer”, it’s also the name of a locality on the Stikine River, British Columbia.

47. Galileo

Great duck hunting dog name.

48. General

A great name for a fearless and powerful pooch.

49. Gunner

The name Gunner is a boy's name of Scandinavian origin meaning "bold warrior".

50. Harbor

Harbor has an attractive sound as well as an appealing meaning and image.

51. Hawk/Hawkeye

A strong name for sharp eyed dog possessing keen senses for hunting.

52. Hearne/Herne

If you’re looking for a good strong name meaning hunter, then “Hearne” is a good choice. It means ‘mythical hunter’ and is rapidly gaining popularity.

53. Hercules

It goes without saying that this is an awesome name for a dog. He was famed for his incredible strength and endurance, which later earned him his immortal place in Olympus. The character of Hercules has been the star of movies and television shows.

54. Holter

The perfect gun dog name, holter means “hunter”. It’s dominant and strong perfect hunting dog breeds that hunt large quarry such as deer or moose like the Norwegian Elkhound.

55. Huntley

Another dog name that translates to hunter. It’s of English origin and means “meadow of the hunter”. 

56. Hunter

Hunter, is the leader of the huntress names for male hunting dogs. Ideal for dogs that are persistent, energetic and like to hunt. The meaning of name Hunter is ‘the one who hunts’. 

57. Jaecar

This name is sure to score big with German Wirehaired Pointer. It means “hunter” in German – perfect for a dog with good hunting instincts like the Pointer.

58. Jäger

The word means hunter in German. A strong good name for a hunting breed dog.

59. Jet

A great name for a super-charged hunting male dog.

60. Koda

Nice two syllable dog name that sounds nice and strong. It’s of Japanese origin.

61. Kingsley

Looking for a sophisticated name for your male puppy? We like the nobility sound of Kingsley. It’s of English origin meaning "king's meadow".

62. Leo 

A strong-yet-friendly name for a hunting dog. Its leonine associations suggest strength of character and physique. Leo is of Latin origin meaning “lion”.

63. Maverick

What’s a better name for a hunting dog than the one that symbolizes an unfettered, free spirit? Think Tom Cruise character in Top Gun! It’s of American origin and means "independent, nonconformist".

64. Moose

The largest member of the deer family. Perfect moniker for dogs hunting for deer.

65. Musket

One of the best hunting dog names for you pup hunter! A musket is muzzle-loading shoulder firearm, evolved in 16th-century Spain as a larger version of the harquebus.

66. Neptune 

In mythology, Neptune was the Roman god of the sea. This Roman mythology name would be very hard to handle.

67. Nero

A preferable choice you like ancient Roman history. It’s of Latin origin meaning "stern". It’s also a strong fearing name great for a big hunting dog like the Weimaraner or the American Foxhound.

68. Nyyrikki

Nyyrikki is the god of the hunt in Finnish mythology. This hunting name sounds youthful, cutesy, and friendly, quite unlike typical mythological names.

69. Nighthawk

Nighthawk is the name of several fictional characters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Great name for a superhero hunting dog that possesses strength and increased agility from dusk till dawn.

70. Oringo

This name has nice ring to it, it’s an African name and means ‘he who likes to hunt’. A good choice for a Beagle "iconic" hunting dog.

71. Pluto

A wonderful name choice for a Bloodhound. It’s of Greek origin meaning “rich”. Pluto is the Roman god of the underworld, the former ninth planet and a Disney cartoon dog.

72. Rex
It’s the Latin word for king. Your hunting dog named Rex is strong and sounds well…..quite intimidating.

73. Rundas 

Rundas is the god of the hunt and good fortune in Hittite mythology. If your ancestry is Anatolian, you might want to consider this classic name for your hunting dog.

74. Samson
A good name for a strong hunting dog. It’s of Hebrew origin meaning “sun”. Samson was, of course, the supernaturally strong who defended the Israelites against the Philistines and who was betrayed by Delilah.

75. Scout
An upstanding name for a “good scout”.

76. Sarge 

Short for sergeant, conveys authority and power.

77. Sip
Short and sweet. Sip was the hunting god often shown with deer ears and antlers in Mesoamerican mythology.

78. Sidon
The name Sidon means ‘fish hunting’ in greek. The perfect Chesapeake Bay Retriever male dog name for the ultimate waterfowl retriever.

79. Tank

Tanks are big and imposing, just like a big dog or a big quarry hunter.

80. Tanner 

An Anglo-Saxon name, a tanner is a person who tans animal hides, especially to earn a living. Good choice for a happy and easy going dog with a gentle and sweet nature and yet possesses strong hunting skills.

81. Theron
The name Theron is a male name of Greek origin meaning "hunter".

82. Todd

The name Todd is a boy's name of English origin meaning "fox". A classic name for an American Foxhound male dog who are great fox hunters.

83. Trigger
Name of Roy Rogers's horse. Also part of a gun (yes, you already knew that).

84. Troy 

A male name of Irish origin meaning "descendant of foot soldier". It’s also very popular among hunting dog names.

85. Titan

A good name for a big hunting dog. This name comes from Greek mythology and means “defender”. 

86. Thimba

The name Thimba is a male name of Swahili origin meaning "lion hunter". A good choice of name for a large dog such as the Norwegian Elkhound or Karelian Bear Dog. 

87. Thunder

What’s more striking than thunder? Your hunting dog has a strong and powerful demeanor.

88. Ulysses 

A Greek mythology name meaning "wrathful". A distinguished and weighty name for your hunting dog.

89. Ullr

Norse god of hunting, mountains, archery, and skiing in Norse mythology. Your hunting dog has many skills.

90. Vosegus

If you’re looking for a quirky name for your male hunting dog, it doesn’t get better than this! Vosegus is the Gaulish god of hunting and forests; gives his name to the Vosges region in Celtic mythology.

91. Walker

A notable namesake for your loyal hunting dog and companion.

92. Wolf

Wolf is of German origin meaning "traveling wolf" and who themselves are skilled impeccable hunters.

93. Wesson

A good strong and cool name for a skilled hunter dog. It’s a weapon name, linked to arms manufacturer Smith and Wesson.

94. Winchester

A rifle and an awesome name for a fearless and powerful hunting dog.

95. Woden

Wōden, leader of the Wild Hunt in Anglo-Saxon mythology.

96. Wolverine

Wolverine of course is the mutant who possesses animal-keen senses, enhanced physical capabilities and, powerful regenerative ability in Marvel Comic’s X-Men. A good name for an energetic hunting dog.

97. Wyatt

A cool dog name for a brave and fearless hunter dog. Wyatt is of English origin meaning “brave in war”.

98. Zeus

Zeus, another great duck hunting dog name.

99. Zidon 

A Biblical name referring to hunting, fishing, and venison.

100. Zulu

This military code word is a fun name for your hunting dog.

Female Hunting Dog Names

This comprehensive list of girl hunting dog names features one syllable hunting dog names, baddass names, unique names and cutesy names.

1. Alma

A soulful name for a female hunter dog. It’s of Latin origin meaning "nurturing, soul".

2. Alpha

Military code name for your female huntress dog.

3. Artemis

The perfect name for a female hunting dog. Artemis is the goddess of the hunt, wild animals and the moon in Greek mythology Athena. 

4. Atlanta

A strong name for a good female breed dog. Atlanta was the mighty and fleet-footed huntress from Greek mythology.

5. Bailey 

An appealing choice for a female puppy. It means "law enforcer, bailiff".

6. Bazooka

The name of a weapon and a good hunting name for your dog. 

7. Beta

If you can't have an Alpha dog male, how about a Beta dog girl? The name Beta is a female name of Greek origin. It represents the second letter of the Greek alphabet.

8. Bella

A beautiful name fitting for an American Foxhound who is generally very docile and has a sweet demeanor.

9. Beatrice

Great for a witty, high spirited hunting dog. This classic name is of Latin origin meaning “she who brings happiness; blessed”. It’s got lots of upbeat nicknames, like Bea, Bee and Trixie. The name can be pronounced with two syllables, BEE- or BEH-tris; with three, as in BEE- or BAY-ah-tris; or, as the Italians say it, with a magisterial four, bay-ah-TREE-chay.

10. Beretta

The name Beretta is a girl's name of Italian origin. Beretta of course, is also a gun, so named because of the Italian firearms manufacturer that makes it. And now Beretta is also a badass female hunting dog name.

11. Blackie 

The best name for a cute black hunter dog.

12. Brielle

The name Brielle is a girl's name of French origin meaning "hunting grounds".

13. Charlotte 

An elegant royal name for a female hunter dog. Charlotte is a girl's name of French origin meaning "free man".  

14. Coco 

A great name for a smart and beautiful hunter dog. Coco is a Spanish and French pet name. Most notably, Coco was the nickname of the legendary French designer Chanel.

15. Cyrene

If you’re looking for awesome mythological dog names for your female hunting dog, look no further. Cyrene was a mythical nymph and huntress who was beloved by Apollo. It means "supreme power" in Greek. 

16. Daisy

A colorful name for an adorable and energetic female hunter puppy. The name Daisy is of English origin meaning "day's eye". Daisy is now second only to Delilah among most popular girl names starting with D.

17. Delilah

Simply the most beautiful female hunter dog on the planet! Delilah is of Hebrew origin meaning "delicate". Currently, Delilah is among the most popular Hebrew female names in the US.

18. Delta

A good strong name for a bird hunting dog.

19. Devana

A good strong name for a huntress female dog. Devana is the goddess of the hunt; the Slavic equivalent of the Roman goddess Diana in Slavic mythology.

20. Diana

Diana is the goddess of the hunt, wild animals and the wilderness; the counterpart of Artemis, goddess of the hunt and wild. Twin sister of Apollo. Daughter of Leto and Jupiter. 

21. Dali

A great name for a female hunting dog. Dali is the goddess of the hunt, associated with horned beasts of the mountain in Georgian mythology.

22. Dakota

A trendy name for a very friendly yet skilled huntress dog. Dakota is of Native American origin meaning "friendly one".

23. Dixie

An awesome name for a kind and intelligent female dog. Dixie is of Latin origin meaning "tenth".

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24. Eva

A strong name for a lively dog who loves life, hunting, play time and is loyal. The name of Eva is of Hebrew origin meaning "life".

25. Foxy

Perfect for a quick, agile, and intelligent canine.

26. Huntress

If you want something really obvious.

27. Judy

Judy was the name of an English Pointer POW who served with the Royal Navy and was awarded the Dickin Medal in 1946.

28. Kacela 

A female name from Africa meaning “hunter”.

29. Kimber 

American small arm manufacturer.

30. Koda 

A name from Africa meaning “last born” or “mother’s pet”. A good and cool strong name for a female hunter dog.

31. Lady

This one is obvious.

32. Liberty

A very strong name for an overprotective female pup. A virtuous name with a long American heritage.

33. Mallard

Mallard, great duck hunting dog name for a female puppy.

34. Montana

A trendy name for your huntress dog. Montana is a name of Spanish origin meaning "mountainous".

35. Nova

For the new dark dog joining the family, selecting a name that matches is always a safe choice. Nova, is a name that's inspired by the dark night sky but refers to a star showing how brilliant and bright it can be before returning to its natural state of darkness. 

36. Neith 

Neith is the goddess of war and the hunt in Egyptian mythology.

37. Olive
A quiet and subtle name for your huntress dog. The name has positive associations to the olive branch as a symbol of peace. Olive is of English origin and meaning “olive tree”.

38. Pinga

Pinga is the goddess of the hunt, fertility, and medicine in Inuit mythology.

39. Ryder

A unisex name, Ryder is an English surname meaning “post messenger”. Also a badass female dog name for your huntress canine.

40. Rose

For the beautiful female hunter in your pack.

41. Raven

Is your female dog hunter a Pointer, a Raider, a Trapper, or a Flusher? This Gothic name choice is perfect because of the tasks they carry out.

42. Remy/Remington

Because your dog is used to the sounds of shots fired, why not make use of hunting dog names which pertains to guns and ammunition.

43. Sable

Sable is a type of animal historically hunted for its fur. Perfect for a hunting dog with a warm, rich black color since that’s the second meaning of “sable”.

44. Sedna

A cute name for a female hunting dog. Sedna was the goddess of the sea, marine animals, and sea hunting in Inuit mythology.

45. Scarlett

An outdoorsy girl name for your huntress dog. It’s of English origin meaning "scarlet, red".

46. Shakarri

An African-American name meaning one who is a great hunter.

47. Sierra

Another fun name for your female pup and the military code name for S.

48. Sparta

A strong historic and stylish moniker. Sparta was a prominent city-state in ancient Greece that defeated Athens in the Peloponnesian War.

49. Stella

A celestial name for your sports huntress dog. Stella is of Latin origin meaning "star".

50. Terra

A good strong name for hound dogs – great for roaming for scent and sight. Terra is a name of Latin origin meaning "earth".

51. Trudy

A particularly nice name for a female pup that symbolizes strength. Trudy is of German origin meaning “spear of strength”.

52. Vivian 

A good strong name for your hunting and shooting prowess canine. The name means “life” in Latin.

53. Winda

A female name of Swahili origin meaning “hunt, hunter”.

54. Whiskey 

Code word for W the military alphabet used in the military phonetic alphabet.

55. Xena 

Xena is a modern fictional character, but she is associated with Greek mythology, her name makes a pretty sweet hunting dog name, too.

56. Ziggy

The ultimate awesome name for your female hunting dog. The name means “victory”.

How To Pick A Good Hunting Dog Name

Here are some tips on how to choose the best hunting dog name for your pup.

  • Sound: Consider how the name sounds, by sounding it out loud a couple of times. Ideally, the name should flow and not be a tongue-twister.
  • Uniqueness: It’s always a good idea to go for a name that isn’t too popular. So avoid trends, they pass quickly and leave you feeling nothing but regret.
  • Be creative: Consider a name that complements your dog - be it their personality, fur color, height, peculiar traits, skill or breed.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a hunting name for your fur baby is not an easy task— with many dos and don’ts, how do you even pick? Narrowing your search down to a specific theme can help, like dog names that mean hunter and hunting-word associations.

Once you narrowed down to a few options, see which name sounds the best, has a significant meaning, and how unique it's going to be.

And lastly, try not to give your dog nicknames.

They may learn to respond to these but it can get confusing to them and be less effective over time.

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