100+ of The Best Red Dog Names You’ll Love

October 14, 2022 / Dog Names / By: iPupster

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Selecting a dog name that celebrates your pet dog’s genetics is a fun, cute and unique way to instill ginger pride.

Your red dog’s coloring can be their defining feature, so why not use it in a name?

Here are some certifiably cute and creative dog names ones, perfect for your favorite ginger or red-coated dog.

Top 10 Names for Red Dogs

We're going to start off with the current top 10 red dog names that you can name your orange, ginger or red furry friend.

Boy Names
Girl Names






Cherry Blossom










Red Male Dog Names

1. Aarush

A fiery Indian name meaning “first ray of sun”.

2. Anatole

A unique red boy dog name with an exotic-ish feel to it. It’s Greek meaning "from the east, rising sun".

3. Adam

Hebrew origin meaning "son of the red earth".

4. Aruna

This colourful name means “reddish brown” in Hindi, perfect for a red setter.

5. Aidan

A powerful Irish name meaning "little and fiery". Perfect name for a small male red colored dog.

6. Aureli

It means “golden” a Polish form of Aurelius, an Ancient Roman name meaning golden. It’s pronounced ow-REH-li.

7. Bayard

An unusual yet cool name, it’s English meaning “russet-haired”.

8. Barnett

An English name meaning “place cleared by burning” – we also like it’s nickname, Barney.

9. Bluey

What a great name for a red male dog, Bluey is the Australian for redhead.

10. Colorado

The name Colorado is a boy's name meaning "colored red".

11. Damek

Slavic name meaning “son of the red earth”.

12. Fairbairn

Scottish meaning “fair-haired child”.

13. Benelli

A great choice for your male hunting dog. Benelli is a firearm manufacturing company from Italy. Perfectly apt name for your pet!

14. Flannery

An Irish surname meaning "red eyebrows"- a good choice or an Irish Setter puppy.

15. Finbar

A popular Irish name meaning “fair-haired”. In Irish folklore, Finbar was the king of the fairies.

16. Finley

A name of Scottish, Irish origin meaning "fair-haired hero".

17. Gannon

A solid name for your red – coated dog. It’s Irish and means “fair-skinned, fair-haired”.

18. Garfield

Like the cat.

19. Ginge, Gingey or Ginger

These endearing names are a great choice with owners of red haired dog breeds such as Irish Setters, Vizslas, Boerbel or a Doxies - whether male or female.

20. Manley

From English meaning “shared wood”.

21. Mars

Mars - the red planet. Mars is alluded to as the 'Red Planet' because it appears in the sky as an orange-red star. Ancient Greeks and Romans named it after their god of war. Today, thanks to visiting spacecraft, we know that the planet's appearance is due to rust in the Martian rocks.

22. Phoenix

A Greek name meaning “dark red”.

23. Radcliff

A good, strong name for any breed with any red coloring in their coat, it’s English meaning “red cliff”.

24. Radley

A name of English origin meaning "red meadow".

25. Red

Duh! Cool name for a male or female breed with a red coat.

26. Redford

English meaning “red ford”. Everyone will presume you're honouring actor Robert, which isn't too unlikely.  

27. Reed

From English meaning “red-haired”.

28. Reddick

Good strong name for powerful dogs with a red coat such as the American Staffordshire Terrier. It’s a Scottish surname. Riddick is another variation of it, recognizable as the name of Vin Diesel's character in the Riddick film series.

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29. Rogan

Irish meaning “redhead”.

30. Rojo

The Spanish name for “red. It’s pronounced ROE-hoe. We think it makes for a colourful name choice for your red haired dog breed.

31. Rowan

A name of Irish and Scottish origin meaning “little redhead”.

32. Roone

It means “red-haired” in Irish. Roone can also be seen/used as a short form of Rooney.

33. Rory

A spirited Gaelic classic name. It means “red king”.

34. Roth

German meaning “redhead”.

35. Rousseau

A touch of French flair, Rousseau is a good moniker for small red haired dog breeds. It’s French meaning “little redhead”. The most notable Rousseau is of course - the influential eighteenth century philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

36. Rowan

A boy's name of Scottish and Irish origin meaning "little redhead".

Probably the most prominent bearer of the name is Rowan Atkinson best known for his Mr. Bean persona.

37. Roy

French and Celtic name. It means “red-haired”.

38. Rufus

We love this name- it’s of Latin origin meaning "red-head".

39. Rumo

Ancient martyr of Cornish origin meaning “red”.

40. Russell

Anglo-Norman nickname for ‘rus’ meaning ‘red-haired’.

41. Rusty

A short form of Russell which coincidentally means ‘red-haired, fox-colored’ in Anglo-Norman.

42. Russ

Short but substantial. French meaning “redhead, fox-colored”.

43. Russet

Another cool name for your reddish dog. It’s French meaning… you guessed it, “reddish”.

44. Sherlock

A cool dog name for an intelligent red coloured breed. It’s English meaning “fair-haired”. Most notable Sherlock is of course - Sherlock Holmes the fictional private detective created by the Scottish writer Arthur Conan Doyle.

45. Sorrel/Sorrell

A gentle and autumnal name for your ginger coated male puppy. It’s a French name meaning “reddish brown”.

46. Xanthos

Excellent name for your male dog. It’s Greek for “golden-haired” and it’s pronounced ZHAN-thos.

Can always be shortened to Xan.

Red Female Dog Names

1. Aelia

This little-known Ancient Roman name means “sun”. The "ae" is pronounced "ee".

2. Annie

As in Little Orphan Annie.

3. Adamina

The female of Adam. It means “child of the red earth” in Hebrew. It makes for a cute name for your red colored female puppy.

4. Alani

It means “orange tree” in Hawaiian.

5. Amber

A colorful cute name for your female red dog.

6. Akako

Means “red” in Japanese. Pronounced ah-kah-ko.

The color red was believed to possess magical properties in early Japanese culture, with the ability to cure blood and other illnesses. 

7. Alhambra

Spanish name means “red city”.

8. Aurelia

A girl's name of Latin origin meaning "the golden one".

9. Aurora 

Aurora is the name of the Roman goddess of sunrise. In Gaelic (Irish) it means ‘red king’. An Aurora nickname possibility with a totally different feel: Rory.

10. Autumn

A beautiful name.

11. Ariel

A cute red dog name inspired by the famous redhead character Ariel in the children’s movie The Little Mermaid.

12. Arusha

Red dog names inspired by red in other languages provides you with an array of some unusual and uncommon names. Such as Arusha. It’s Sanskrit (Indo-Aryan language of the ancient Indian) and simply means “red”.

13. Aithne

Irish origin meaning "fire". This soundalike for the famous volcano, Mount Etna, is a fiery Irish moniker that could be perfect for a red-haired puppy girl.

14. Blake

A unisex name, it’s an English name meaning “fair-haired, dark”.

Blake (Lively) popularized this name in the TV series Gossip Girl.

15. Blaze

A hot name for your dog. Blaze is a unisex name of English origin meaning "fire".

16. Carmine

A cute name for an adorable and energetic female red puppy! It’s of Latin origin meaning "vivid red".

17. Cassidy

It’s an Irish name and means “curly-haired”.

18. Cherry

We love this name for your female red dog.

19. Clancy

A popular Irish surname, meaning “red-haired warrior”. Clancy is a winner for either gender.

20. Crimson

Yes, dogs come in many different shades of red. If you’re still finding difficult in choosing a red dog name for your pup, this is one of our favorite monikers. Crimson, is a "rich deep red" and sounds beautiful when pronounced.

21. Crispina

Unusual and adorable name. If you red haired dog is also curly – this the perfect name choice. Its Latin and means “curly-haired”.

22. Ember

A trendy name for your female pup, ember are small pieces of burning coal and wood in a glowing fire.

23. Eldora

If your dog’s coating coloring is more golden than red, Eldora is a better fit. This pretty name is Spanish and it means “covered with gold”.

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24. Flanna

Irish name meaning “red-haired”. Makes for an uncommon name for a red-haired girl dog.

25. Goldilocks or Goldie

Perfect for the strawberry blonde tinged red pup in your family.

26. Ginger

Great name for redhead dog.

27. Hazel

Hazel is a nature name, coming from the hazelnut tree.  Hazelnuts are warm brown, almost auburn in colour.

28. Humaira

It’s Arabic and it simply means “red”.

29. Kamala

If you’re looking for unusual yet cool red dog names – Kamala is a great choice. The name is of Hindi origin meaning "lotus or pale red; or, a garden".

30. Kerry

Beautiful Irish name for your red colored breed– Kerry also the name of a county in Ireland – known as the “Kindgom of Ireland” due to its lush and tropical flora.

This Irish name means “dark, dark-haired”.

31. Maple

After the red maple leaf.

32. Omaira

An intriguing name for your female red dog. It’s an Arabic name, meaning “long-life ; red”.

33. Poppy

It’s English derived from Latin and it means “red flower”. Perfect for a sweet-natured dog and an especially good choice for a red haired dog.

34. Roisin

Irish girl name meaning ‘little rose’. Very popular in its native Ireland and it’s pronounced ro-SHEEN.

35. Rosaleen

Beautiful name for a girl dog. It’s the English version of Roisin, meaning ‘little rose’.

37. Rose
Latin origin meaning "rose, a flower".

38. Rosie 

Rosy-cheeked and cheery, it means “rose”.

39. Roux

Pretty name for little auburn-haired female puppy. It’s French for “reddish brown”. Pronounced Roo.

40. Ruby

A great name for dogs with red coloring in their coat, Ruby is a girl’s name of Latin origin meaning “deep red precious stone”.

Ruby is one of those vintage dog names that feels totally modern.

41. Rudy

Can be a name for both girl and boy. Rudy, is of German origin meaning “famous wolf”.

42. Rufina

A cute name for a red female puppy. It’s Latin meaning “red-haired”.

43. Scarlett

An awesome name for red dogs. English name meaning “scarlet, red”.

44. Sienna

Cute and adorable name for a red coated dog. It’s of Italian origin meaning “reddish orange-brown”. It’s also the name of a historic Tuscan city in Italy.

45. Verbena

Latin meaning “sacred foliage”.

46. Wilma (Flintstone)

Inspired by the fictional female lead character – Fred’s wife – Wilma- from The Flintstones cartoon series.

How To Pick A Good Dog Name For Your Red Dog or Puppy

Here are some handy tips on how to choose the best red dog name for your new fur-kid.

  • Sound: Sound out your chosen name out loud to see how it sounds.  You don't want the name to be a tongue-twister but should flow out easily.
  • Uniqueness: Go for the unpopular name and avoid trends...trends come and go.. you don't want to regret your name choice down the road.
  • Be creative: Choose a moniker that complements your dog - be it their personality, height, peculiar traits, skill or breed.

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