The Best Dog Treadmills: Canine-Friendly Treadmills!

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November 6, 2022 / Dog Health / By: Krystine Therriault

Dog treadmills are a great way for owners to make sure that their dogs always get enough exercise, no matter the circumstances.

It is the perfect solution for dog owners who live in small spaces and urban environments, or when the weather ruins your plans to take a nice long walk in the park.

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Benefits of a Dog Treadmill for your Pet

Weight Management

Allowing a dog to become overweight or obese can lead to a long list of other health problems, including breathing difficulty, bone and joint problems, and digestive issues.

A dog treadmill can help owners make sure that their dogs are burning enough energy to stay slim and healthy.


Movement is an important part of recovering from an injury. Dog treadmills can be a good way to get a recovering dog moving in a safe place where they can be closely monitored. 

Some dog treadmills are even specially designed with shock absorption platforms to avoid putting stress on dogs’ joints, which can happen when dogs run on concrete or asphalt.

Left at home for long periods – shorter lifespan

Our lives are very busy these days, but being a dog owner comes with a responsibility not to leave a dog cooped up all the time. Staying home alone can be detrimental for a dog, leading to health problems and a shorter lifespan.

Doggie treadmills can help dogs get exercise even when their owners are busy, but time outside is still very important.

Correcting Behavior

If owners find their dogs act up during the day or become destructive, they might just have too much energy. A morning run on the treadmill can be a great way to expend some of that energy leaving their owners with a calm, well-behaved pooch for the rest of the day’s activities.

Great for getting ready and in shape for canine sports

With a little excitement and positive reinforcement, a dog treadmill can be a great tool for training when it comes to dog sports like obedience, running, agility, and fly ball.

Best Treadmills for Senior Dogs

Quick Guide for Training Your Dog to Use a Treadmill

The first step for getting a dog to use a treadmill is getting them used to it when it is off.

Encourage them to get on it with their feet facing forward, using treats and praise to show them that they are doing good. 

Start them on a slow speed and increase it gradually. Start for 5 to 10 minutes a day and add time and speed as the dog gets more comfortable. 

To make sure they are getting enough exercise owners should try to have their dogs pant heavily once per day, but be sure not to overwork a dog on the treadmill.

Owners should always be present when their dog is using the treadmill and never tie their dog in one place on the treadmill so they can’t get off.

For a safe and effective workout, dogs should always be given time to warm up and cool down. 

Getting a dog used to using a treadmill will be much easier of the owners makes the treadmill seem like a fun and positive activity.

Here is a quick video of a dog owner getting her Australian Shepherd puppy Bravo used to walking on the treadmill using treats. 

Quick Guide to Finding the Best Dog Treadmill

1. Running platform/Deck

Owners with big dogs need to make sure that the running platform can accommodate their dog’s length when they are running at full stride. Similarly, finding a good fit for a smaller dog can make the process less intimidating than running on a treadmill ten times its size.

2. Running belt

Compared to human treadmills, dog treadmills have less of a gap between the belt and the side rails. This helps stop paws from getting caught under the belt, an important safety feature.

3. Training Fence

Most dog treadmills come with some sort of training fence or side rails to help with the training process. It’s best that these side panels are sturdy. Avoid training fences with big spaces where a dog could get caught if they panic and try to get off the treadmill while it is on.

4. Leash Binding Attachments

When training a dog to use a treadmill, owners often use a leash to lead their dog on as if they are going for a regular walk.

Then the owner will stand in front of the treadmill to encourage their dog, using the leash to keep leading it in the right direction. 

Some dog treadmills have an attachment to place a leash for this purpose.

5. Noise

Human treadmills are quite loud and scare most dogs. Dog treadmills are designed to be much more quiet to help keep dogs at ease.

6. Console Dashboard

Consoles on most dog treadmills face away from the dog so the owners can control the pace of the workout and stop the treadmill in case of an emergency.

Controlling the dashboard of a human treadmill while a dog runs on it is much more inconvenient

Best Ranked Electric Dog Treadmills

Best Large Dog Treadmill

The highly rated dogPACER treadmill accommodates any dog that weigh under 180 pounds. This dog treadmill is compact and lightweight, with collapsible side panels that are perfect for getting dogs started with treadmill training.

With the dogPACER Treadmill, dogs can go from 0.5 to 7.5 MPH, at an incline of 5 to 9 degrees. The running area of this treadmill is 71” L x 16.5” W. The built-in computer comes with pre-programed exercise programs or owners can create their own programs to suit their dog’s individual needs.

Owners love this dog treadmill because it is durable, runs quietly, and comes at a more affordable price than most of the other large dog treadmills on the market. Dogs love this treadmill, and once they get used to it will even hop on and wait for their owners to get it started!

Go Pet Petrun Pr700 Dog Treadmill Indoor Exercise/Fitness Kit (for dogs up to 44 Pounds)

Best Small Dog Treadmill

With a running area of 28” L x 16” W, this dog treadmill is perfect for small and some medium-sized dog breeds.

Specially designed for quiet operation, the Go Pet Petrun treadmill features an emergency safety stop function and dog chain holder. The low running platform is ideal for small dogs, who can easily hop on and get going!

This treadmill’s speed ranges from 0.6 to 7.4 MPH, and owners can control both the speed and the timer on the treadmill to fit their dog’s stamina and energy levels.

Dog owners like that this treadmill is easy to use and they enjoy the remote-control feature. This treadmill is a great solution for making sure that small dogs get the exercise they need, even when the weather is not ideal.

Plus, this dog treadmill is designed to run very quietly so as not to scare away dogs who don’t like loud noises.

DogTread Treadmill Premium K9 Fitness Kit

Best Exercise Treadmill for Dogs

DogTread offers safe dog treadmills with whisper quiet motors so that dogs won’t be afraid once they are turned on. DogTread’s Premium K9 Fitness Kit is one of the top choices for owners who want to focus on training or weight management with their dogs.

This unit was designed for medium sized dogs ranging from 55 to 60 pounds and includes premium K9 Fitness Programs to help owners whip their dogs into shape. DogTread also has some other cool features like an adjustable incline bar, collapsible side fences, and a removable training treat panel.

Owners love this dog treadmill because it includes an instructional DVD and is very easy to set up. The treadmill is durable, with great safety features, and customers have positive things to say about this company’s customer service.

Top Rated Dog Treadmill Summary

A dog treadmill is a great tool to supplement outside exercise if the weather is bad, a dog is becoming overweight, recovering from an injury, or is misbehaving because of too much pent-up energy.

Dog treadmills are specially designed to create a safe, fun, and comfortable environment for dogs, which is why they are a much better alternative to human treadmills when it comes to exercising a pet.


Krystine Therriault

Krystine Therriault is an accomplished writer. With a passion for all creatures cute and furry, Krystine's life has been touched by many beloved dogs over the years. She is also a loving mother of two boys and an avid yogi.

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