The Top 100 Yiddish Dog Names (Plus Fun Facts)

October 14, 2022 / Dog Names / By: Krystine Therriault

Kosher dog names that are Hebrew originated

A new dog or puppy is a member of the family. Making the time to pick out the right name (like you would for a child) just makes sense.

The name for dog in Yiddish is ‘kelev’. If you are searching for a good Yiddish dog name, a strong Biblical dog name that acknowledges your family’s background and traditions is a great start!

This list of the top 100 Yiddish dog names includes a top ten, 50 male names, 50 female names, and ends with some tips for finding the perfect name for the newest member in your family.

Top 10 Yiddish Dog Names

Here is our pick of the top 10 dog Yiddish names for dogs, based on their meaning, sound, and popularity.

Top Yiddish Names for Male Dogs

  • Kugel
  • Aizik
  • Noam
  • Manish
  • Caleb

Top Yiddish Names for Female Dogs

  • Zissa
  • Gitel
  • Kayle
  • Shayna
  • Ruth

Yiddish Dog Names Male

There are many male names of Yiddish and Jewish origin to choose from, most involving interesting meanings and background stories.

Here are some of the best jewish dog names for males along with their meaning and background.

1. Abraham

Means ‘father of many nations’, Abraham is considered the first Patriarch of the Jewish people. Abe for short is a particularly cute Jewish dog name.

2. From

The name From means ‘fruitful’ and would suit a papa dog or male pup you plan on breeding later on.

3. Elye

Elye means ‘height’, making it a great name for big and tall breeds like the Great Dane.

4. Kugel

This dog name was used in a popular children’s book about a girl and her dog on Passover. It is also the name of a Jewish baked casserole dish.

5. Adam

Adam was the first man that God created. This biblical name was derived from the Hebrew noun Adamah, which means ‘the ground’ or ‘earth’. A strong biblical name for dogs.

6. Gel

Gel means ‘yellow’, perfect for a Golden Retriever or other dogs with golden/yellow coats.

7. Alter

Means ‘old man.’ Traditionally, this name was used as a prayer for a long life when a previous child in the family died young. Good if your dog has an old man’s personality or perhaps in tribute to a previous dog or litter mate who passed.

8. Chayim

Means ‘life’ or ‘living’ - a great moniker for an active or highly energetic dog. This name is popular because the concept of life is highly valued in Jewish culture.

9. Chatzkel

A religious name that means ‘God strengthens.’ A Yiddish version of Ezekiel.

10. Abel

The name Abel means ‘breathe’ in Hebrew. A cool Hebrew name for a loving dog!

11. Gil

Gil means ‘happiness’ and is one of those cute Yiddish dog names perfect for a cheerful pup.

12. Bagel

Another food-inspired name. Some other dog name ideas taken from Jewish foods include matzah, babka, and pickles.

13. Fishel

The name Fishel means ‘little fish.’ It would make a good name for a water dog who loves to swim or one who works with a fisherman.

14. Issur

Issur is a Hebrew name that means ‘He who struggles with God.’ It is also a form of Israel.

15. Manish

This name refers to a ‘fierce, strong man’ or just ‘man.’ Ideal for a strong male pup, you could call him Mani for short.

16. Lemel

Means ‘little lamb.’ Ideal name for a small dog who is a little meek, shy, or fearful.

17. Levi

The perfect name for a velcro dog, since the name Levi means ‘attached to me.’

Jewish names for dogs

Photo by: @doctorralphmb

18. Zipkiyah

The name Zipkiyah means ‘defends mankind.’ A great Jewish name for a dog who is protective or guarding.

19. Achala

Achala means ‘great’, this is a short and strong Yiddish pet name.

20. Noam 

Means ‘pleasantness.’ One popular person with this name is Noam Chomsky, an American linguist born in Philadelphia to Jewish immigrants.

21. Aizik

If you are looking for funny Yiddish dog names, the name Aizik translates to ‘laughing’ or ‘he will laugh’. 

22. Ahron

The name Ahron means ‘mountain.’ Many dogs would move mountains for the people they love, making it a great name for man’s best friend.

23. David

Speaking of which, what better name for man’s best friend than one that literally means ‘friend’?

24. Mendel

Mendel means ‘comforter’ and was the name of many great sages, another great Hebrew dog name.

25. Feivel

The name Feivel means ‘shining one.’ 

26. Ezra

Ezra means ‘help or assistance.’ A good name for a service animal or working dog. 

27. Jonah

Jonah means ‘dove.’

28. Kuni

The name Kuni means ‘childish’ and is an excellent name for a playful pup. 

29. Samson

Samson means ‘bright sun.’ Made famous because of his strength and long locks and his relationship with Delilah. A great name for a long-haired breed like an Afghan Hound or a Lhasa Apso,

30. Eli

The name Eli means ‘elevate.’

31. Motke 

Yiddish version of Mordechai, the name of a character in the Book of Esther.

32. Caleb

The name Caleb means ‘faithful.’ It is also the name of the dog in author Asher Kravitz’ The Jewish Dog, a popular book that shows the Holocaust from a dog’s perspective.

33. Velvel

Velvel means ‘wolf.’

34. Hadar

Hadar means ‘greatness.’

35. Azrael

In Jewish and Islamic traditions, Azrael is the angel of death. This name might be good if you’re looking for something a little edgy.

36. Uri

The name Uri means ‘my light’, perfect if your dog is always cheering you up. A very cute Yiddish dog name for a lively dog.

37. Lantz

Yiddish form of Lancer, which means ‘spear’.

38. Anshel

Anshel means ‘fortunate’ or ‘happy’.

39. Aryeh

Aryeh means ‘lion.’ Ideal for a brave dog and also a great dog name for a Shih Tzu, since the name of the breed translates to ‘little lion’.

40. Zundel

An endearing name that means ‘sonny boy’ or ‘small boy’.

41. Alon

Alon means ‘oak tree.’

42. Gavril

Form of Gabriel, the Biblical Archangel who first informed Mary that she would bear the son of God.

43. Kyle

The name Kyle means ‘victorious.’

44. Tevel

Tevel means ‘dearly loved’ and makes a sweet name for a furry companion.

45. Achi

Achi means ‘my brother.’

46. Hirsch

The name Hirch means ‘deer.’

47. Zindel

Zindel means ‘defender of man.’ Another option for a protective pup.

48. Akiva

Means ‘held by the heel’. It was the name of a well-known sage whose story is told in the book Rabbi Akiva: Sage of the Talmud.

49. Tevye

Means ‘good’. This name is popular in part because of Joseph Stein’s musical, Fiddler on the Roof.

50. Haskel

Another Yiddish form of Ezekiel, a Hebrew name meaning ‘God strengthens’. 

Yiddish and jewish female dog names and meanings

If you are searching for awesome Hebrew girl dog names, you have come to the right place.

There are lots of cute female Yiddish names to choose from all with different meanings and history.

1. Alma

Alma is a pretty name that means ‘maiden.’

2. Shayna

From the Yiddish word ‘shein’ which means ‘beautiful.’

3. Henye

A religious name meaning ‘God is gracious.” The Yiddish version of Hannah.

4. Bluma

Hebrew name meaning “bloom” or “flower”.

5. Amira

The name Amira comes from the Hebrew word amir, which means ‘treetop.’

6. Reina

Comes from Yiddish word ‘rein’ meaning ‘clean’ or ‘pure.’

7. Roiza

Roiza is a nice girl’s name that means ‘rose.’

8. Zemirah

Means ‘blessed’, ‘happy in life’.

9. Freida

The name Freida means ‘joy.’

10. Rochel

Yiddish form of Rachel, which means ‘ewe’ or female sheep.

11. Miriam

If you are also considering Aramaic dog names, Miriam is a pretty one that means ‘sea of bitterness.’

12. Breindel

Means brunette in Yiddish. Fitting name for a girl brown-haired dog.

13. Adina

The name Adina is a feminine Hebrew name that means ‘gentle.’

14. Hinda

A female name that is Yiddish for ‘deer.’

15. Libka

Libka means ‘love’ and would make a sweet name for a female dog.

16. Bielka

The name Bielka means ‘beautiful’, ‘white.’

17. Carmel

Means ‘vineyard’, ‘garden’, ‘orchard.’ Also, a good name for a female caramel colored dog.

18. Eidel

Means ‘delicate.’

19. Atara

If you have got a little princess on your hands, the name Atara might be suitable since it means ‘crown.’

20. Fruma

The name Fruma means ‘one who is religious.’ Fruma is the name of a ghost in Fiddler on the Roof.

21. Esther

A good Hebrew name for dogs is Esther, which means ‘hidden.’

22. Keila

Keila means ‘vessel’ and usually refers to someone who is talented. This could be an ideal name for a female show dog or one who competes in dog sports.

23. Bayla

The name Bayla means ‘beautiful.’

24. Perle

If you have a precious lady pup you might give her the name Perle after a pearl.

25. Zissa

An affectionate name meaning ‘sweet girl.’

26. Malka

The name Malka means ‘queen.’

27. Bine

A cute name that means ‘bee.’

28. Leila

This name comes from a Hebrew word meaning ‘night’ or ‘dark beauty.’

29. Pesha

The name Pesha refers to someone who is born on Easter.

30. Shprintza

Shprintza is a unique name that means ‘hope.’

31. Adele

Adele is a Hebrew name that means ‘God is eternal.’ A great choice of Jewish female dog name.

32. Frema

The name Frema means ‘pious one.’

33. Sarah

Sarah is a popular name that means ‘ruler’ or ‘princess.’

34. Adah

If your dog is very beautiful you might choose to name her Adah after an ornament.

35 .Golda

Golda means ‘gold’ and is another great choice for a golden-haired girl.

36. Henda

Henda means ‘favor’ or ‘grace.’

37. Matilda

The name Matilda means ‘strong one’, ‘heroine', a cute Hebrew female dog name.

38. Ruth 

Ruth is a simple but pretty name that means ‘friendship’ or ‘friendly.’

39. Tovah

Tovah means ‘a good woman.’ Perhaps a good name for a bachelor who only needs the love of his dog.

40. Zelda

Zelda is a female version of Zelig, means blessed.

41. Shoshanah

A strong Hebrew dog name meaning ‘lily, rose’. 

42. Charna

Charna means dark. A good name for a black or darker furred dog.

43. Ita

Means ‘little home ruler.’

44. Blima

The name Blima means ‘blossom.’

45. Kreindel

Kreindel is another name that means ‘crown.’

46. Gruna

The name Gruna, meaning ‘green’ would make a good name for a jealous dog.

47. Gitel

Gitel means ‘good’. A good name for a good pup.

48. Mirele

Mirele means ‘obstinacy, rebelliousness.’ If you have got a stubborn female on your hands this name might suit her nicely.

49. Kayle

The name Kayle means ‘heaven’, a popular female yiddish name.

50. Tzofiya

A beautiful and unique name meaning ‘guard’ or ‘scout.’ 

Tips for Finding a Dog Name

Finding a dog name should be a fun process!

There are no rules per se, but experts agree that some dog names are better than others in terms of being able to grab your pup’s attention when you need to.

It can be easier if you live alone and can choose any name you want. If you live with other family members, you may need to compromise.

Writing a list down and narrowing them down until you find one you all agree on is a good strategy. 

According to an article by Jan Hoffman in the New York Times, the best dog names are short, stand out, aren’t confusing, and will stand the test of time. 

So here's four tips to help you choose the best dog name for your dog.

  • Keeping it to one or two syllables. If you want to choose a longer name, do so. Many people have longer names for their dogs, and they do fine. But if you want your dog to react quickly when you call, a short name will stand out.
  • Choose names ending in hard consonants or long vowels. Ending with sounds like ‘Jack’, ‘Tank’, ‘Toby’ or ‘Sweetie’ helps dogs distinguish their name from other noise and words that they do not understand.
  • Avoid names that sounds like commands. If you give your dog a name that sounds like sit, stay, or no, they might get confused easily.
  • Choose something unique and meaningful. You might be tempted to name your dog after a trend, but keep in mind your dog will have this name for life.

Choosing a Yiddish, Hebrew, or Jewish name that has meaning for your family and reflects your values is a great start.

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