13 Best Dog Toy Storage Ideas To Stay Organized

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October 6, 2022 / Dog DIY, For The Home / By: Krystine Therriault

Perfect Dog Toy Organization Ideas

Looking for DIY dog toy organizers to make yourself? In this guide, we'll show you some awesome homemade dog toy storage ideas so you can organize dog toys and keep them tidy.

And if DIY is not your thing, we’ve got you covered there too with some great and affordable options available for dog toy storage.

Here are our top dog toy organizer ideas to help keep your furkid’s room organized and clutter-free and get the job done in a decorative way!

1. Install Under Stairs Storage Drawers

Wondering how to use the space under the stairs in your home? Sliding drawers are an easy way to maximize staircase storage space. Keep dog toys neatly neatly tucked away without having to add extra furniture to other rooms.

2. Use Shelving Units

A shelving unit such as Ikea's KALLAX shelf are a practical solution that holds all of your dog's toys and supplies. You can also add additional shelves.

Not only is this adorable but it is also visually appealing.

3. Build a Rustic Wooden Storage Chest

Build a Storage Chest to hold dog toys

@mizzpawz // Design by Dave Hall at Scrapyard Dog Photography

Looking for something more sturdy and roomier for your pup's toys? This is a stunning project featuring a treasure style chest using reclaimed wood that can easily hold a multitude of dog toys and is an attractive piece of furniture.

If you're crafty you can build it yourself or you can easily source them on Etsy.

4. DIY Indoor Rustic Dog House with Dog Toy Storage

Dog owners looking for a bigger DIY project can look into building something like this indoor rustic dog house with dog toy storage. It’s both unique, and homey.

The built-in storage makes it easy for your dog to have all of their important things (toys, bed) in one place.

5. Fabric Baskets

PET ARTIST Non-Customized Dog Toy...

This is a great solution for multi-dog families, or for gifts.

Each special dog in your life can have their own personalized bin (or you could personalize one bin with all your dog’s names). 

These baskets are lightweight with handles making them easy to move around if needed. Plenty of sellers offer these online on Amazon. You can go further, and even add your dog's name(s) (and decals like bones, paws, etc.) yourself.

6. Spot Dog Bone Basket

If you want a unique dog toy storage idea, a basket woven in the shape of a bone is a great statement piece. This fun DIY project can be personalized with details that fit your dog, and if you don’t have the patience to make one it’s pretty easy to find sellers who make them online.

The sturdy metal frame used to weave this basket makes it a nice durable option.

7. Travel Dog Toy Storage Idea

If you’re someone who often travels with your dog, a car organizer might be the perfect way to keep your dog’s favorite toys and other essentials at hand when you’re on the go. 

You can find fancy car organizers designed for dogs, but a lot of regular car organizers would work too. This will keep your dog’s toys easy to reach and away from the car floor (or under the seats).

If you’re feeling extra crafty why not sew your own!

8. Wooden Dog Toy Box

If you have some leftover wood from other projects and about an hour of your time - you could build this cute wooden dog toy box with legs. It's wide making your dog’s toys accessible. And, there is plenty of space for their growing collection!

Decorate the space above it with some dog picture frames and some funny dog signs and you got yourself a cool crib for your doggy.

9. Creative Repurposed Galvanized Bucket or Tub

How clever is this?! This DIY storage ottoman is super cute and multi-functional but does require some experience working with upholstery.

It uses a galvanized tub with a lid cushioned and upholstered with water resistant fabric. It keeps your dog's toys hidden and clean when you aren’t outside playing and looks great while doing so.

10. Shop Kids Toy Organizers

Dog Toy Storage Solutions Ikea and Target

Ikea's TROFAST collection and Target's BRIGHTROOM line of toy organizers specifically designed to store toys, supplies and other items are the perfect storage solution to hold a mayhem of dog toys.

They are sleek and minimalist, and will seamlessly fit into any room in your home (without ruining your aesthetic, of course).

11. Snuffle Mat For Dogs

Another way that you can keep your dog entertained and potentially keep small toys in one place is by making a snuffle mat. 

These mats are designed to hide treats or dry food, but you can also hide small toys inside as well.

They provide your dog with mental stimulation and indoor enrichment (on wet days), plus they’re easy to fold away and store when not in use

12. Utilize an Indestructible Metal Toy Bin

BREKX Metal Indestructible Dog Toy Bin -...

I know there are dog owners out there scrolling through this list shaking their heads. Going, “My dog would chew through all of these things.”

That’s when you know you have to go heavy-duty.

Whether you want to purchase new or upcycle one, a metal bin (without sharp edges!) may be a good idea for dogs who are a little rougher with their – and your – belongings.

This Metal Toy bin can be found here.

13. Large Wicker Basket

If you want dog toy storage to blend in with your décor a simple wicker basket can be a great option.

These baskets are coming back in style and can often be found at thrift stores and garage sales. If you’re a DIYer you can add your own twist to the basket, too.

That's a Wrap

Hope our detailed in-depth guide on DIY or ready to buy decorative storage bins, toy boxes, cubbies and novel dog toy storage ideas will help give you some inspiration and declutter your home.

Do you use any of these storage solutions for your dogs toys?


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