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I'm Chris and thought I'd start off my blog by letting you all know just who you're talking to and associating with. I've always had the pleasure of owning or being owned by a dog. My latest best bud is Bailey, a Golden Retriever and adopted while he was just a pup and he brings so much joy into our lives.

This dog blog is dedicated to all pet parents that are passionate about their furry companions. You’ll find I write on a variety of topics from dog health, dog food to pet travel and interesting and dog friendly supplies and really anything that helps our four-legged friends thrive and live a fulfilling life.

I’m Bailey and I live with 3 humans and 1 cat. About me, I am a Golden Retriever, nicknamed Goldie too (must be the way I look). When I am not doing agility training I like to cuddle up next to my parents. I love meeting other dogs too. My other passion is dog tricks. I learned tons of trick stuff which I show off at every opportunity I get. Oh, I am also the designated family safety guard a badge I paw-dly carry.


Is a contributing article writer and a pet parent to a Scottish Terrier, named Pebbles. She writes on various issues affecting pets and pet owning families. She hopes to help strengthen the bond you share with your pets and enjoy those memorable years.

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