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Why do dogs roll in and eat poop?

Why Do Dogs Roll in Poop?

As a dog owner you never fully understand the motivation for your furry friend’s behavior. Dogs do a lot of strange (and sometimes disgusting) things. One of the most repulsive of these odd habits is rolling in poop.Whether it’s their poop or another animal’s poop, most dog owners agree that at one point or another, […]

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A golden retriever licking its paws

Why Do Dogs Lick Their Paws?

It’s no secret that dogs enjoy licking things. As far as dog behaviors go, licking serves positive and useful functions from grooming and soothing wounds to releasing stress-reducing hormones.Some of the licking behavior we see in dogs evolved from their wolf ancestors. Mother wolves lick their pups for several reasons, including cleaning. Wolf puppies lick […]

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Dog digging for and eating dirt

Why Do Dogs Eat Dirt?

Believe it or not, dirt eating is not uncommon behavior in dogs.Every dog owner should know that at some point, their dog is going to do something strange. For some dogs it’s digging through the garbage, for others it’s the kitty litter. Other dogs enjoy eating soil.You’re might be wondering, “Why do dogs eat dirt?” […]

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Cute Bulldog puppy biting on a shoe

7 Tips For Stopping a Dog That Likes to Chew on Everything (before he ruins all your shoes…)

We love our little fur babies and do all we can to give them a happy and healthy life. Sometimes this can be a challenge though. One problem I see a lot of dog owners struggle with is how to stop a dog from chewing on everything in sight! And I mean everything; stone, wood, […]

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Sudden change in dog's behavior after food

Can Dog Food Cause Aggression?

Is your dog displaying aggression? Is your dog being aggressive to other dogs and has it gotten worse recently? Could the aggression be diet-related? These are all valid questions an owner has.The causes of a dog’s aggressive behavior are many and varied. But since a dog’s current diet is detrimental to a pet’s overall health […]

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A high-energy chocolate Labrador puppy running around in the forest

6 Most Effective Ways to Handle High-Energy Dogs

If you’ve been a dog owner your whole life, you might be used to the needs of high energy dogs. On the other hand, if you’ve only ever had low energy dogs or you’re a new dog owner you be taken aback by just how much energy some dogs have. When you have a high […]

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A Mixed-Breed Brown Dog Howling

7 Fullproof Methods on How to Stop Your Dog from Excessive Barking

Dogs bark. It’s how they communicate and let us know when they need something, but sometimes dogs start to bark excessively which can be annoying not only for you, but also for your neighbors. It’s important to teach your dog when it’s okay to bark and when it isn’t early on, so their barking doesn’t […]

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Why does a dog pee in the house? Is it behavioral or health related?

How to Stop a Dog from Peeing in the House (Troubleshooting & Useful Tips)

One of the first things that you should be prepared for when you get a puppy is housetraining. The earlier you start and the more consistent you are, the smoother the entire process will be! If you’re adopting an adult dog, and you’re lucky, they will probably already be house-broken. If not, it can be […]

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White Labrador Looking for Missing Owner

2020’s Best GPS Tracker for Dogs Reviews

There are a couple of different reasons why pet owners would consider making a small investment in a pet tracking device.For one, it is the single most effective way to track down a missing pet. Also, it gives pet parents peace of mind to know where their pet is at all times. Finally, some devices […]

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Helpful Resource Guide for Dog Owners For Going Camping or Hiking and bringing Dog Along

Resource Guide for Hiking, Backpacking or Camping with Your Dog

Are you an avid camper who likes to share good times with your new canine companion? Perhaps you want to begin new hiking adventures with Fido. Then this article is for you whether you want….

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