How To Build a Dog House out of Pallets: 11 DIY Pallet Dog House Plans + Blueprints

October 16, 2022 / Dog DIY / By: iPupster

11 DIY Pallet Dog House Plans and Blueprints

Dogs are a man’s best friend and as such, it makes sense that we want to spoil them with comfort and treats. If you are in the market for a dog house but not satisfied with the options available, consider crafting your own using pallets.

We have put together a list of 11 of the best DIY dog house made out of pallets we have come across on the internet this year.

How Big Should Your Dog House Be?

Every dog house will be different and sized according to your specific pet.

In general, a well-built dog house should be at least 25% higher than the top of your dog's ears. The cutoff should not surpass the 50% over height mark for peak efficiency.

This sizing rule is applicable to both purchased dog houses and those you make yourself. A dog house that is 25% taller than your dog's height will give your pet the room it needs to be comfortable. If you go over 50% of their height, it can make keeping the space warm in the winter too difficult.

Buying a Dog House vs Building Your Own

Everyone wants the very best for their dog and when it comes to housing, there are two main options, buying a ready-made house and building one from scratch.

Buying a pre-made dog house is an easy way to get shelter for your pooch, but sometimes the available options may not fit your dog perfectly or match the aesthetics of your home. 

Building a dog house takes a little bit of effort, but the end results will be customized to meet the needs of your pet, and you can also create a masterpiece that matches the rest of your home decor. In many cases, a DIY dog house will be much more affordable than a store-bought version.

How To Build a Dog Pallet House Step By Step Plans + Blueprints

Building a dog house from pallets is easy with these blueprints and step-by-step plans. All you need is a weekend and a few materials to get started. We have included links to each design to help you get started, pdf's and where available, video tutorials.

Let's get to it!

1- Stained DIY Pallet Dog House with Veranda

Stained DIY Pallet Dog House With Veranda

Source: DIYCraftsy

This attractive dog house is ideal for smaller to mid-sized dogs. With an attractive dog porch and a sloped roof, your pooch will be able to lounge in comfort regardless of the weather outside. You can stain the wood to match the rest of your home decor or can get creative with contrasting colors. This is a great low-cost option for pet owners looking for a creative solution for their pet housing needs.

You can get the full pallet dog house instructions on DIYCraftsy.

2- Creative Wood Pallet Dog House Step By Step 

If you have some old pallets at home and you are looking for a weekend project, this DIY dog house is the perfect thing to keep you busy. You can finish this simple project in a few hours and your small dog or puppy will love it for a lifetime. Insert glass or metal water bowl to keep them refreshed all summer. 

3- How To Build A Dog Kennel Out Of Pallets

For miniature and small dog owners, finding cute dog houses can be a pain. Thankfully with this tutorial, you can make an attractive kennel on your own out of pallets. You can carry this with you when you travel or place it in any area of your home for your dog’s comfort. 

4- Rustic Wood Pallet Dog House

How to build a dog house with pallet wood

Source: Instructables

If you want a dog house that is simple, yet has a rustic feel, this wood pallet dog house is a perfect choice. It is most suited to small dogs but can be scaled up for larger breeds with ease. This whole doghouse with a porch can be built in just a few hours without having to buy any special tools.

You can get the full set of instructions on this dog house made out of pallets on Instructables.

5- Chic Dog House Using Repurposed Wooden Pallets

Chic Small Dog House Using Repurposed Wooden Pallets

Source: HGTV

As a trendy dog parent keeping up with current styles can get costly. Thankfully, we came across this great tutorial that will help you build a fashionable dog house for your small dog out of recycled pallets. To make the most out of your space you can even plant some seasonal flowers on the roof to brighten up your yard.

You can get the full set of instructions on this stylish dog house made from wooden pallets
on HGTV.

6- Apex Roof Dog House Plans For Large Dogs

Custom Large Pallet Dog House With Apex Roof

Source: 1001Pallets

Do you love to pamper your large dog? If so, they will love this 36"x 60" log-style dog house made out of pallet boards and a custom doggy door . The Apex style roof helps get rid of moisture while keeping the interior cool with the use reflective-lined plywood and the log style supports add a stylish touch that even a dog will love. 

Get the diy pallet dog house plans on 1001Pallets or check out the video below.

7- Cute Home Built Dog House From Pallets

Home Built Dog House From Pallets for Small Dogs

Source: SawsHub

The great thing about this design is that it can be scaled to fit just about any size dog. If you have a small dog who you want to pamper or a large dog who is in need of a house, you can build a house that fits their needs. Made from reclaimed pallets this attractive wooden house is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

You can get the full set of instructions and pallet house design on SawsHub.

8- Simple Dog House Made out of Pallets

Do you love the look of Snoopy’s dog house and want to create one for your own pet? If so, this is the tutorial for you. Grab some pallets, a saw, and some nails to create an attractive, yet functional dog house for your family friend. This design is ideal for medium and large dogs but you can scale it down in a pinch. Stain the wood to match the rest of your home or paint it in bright colors for a spot of joy in your yard. 

9- Pallet Dog House With a Veranda Step By Step

Pallet Dog House With a Veranda Step By Step

Source: EasyPalletIdeas

For those who want to protect their pooch from the elements and also create a stylish home, this DIY idea is going to be a hit. Perfect for medium and large-sized dogs this home is made from pallet boards for sturdiness and covered in metal siding to help protect your pet from rain and wind. The veranda will keep their food bowls safe, and the plastic covering on the door will help keep out the moisture.

You can get the full set of instructions of this custom build dog house on EasyPalletIdeas.

10- Mobile Pallet Dog House Plans

Do you have timber or wood pallets leftover that you don’t want to throw away? If you have multiple doggos, then this double dog house idea will be the perfect way to give them a luxury home and reuse wood at the same time. This idea can be scaled up or down to fit just about any size dog or any space in your yard. The great thing about this particular dog house is that it’s built on wheels so moving it around your yard is quick and easy. 

11- Modern Wood Pallet Dog House With Elevated Bowls

Bring out your inner artist with this lovely dog house made from old wood pallets. The size is perfect for small and medium-size dogs, but with some creativity, you can scale them up for larger breeds. The wooden shingles are artful, and the door frame looks just like you would find on a real house. The built-in bowls also make feeding easy no matter where you place this artistic creation. To make your dog care easier, there is also an attached storage bin where you can keep your pet's toys, grooming aids, or even spare treats. 

What Can I Use For a Dog House Roof?

There are a few different options for dog house roofing to consider, each comes with its own benefits. It is important to think about the shape and material of the dog house itself when choosing a roofing material.

Asphalt shingles are a good option, as are corrugated roofing panels or you can also use metal roofing if you want something simple. Wood roofing is also an attractive option though slate or vinyl is much more durable.

What is the Best Thing To Put In A Doghouse for Warmth?

Once you have your DIY dog house built, now it come time to add in the furnishings. No matter where you live it is a good idea to add some items to help keep your dog warm overnight.

You can add a fluffy dog bed made from sturdy fabrics, or you can add in an outdoor rug that is soft and fluffy. Towels or dog blankets are also great options. If you prefer something a bit easier to change out, you can line your dog house with straw, hay, or softened wood chips.

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