The Top 75+ Cool Native American Dog Names

October 14, 2022 / Dog Names / By: iPupster

Dog wearing a native American headdress

If you're looking for native American Indian names for your dog, our comprehensive list of 75+ names will definitely inspire you.

The collection of Native American names listed below include Apache, Cherokee, Navajo, Sioux, Cheyenne, and Crow names for your male or female canine companion.

Native American Indians traditionally give names generally based on gender, combining favorite activities, nature, and descriptions of the appearance or special features of a dog.

We think you'll love the history and traditions of the different Native American tribe names we have chosen for your pet. 

Top 10 Native American Indian Dog Names

Here's this year's top 10 American Indian dog names for boy and girl dogs, their origin and meaning.

  • Micco~ a strong male name for a large or small dog meaning "chief" in Seminole.
  • Ashkii~ an adorable male American native name meaning "boy" in Navajo.
  • Sequoyah~ from Cherokee siqua meaning "hog". This was the name of the Cherokee man (also known as George Guess) who devised the Cherokee writing system in the 19th century.
  • Dakota~ a unisex name. Means "allies, friends" in the Dakota language.
  • Mukwa~ a tough Native American name, means "bear" in Ojibwa.
  • Adsila~ a perfect choice for your female dog. Means "blossom" in Cherokee.
  • Millaray- we totally adore the name Millary! Fitting for your female pooch. It means "golden flower" in Mapuche.
  • Nina~ what's more fitting than Nina as a fiery name for your female puppy - it means "fire" in Quechua and Aymara
  • Saqui~ a cute and adorable name for a fluffy dog, it means "favourite" in Mapuche.
  • Winona~ another one of our favorites for your furry bundle of joy. Means "firstborn daughter" in Dakota. This was the name of the daughter of the 19th-century Dakota chief Wapasha III.

Native American Names For Male Dogs and Their Meanings

Check out our favorite collection of cool Indian tribe names and meanings for male dogs.

  • Achak: Means "spirit" in Siksika.
  • Ahanu: Means "he laughs" in Algonquin.
  • Anoki: Means "actor" in Sioux.
  • Ashkii: Means "boy" in Navajo. 
  • Chaska: Means "Firstborn son" in Sioux.
  • Chayton: From the Lakota čhetáŋ meaning "falcon, hawk".
  • Cherokee: We love this as a dog name. It means "people of a different speech". Cherokees were one of the largest American Indian tribes.
  • Dakota: Name meaning "allies, friends" in the Dakota language. This is the name of a Native American people known as the Sioux of the northern Mississippi valley.
  • Delsin: this manly dog name means "he is so, he does so"
  • Elan: means "friendly" 
  • Elki: a cute name for a male dog, means "hanging over the top" in Miwok.
  • Elsu: means "soaring falcon" in Miwok.
  • Etu: meaning "sun".
  • Hakan: means "fire".
  • Hinto: means "blue" in Dakota. A great name for a blue-eyed dog.
  • Hota: means "white" in Sioux, a good choice for a white male dog.
  • Hula: means "eagle".
  • Igasho: it means "wanders", a very fitting American Indian name for an adventurous dog.
  • Jacy: It is probably a variant of Jessie or Jesse, of native American origin meaning "moon".
  • Koi: means "panther in Choctaw.
  • Micco: means "chief" in Seminole.
  • Misu: means "rippling water" in Miwok. A good name for a water dog.
  • Paco: another cute native American originated male name meaning"eagle".
  • Sucki: means "black" in Siksika. A good Indian name for a black dog.
  • Takoda: one of our favorites, means "friend to anyone" Sioux.
  • Wade: means "dancing girl" in Sioux.

Native American Names for Female Dogs and Meanings

The collection of native mohawk names for girl dogs below include Apache, Cherokee, Navajo, Sioux, Cheyenne, and Crow dog names and are all suitable for female puppies and dogs.

  • Abey: it means "leaf" in Omaha.
  • Ayita: it means "first to dance" in Cherokee.
  • Ayasha: it means "little one" in Chippewa. We think this makes for a cute name for small female puppy.
  • Cheyenne: another one of our favorites. Derived from the Dakota word shahiyena meaning "red speakers". This is the name of a Native American people of the Great Plains.
  • Dena: it means "valley" and is of native American origin.
  • Flo: it means "arrow".
  • Ituha: means "sturdy oak".
  • Kai: it means "willow tree" in Navajo.
  • Kay: it means "Elder sister" in Hopi.
  • Kimi: it means "secret" in Algonquian.
  • Koko: means "night" in Blackfoot.
  • Kwanita: it means "God is gracious" in Zuni.
  • Macha: it means "Aurora" in Sioux.
  • Maka: it means "earth" in Sioux.
  • Muna: it means "Overflowing spring" in Hopi.
  • Nadie: means "wise" in Algonquian.
  • Namid: it means "star dancing" in Chippewa.
  • Nova: means "chases butterfly" in Hopa.
  • Pelipa: means "Lover of horses" in Zuni.
  • Peta(h): means "Golden eagle" in Blackfoot.
  • Petunia: a cute name for a small dog, it means "flower name".
  • Sapata: it means "Dancing bear" in Miwok
  • Talulah: it means "leaping water" in Choctaw.
  • Tansy: it means "name of a flower" in Hopi. 
  • Winona: it means "first born daughter" in Sioux.

Cartoon Inspired American Indian Names for Dogs

Do you want to give your pooch a cool Navajo Indian name that is fitting for their personality?

We're sure you will adore these Disney inspired native American character names with a 100% cuteness factor for your canine companion. 

Have a look.

  • Pocahontas: the noble and free-spirited lead female protagonist of the Disney movie "Pocahontas". She is daughter of the powerful Chief Powhatan. The name means "playful one" in Powhatan, an Algonquian language.
  • Kronk: the clumsy and lovable muscle-bound henchman of Yzma, the royal adviser to Emperor Kuzco from "The Emperor's New Groove".  A good strong name for a muscly dog like the Pit Bull. 
  • Chicha: a wise and loving mother with a great sense of humor, and wife to Pacha in "The Emperor's New Groove". It makes for a very adorable female puppy name.
  • Kenai: the heroic yet clumsy warrior and the youngest of the three brothers in Disney's "Brother Bear".  Means "flat land" in the Dena'ina language.
  • Denahi: another fun-loving yet mischievous male character from the film "Brother Bear". 
  • Malina: is the curious and intelligent girl from the movie "The Emperor's New School".
  • Atka: the strong and brave warrior Nita was supposed to marry in "Brother Bear 2" and what a cute name this would make for a big dog such as the Great Dane. for your buddy. Means "guardian spirit" in Inuktitut.
  • Hiawatha: pronounced hie-ə-WAHTH-ə. Hiawatha is the big-hearted little Indian hunter who hunts for game.  The name is from the Iroquoian name Haio-went-ha meaning "he who combs". This was the name of a Mohawk or Onondaga leader.
  • Innoko: the helpful yet sassy tribe shaman of Nita's tribe from the animated movie "Brother Bear 2". We think it's the perfect name for a wise male dog.
  • Nakoma: the caring and protective female friend of the title character in the animated film 'Pocahontas'. It means "I do as I promise" in Chippewa and is quite a trendy name choice for a dog. 
  • Ootek: This was used for a male Native American character in the movie 'Never Cry Wolf'. He was the kind, helpful and friendly Samaritan who guides Tyler in the wilderness.
  • Tiger Lily: a Disney princess of an Indian tribe and the beautiful daughter of Neverland's indigenous chief and a loyal friend of Peter Pan. Her character is described as loyal, brave and proud - the perfect moniker for your furry princess.
  • Tonto: is the eccentric deuteragonist of Disney's movie "The Lone Ranger" played by the talented Johnny Depp.

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