C’Mon, Let’s Play! What are the Best Toys for Beagles?

Beagles are an energetic member of the hound family, known for their gentle, happy, friendly dispositions. They are an active breed that enjoys various dog sports, including hunting, rally, agility, tracking, and competitive obedience.

Beagles are sometimes known for having an annoying tendency to park and chase other wildlife, but these bad habits can be fixed with some rewards based training using treats and favorite toys. Beagles make great family pets and are good dogs to raise with children. So how do you approach playtime for such an active and energetic breed like the Beagle?

In a hurry? Quick Look at the Top 3 Toys for Beagles

Wham-O Pets Frisbee

Pet-It Rope Toy

Kong Wobbler Treat Toy

Best Dog Toy for Beagles
Best Rope Toy for Beagles
Best Dispensing Toy for Beagles


Rope Toy

Dispensing Toy

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Beagles Quick Overview

Beagles have a small but sturdy physique, hound coloring, and short coats. Many people can distinguish beagles by their long and low hanging ears. These capable scenting hounds were traditionally used as pack hunting dogs, but the modern Beagle that people have come to know and love was bred in Great Britain in the mid-1800s.

This breed is very energetic, and need a lot of exercise and training from a young age. A well-trained Beagle makes the perfect happy-go-lucky, devoted family member.

How Does the Beagle Like to Play?

Beagles are a pretty energetic dog breed with many different interests. Despite being a small to medium dog they still required a minimum of 30 minutes of daily exercise to remain in optimal health. They have superior hunting instincts, plus they love to chew and dig. Bring your Beagle for walks or play in your backyard.

Since Beagles have a history as pack animals it is very important that they are always with someone, or that they have a companion dog for when they are home alone. Sure enough if left home alone they could be destructive, noisy or both! Beagles are content when they have company and something interesting to focus their energy on.

Games to play with a Beagle to Manage their Energy Levels

As hunting dogs, Beagles have a strong sense of smell that is perfect for search and rescue training or tracking trials if their owners have the time to do this with them.

Tracking trials are a less intensive version of search and rescue training, where a scent trail is left for dogs to follow. Owners can also try this themselves by placing their Beagle’s food in a new place every day and leaving a trail for it to follow. If interested then check out an AKC sponsored tracking event on how to sign up your Beagle.

Tracking for Beagles

Agility trials are another effective way to give your Beagle a good workout and allows the two of you to bond closer together. I mean who can resist jumping through hoops? Check out the AKC agility events for your Beagle.

Agility Training for Beagles

Fetch is another game that Beagles love, because they get to run around and play to their heart’s content. This game is perfect because it doesn’t take up a lot of energy on the part of the owner, but their Beagles will get a good run out of it.

The Toys to Boy & the Toys to Avoid

Best Toys to Buy for Your Beagle

Toss and Retrieve Toys

Best Frisbee Toy for Beagles

Toys like the Wham-O Pets Velocity Grip Dog Frisbee are awesome for high energy breeds like Beagles and are made to withstand hours of play.

This toy comes in a variety of vibrant colors, is non-toxic, durable and soft enough for dogs to catch in their mouths. Plus its texture imitates Bone-Tec which help dogs’ teeth grip the frisbee and is pretty indestructible. In a nutshell, your four-legged friend will be guaranteed to be entertained and kept in optimal shape with this toy!

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Chew Toys

Best Rope Toy for Beagles

Beagles love to chew things and will chew through things quickly if you let them. The Pet-it Large Cotton Rope Dog Toy is a long lasting option for dogs that chew aggressively. This toy is made with non-toxic materials, helps dogs maintain healthy teeth and gums, and is perfect for a game of tug-o-war!

In a nutshell, it won't fall apart on you just after a few uses and is a great toy for your Beagle allowing you two to bond while encouraging exercise!

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Toys to Avoid

Soft Plush Toys

Although there are durable soft dog toys out there designed to withstand excessive chewing, owners shouldn’t buy regular stuffed toys for their Beagles because they will quickly tear them to shreds. Always supervise dogs with these types of toys because it can be dangerous for them to ingest fillers or squeakers inside these toys.

Final Verdict

Beagles are great pets for active families with children. Their happy personalities can put a smile on everyone’s face, and they are great playmates and companions. Buying toys for Beagles is easy since they love to fetch, chew, or do pretty much anything else that will use up their energy! Just be sure to buy them sturdy toys that won’t tear apart after a good chewing session.