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Homemade E-Collar

10 DIY Dog Cone Designs – Easy Homemade E-Collars

The dreaded dog head cone goes by many other names including an e-collar, Elizabethan collar, and sometimes “Cone of Shame”. While this nickname sounds bleak, we dog lovers agree that these cones serve a vital purpose when our dogs are recovering from various health issues. Learning how to make a homemade dog cone collar can help […]

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10 Really Cool Homemade Interactive Dog Toys

10 Really Cool Homemade DIY Interactive Dog Toys Your Dog Will Love

You already know that your pup is smart. And like any smart kid – in this case albeit a fur kid – she needs to exercise her brain. A dog whose intellect isn’t challenged and developed enough becomes a very bored dog, and bored dogs are often destructive, depressed or both.Interactive dog toys are a […]

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Designs and Blueprints of Homemade DIY Pet Wheelchairs

How To Make A DIY Dog Wheelchair

Our furry friends play an essential role in our lives. Dogs bring us so much joy – playing ball with them in the yard, or going on a walk, is a great way to spend the afternoon with your canine pal.However, pets are like people, and they lose mobility with age. As your dog gets […]

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homemade diapers for dogs

How to Make DIY Dog Diapers

When you think of diapers, you probably picture babies, but diapers aren’t just for human babies; they can be helpful for four-legged babies, too. Whether you have a puppy that is having a difficult time getting the hang of house training or your senior dog has developed incontinence, dog diapers can come in handy. It […]

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