Best Dog Toys for French Bulldogs: Great Doggie Toys for Frenchies!

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November 6, 2022 / Dog Toys / By: Krystine Therriault

Two Frenchies playing running in the park

French Bulldogs (aka Frenchies) are great pets for families with children, as well as active seniors and singles. The French Bulldog is known for its cute, bat-like ears, short stocky build, and adorable face that always looks happy.

This breed does well in large spaces as well as apartments and they are known for being easy going, loving, and having funny personalities that always surprise their owners.

So, how do you keep a Frenchie entertained when home alone?

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French Bulldog Quick Overview

Best Dog Toys for French Bulldogs

Image Credit: Chuck Abbe

French Bulldogs are toy bulldogs originally bred in England. Eventually they became popular in France, and then America, proving that no one can resist this breed’s adorable face and demeanor.

This breed has a soft, short coat with loose wrinkled skin on its shoulders and head, giving them the appearance of cute furry babies with rolls.

As a smaller breed of bulldog, the French Bulldog reaches approximately 22 to 28 pounds.

French Bulldogs are very cuddly and playful, perfect for kids and all types of dog lovers. Even though they usually form a special bond with one person, French Bulldogs will have enough energy to keep a whole family entertained for a while before getting pooped out.

How Does a French Bulldog Like to Play?

Frenchies like to chew, so look for toys that are durable, that provide a mental challenge and allows him to strengthens his jaws.

If left home alone, without something to occupy him, separation anxiety can kick in. So use enrichment toys or dog puzzles to ease boredom, reduce destructive behavior  and and lessen the anxiety they can feel when alone.

Since Frenchies can be easily affected by heat, playtime should take place inside on warmer days. Make use of treat toys that you can freeze overnight during the hot summer days and give him fun “work” trying to get the food out from these toys.

Finally French Bulldogs are known for their playful natures, all it takes is a ball or chew toy lying around to keep them preoccupied.

If you're tackling behavioral problems with your Frenchie, the number #1 reason for this is simply boredom, which results from a lack of physical exercise. Walking provides both exercise and mental stimulation. 

Remember, too, that a sedentary Frenchie can quickly become an overweight, and that brings potential health problems with it. So leash up and get out walking!

A couple of things to keep in mind when playing with and training this breed is that sometimes, French Bulldogs can be stubborn and aggressive.

The best way to deal with this is to discourage bad behavior and train them gently with positive reinforcement. 

Ultimately, French Bulldogs want to please their owners so giving them plenty of opportunities to do so will keep them content.

To make sure that aggressiveness doesn’t become an issue, it is important that French Bulldogs are socialized with strangers and other animals early on.

Games You Can Play a French Bulldog to Manage Their Energy Levels

One fun way to get a French Bulldog running and playing with other animals is bringing them to a dog park.

Doing this from a young age is a great way to make sure that a Frenchie gets properly socialized. 

Dog beaches are also an option but keep in mind that due to their short, stocky legs French Bulldogs are not great swimmers.

Since French Bulldogs are an active and playful dog breed, freestyle play is also a great option.

This is when owners basically dance around and play with their dogs themselves. Believe it or not, it’s an organized sport that people do in competitions!

Don’t worry, you can choose to do this freestyle play in the privacy of your own home if you prefer. Be sure to also check out our article on sports to keep your dog active.

Best Dog Toys for French Bulldogs

ChuckIt! Ultra Rubber Ball Dog Toy: Top Rated

Great Doggie Toys for Frenchies!

French Bulldogs love to play with their owners, and fetch is no exception. This breed of dog is eager to please and will happily run to get a thrown toy and bring it back to its owner. One great toy for throwing with a French Bulldog is ChuckIt, a tough tennis ball meant to withstand dogs’ teeth. It's a favorite with all dog owners and withstands endless hours of playtime.

A sure winner for your dog toy arsenal and one that will wear him out in no time. It's bouncy, durable and made of rubber, so it's easy on your pup's teeth.

Make sure you pair it with the Chuckit Launcher to help keep your hands clean (and save your back too!).

KONG Classic Dog Toy: Best Chew Toy

Dispensing Chew Toy

This classic dog toy from KONG, is durable, encourages healthy play and helps solve separation anxiety, boredom, crate training and weight management.

It's great for stuffing (with treats, gravy, yogurt, peanut butter etc), freezing it overnight and letting your Frenchie "work" for his food for 4-6 hours at a time. Great for when he's left home alone. 

It's dishwasher safe and comes in 5 different sizes. 

Nylabone Dura Chew Barbell: Lowest Price

Dental Chew Toys

French Bulldogs enjoy chewing on things, so its best if owners provide them with a healthy approved outlet if they don’t want their French Bulldog to start chewing their shoes, slippers, and anything else they can get their teeth into.

An added benefit of most chew toys is that they are designed to help keep dogs’ teeth strong and healthy. One highly recommended dog chew toy is the Nylabone DuraChew Textured Bone. It won't let you or your French Bulldog down!

We particularly like this one since its raised edges will help control plaque in dogs, it's Vet recommended and made in the USA. It's available in small, medium, x-large and comes in a variety of flavors.

Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball: Best-Seller

Best Puzzle Toys for French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are quite intelligent, and love to work for approval and treats. Treat balls like the bestselling Omega Paw's Tricky Treat Ball can be a great way to keep a French Bulldog preoccupied while their owner is away or busy. 

Stuff it with your pup's favorite treats or dry kibble and as the ball gets rolled around, the treats get dispensed. 

This puzzle toy is available in a variety of sizes.  It's durable so it withstands chewing if you have a heavy chewer on your hands. If you're looking for a puzzle toy for your Frenchie to keep him both entertained and mentally stimulated, try this one!

Outward Hound Hedgehogz: Best Plush Toy

soft cuddly dog toy

Having a plush and equally furry friend to cuddle with is great company for dogs!

That's why this four feet plush hedgehog toy is the ideal sleeping partner for your French Bulldog. 

This plush hedgehog also squeaks and makes noise, is perfectly rounded making it easy to carry, roll, and snuggle up for naps. Available in sizes from small to XL.

Toys to Avoid

When choosing dog toys, be careful and ensure they don’t have any small hard parts that a French Bulldog could potentially hurt themselves with or choke on.

One example of a toy that owners found was not safe is the Kong Beast Dog Toy. This toy had a ball at the end without two holes and unfortunately restricted dogs’ air flow when swallowed or chewed on. 

That toy has been redesigned since, but it is a good example of things to look out for when shopping for toys for your French Bulldog!

Final Verdict

Frenchies are cute and playful dogs that make a great addition to just about any household or family.

To keep a French Bulldog happy, be prepared to give them a lot of affection and attention, especially during playtime.

Buy tough chewy toys (aka unbreakable dog toys ) that will keep them busy and give them something to focus their energy on throughout the day.


Krystine Therriault

Krystine Therriault is an accomplished writer. With a passion for all creatures cute and furry, Krystine's life has been touched by many beloved dogs over the years. She is also a loving mother of two boys and an avid yogi.

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