132+ Nerdy & Geeky Dog Names [+Meanings]

October 14, 2022 / Dog Names / By: iPupster

Highly intelligent dog wearing glasses working on laptop

I have a lot of gamer geek friends who have chosen a suitable geeky name for their furry friends.

mWhether you love sci-fi, science, literature, or programming, they are no end of nerdy and geeky dog names to choose from. 

To make things a bit easier, we've come up with several comprehensive lists of nerdy and geeky dog names to suit all levels of furry geekiness.

Top 10 Nerdy Dog Names

We'll first start with this years' top 10 geeky dog names & their meanings.

  1. 1
    Gizmo~ the furry little Mogwai from the movie Gremlins
  2. 2
    Chewy/Chewbacca~ Han Solo's big hairy sidekick in Star Wars
  3. 3
    Leia~ Princess Leia, a character in Star Wars
  4. 4
    Khaleesi~ Daenerys Targaryen, mother of dragons in Game of Thrones
  5. 5
    Yoshi~ happy little dinosaur from Mario Brothers
  6. 6
    Yoda~ Star Wars character. I've seen many pugs with this name.
  7. 7
    Vader~ villain character from Star Wars
  8. 8
    Magic~ Dungeons and Dragons character 
  9. 9
    Luigi~ Mario's brother from Mario Brothers
  10. 10
    Pixel~ a minute dot of color or light on the computer screen

Nerdy Names for Male Dogs

Nerdy names for male pets are in abundance, you can find some inspiration below.

  • Pascal: for your programming geeks, this is a classic language used in programming
  • Finn: one of the main characters from the newer Star Wars movie “The Force Awakens”
  • Thor: not just for mythology geeks, but also those who love the movie Thor, who is one of the main heroes
  • Rocket: this is the Rocket Racoon character from Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Specter: legendary corporate lawyer in the TV show Suits
  • Apache: refers to web server software that is most widely used in the programming community
  • Crash: refers to Crash Bandicoot from the popular video game of the same name
  • Halo: this is the name of a popular shooter game that all gamers will be familiar with
  • Bones: female character in TV show "Bones" who is a geeky forensic anthropologist who solves murders
  • Mac: short for Macintosh, which is a group of personal PC's created by Apple. 
  • Walter: Walter O'Brien, eccentric genius from TV show Scorpion
  • Ash: Pokemon lovers will recognize this as the main character, and friend of Pikachu, Ash Ketchum 

Nerdy female dog names

Nerd Dog Names

For geeks and nerds with female furry pals, here are some of the top names others have chosen for their geeky pets.

  • Cookie: this one is for all of you cyber geeks and refers to the term cookie, which means a small piece of data that is stored on your computer
  • Penny: Bing Bang Theory fans will recognize this one as being one of the main characters in the TV show
  • Princess: this is a name that can have a lot of meanings in the nerd and geek world, from Princess Leia to the character Princess in the anime series Battle of the Planets
  • Buffy: for all of you Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans, this is the main character of the show
  • Gidget: this is the white Pomeranian dog from The Secret Life of Pets
  • Clara: known as the character Clara Oswald from Dr. Who
  • Gizmo: the furry Mogwai from Gremlins
  • Ripley: for fans of the Aliens movies, this refers to the main character Ellen Ripley who fights against the aliens
  • Java: this is a programming term that refers to an all-purpose programming language
  • Sansa: another one for Game of Thrones fans, this is the character Sansa Stark from the House of Stark
  • Hopper: surname of Grace Hopper, a former American computer scientist and United States Navy rear admiral.
  • Happy: Happy Quinn, a braniac in TV show Scorpion

Nerdy science dog names

Geeky names aren't just for gamers and programmers. We have a list for all of you scientist and academic nerds too. Here are our favorite:

  • Archimedes: this is a Greek astronomer and mathematician
  • Artistotle: a well-known scientist and philosopher from ancient Greece
  • Asteroid: another name for minor planets in the solar system
  • Atom: is the smallest unit of matter that is part of every element
  • Axis: refers to the Earth's axis, which is an imaginary line that the earth rotates around
  • Beaker: some may think this refers to the muppet Beaker, who is also a scientist. However, we are referring to a glass tube that is used in chemistry
  • Bernoulli: this refers to a famous Swiss family of physicists and mathematicians
  • Copernicus: lovers of astronomy and mathematics will recognize this one as the creator of the idea that the Sun is the center of the Universe
  • Cosmo: a scientific word that relates to the Universe
  • Da Vinci: he was more than just an artist! He was also an inventor during the Italian renaissance
  • Darwin: refers to the English writer and naturalist, Charles Darwin, who is known for the biological evolution theory of Darwinism
  • Edison: the American inventor who created the lightbulb. He also developed a number of devices in the field of communication, electric power generation, and motion pictures
  • Einstein: refers to the famous Albert Einstein, who was a theoretical physicist
  • Faraday: refers to Michael Faraday, who was an English scientist
  • Fractal: refers to a geometric figure or curve
  • Galileo: refers to the Italian scientist and astronomer, Galileo Galilei
  • Geiger: refers to Hans Geiger, who was the German physicist that invented the Geiger counter
  • Hawking: refers to Steven Hawking, a world-famous English theoretical physicist
  • Helix: refers to a curve in three-dimensional space
  • Hubble: refers to the famous Hubble telescope
  • Isotope: a chemistry term that refers to the form of a chemical element
  • Laser: a device that emits light
  • Nebula: an interstellar cloud of dust and ionized gases, such a cool dog name too.
  •  Neutron: a sub-atomic particle
  • Newton: a well known English astronomer, mathematician, and physicist who is known for creating the law of gravity
  • Photon: is a particle that represents a measurement of electromagnetic radiation
  • Pi: is a measurement used in mathematics
  • Quark: a type of particle
  • Sagan: refers to a well-known astrophysicist and host of Cosmos, Carl Sagan
  • Sputnik: an artificial satellite developed in Russia
  • Tesla: refers to Serbian-American inventor, Nikola Tesla, who was an electrical and mechanical engineer

Dorky names inspired by technology

Our next list is for all of you programmers out there looking for the perfect name for your dog.

  • Ajax: refers to a type of web technology
  • Alpha: refers to software that is still in the testing stage
  • Beta: this is the term for pre-release software
  • Bit: refers to computer data
  • Bug: refers to an issue with software
  • Byte: a unit of digital information
  • Chip: refer to an electronic circuit on a motherboard
  • Cisco: a world-famous networking company
  • Clarus: is the dogcow mascot of Apple
  • Cloud: is a type of server
  • Codec: a type of video formatting
  • Cyber: refers to information technology
  • Data: a sequence of symbols in software coding
  • Diode: refers to a semiconductor device
  • DOS: one of the earliest operating systems that was text-based.
  • Dot: refers to an old format of printing called dot matrix
  • Gates: refers to Microsoft's founder, Bill Gates
  • Giga: refers to a gigabyte or gigabit, which is a computer data size
  • Glitch: refer to a software or system bug.
  • Kernal: refers to the core of a computer operating system
  • Linux: refers to a computer operating system
  • Mouse: an external hand-held pointing device on a computer
  • Nano: is a text editor GNU Nano
  • Newbie: also referred to as a Noob, is someone who is new or inexperienced in programming
  • RAM: refers to a computers' memory
  • Ruby: is another programming language makes for a cool geeky girl dog name
  • Siri: is a virtual assistant
  • Vector: refers to a type of graphic
  • Widget: refers to a software application
  • Woz: named for Steve Wozniak, the founder of Apple
  • Zip: compression software

Intelligent dog names inspired by DC comics

Ok, now we move on to the world of Marvel and DC comic character for your nerdy and geeky pleasure.

Some dog moms and dog dads turn to characters in movies and books to find the perfect name for their furry kiddo. 

Hardcore fans here are our favorite fandom dog names.

  • Akira: a Japanese cyberpunk animation comic from Marvel
  • Alfred: refers to Batman's butler
  • Clark: refers to Clark Kent, the alter ego of Superman
  • Deadpool: a character created by Marvel comics
  • Flash: refers to the comic superhero The Flash created by DC comics
  • Galactus: one of Marvels' villains known from the Fantastic Four series
  • Harley: refers to Harley Quinn from Batman
  • Harvey: refers to Harvey Dent, also known as the villain Two-Face from Batman
  • Hawkeye: one of the heroes in Avengers
  • Jade: one of the heroes from DC's Justice League
  • Lex: refers to Superman's nemesis, Lex Luther
  • Loki: refers to Thor's brother from the Thor Marvel comics
  • Magneto: the nemesis of Professor X in the X-men
  • Mystique: one of the characters from X-men
  • Pepper: refers to Pepper Potts, the romantic interest of Tony Stark's Ironman
  • Raven: another name used by Mystique in X-men
  • Rogue: one of the mutants from X-men
  • Rorschach: a character from Marvel Comics' The Watchmen
  • Storm: refers to Ororo Munroe, another mutant from the X-men
  • Zatanna: is a magician, a great name for a little female puppy

Chemistry Dog Names 

If you're still looking for inspiration to picking out a name for your new geeky little puppy, why not look for inspiration at chemistry, as in the scientific discipline?

Your pet will definitely stand out as one of the cool tough "dogs" if you name them after one of these.

  • Atom: refers to the smallest particle of an element
  • Alkane: refers to a single bond hydrocarbon
  • Alkene: refers to the carbon-carbon double
  • Amine: refers to an Organic nitrogen compound
  • Anion: the term for a negatively charged ion
  • Arene: a term for an aromatic hydrocarbon
  • Cation: refers to a positively charged ion
  • Catalyst: a term for a substance that alters a chemical reactions' velocity
  • Chiral: refers to an object that can't be superimposed on its mirror image
  • Diode: a two-terminal electronic component
  • Isomer: ions or molecules that have the same molecular formula but have whose structural formulas are different
  • Electron: a sub-atomic particle that has a negative charge
  • Floc: refers to a fluffy mass that is formed fro very fine suspended particles
  • Flux: a chemical purifying agent used in chemistry
  • Ion: refers to a molecule or atom
  • Micro: the measurement of one-millionth of a unit
  • Neutron: an uncharged sub-atomic particle
  • Ozone: the molecular form of oxygen
  • Volt: short for voltage, which is the measurement of electrical pressure
  • Watt: short for wattage, which is a unit of electrical power

This is just part of the many nerdy, geeky names that you can give you dog, based on science, academics, comics, movies, and TV shows. Don't be afraid to get creative either!  

Your dog's name should be as unique as both they and you are.

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