Best Dog Food for Pregnant Dogs – TOP 5 Picks For Feeding A Nursing Dog in 2019

Knowing your dog’s dietary requirements as they progress through different life stages is important.

What and how much your dog eats when they are a puppy, adult, and aging is likely going to change over time unless you can stick to one high quality food designed for all life stages. Feeding a pregnant dog or nursing mother is no different.

Think of pregnancy like a different stage in your dog’s life, where her energy requirements and diet will need to be slightly adjusted for a while. By following the general guidelines that exist for feeding pregnant dogs, you will make sure that she and her puppies are as happy and healthy as possible throughout conception and gestation, all the way up until the puppies are weaned from the mother.

If you’re in a hurry, check out Taste of the Wild High Prairie PuppyThis puppy formula is the best dog food to feed a pregnant dog or nursing mother. It has highly digestible proteins, is nutrient-dense and is formulated for all life stages or for growth.

Diet & Nutrition: What To Feed a Pregnant Dog

According to Woodhaven Labs, dogs used for breeding or who may get pregnant should be on a diet with roughly 30% animal-based protein, 20% fat. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids should also be included in their diet. These nutritional guidelines will ensure that the dog is in optimal health to increase the chances of conception and more live births.

A study by Cornell University suggests that dogs who may become pregnant should be fed a high-quality maintenance food. These dogs should be at a healthy weight for conception, meaning they may have to gain or lose weight beforehand. Owners shouldn’t try to make their dog lose weight while pregnant.

Pregnant dogs can stay on the same food as usual until about day 50 of their pregnancy, if they are being fed a quality diet to begin with.

Towards the end of the pregnancy, she should be switched to a high calorie diet until the pups are weaned. For owners who use commercial dog food, this usually means premium performance or puppy food (but not for large breeds, because the nutrient profiles are different). This food should be gradually mixed and switched out until the new food is being fed exclusively around the final week of pregnancy.

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Reviews of the Best Food for Pregnant and Nursing Dogs

#1 Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy Recipe

High Prairie Puppy with Roasted Bison and Roasted Venison

High Prairie Puppy with Roasted Bison and Roasted Venison is a grain-free, high protein dry dog food great for pregnant dogs or nursing mothers who need to eat a high nutrient-dense diet. This puppy food formula will help your nursing dog get the nutrition it needs. It contains 28% protein, 17% fat, and 5% fiber and meets the nutritional levels established by AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages. 

The top three ingredients in this premium dog food are named protein sources (buffalo, lamb meal, and chicken meal). The next few ingredients are sweet potatoes, peas, and potatoes which are healthy complex carbohydrate sources for energy. The recipe also contains roasted bison, roasted venison, beef and ocean fish meal - all highly digestible proteins with a roasted flavor your dog will love. It also uses Canola oil - which is a good source of omega-6 fatty acids for optimal coat and skin health. Your pregnant dog also has all the vitamins it needs during this important growth phase: vitamins E, A, B1, B6, B12, D in addition to folic acid. 

Pet parents can feel confident feeding their pregnant dog Taste of the Wild, since it's made in the USA by a family owned and run company. In addition, the company uses only ingredients that are trusted and sustainable. They also have scientifically advanced food safety protocols in place.  This recipe is perfect for pregnant and nursing mothers in addition to growing puppies.

#2 Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet 

Healthy LID Dog Food

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Sweet Potato and Venison is another grain free option that provides complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs. This formula contains min 20% protein, 10% fat, and max 5% fiber. It is formulated to meet the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for adult maintenance. This diet is good for sensitive dogs, but it is low in protein and fat when it comes to feeding for pregnancy.

A look at the top five ingredients (sweet potatoes, venison, pea protein, canola oil, and brewers dried yeast) also raises a few questions. Sweet potato is a great digestible carb which gives dogs energy, but generally high-quality foods have meat as the first ingredient. Venison is a great protein source that is easy to digest and a great alternative to the troublesome chicken - the usual protein found in dog food formulas - which many dogs have developed an allergy to. So this formula is better suited for dogs with a sensitive digestion. It has 370 kcal/cup. It also contains an array of vitamins and minerals including Folic Acid. 

Natural Balance is a highly rated dry dog food. Each production run is safely tested nine times by highly qualified microbiologists and chemists. The results are posted on the company’s website to give dog owners peace of mind. The company has been making dog and cat food since 1989. Overall, this recipe is made with high-quality ingredients your nursing dog needs to thrive with no artificial additives or non-nutritive fillers.

#3 The Honest Kitchen Wholegrain Chicken Recipe

The Honest Kitchen Review

For some dog owners, even premium commercial dry dog foods just don’t cut it. The Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Chicken Recipe offers human grade dehydrated organic dog food that is made for active adult dogs of all breeds and sizes. This dog food is made in the USA without any preservatives, by-products, or GMO ingredients. All owners need to do is add warm water and stir to give their dogs a warm and delicious meal. 

Yes, this dog food is different, but how does it compare nutritionally with other brands? This dehydrated dog food contains a minimum of 24.5% protein, 15.3% fat, and max 3.4% fiber. The top five ingredients are dehydrated chicken, organic barley, organic oats, organic flaxseed, and dehydrated potatoes. All of these are quality, nutritious ingredients. It has 485 kcal per cup.

The Honest Kitchen is recommended by holistic veterinarians and meets the nutrient levels established by AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages. This formula uses only human grade ingredients (no animal feed products) - which is a huge plus when it comes to feeding your furkid and is made in an FDA inspected facility. 

#4 Bully Max

Bull Max Dog Food Review

Bully Max is a high performance, super premium dog food that is the only 5-star rated, meat-based formula of its kind. This food contains no corn, wheat, or soy and has a minimum of 30% protein, 20% fat, and maximum 3.8% fiber. In terms of the protein and fat levels recommended for dogs who are pregnant, this performance dog food meets those requirements.

Another important thing to consider when choosing a dog food for pregnancy are the top 5 ingredients. For this formula they are chicken meal, brown rice, chicken fat, dried plain beat pulp, and ground grain sorghum. Chicken meal and brown rice are healthy sources of protein and carbs, while chicken fat provides essential omega 6 fatty acids. Ground grain sorghum is like corn but somewhat healthier.

Bully Max has had no dog food recalls. This all-natural dog food is formulated for puppies and adult dogs. With 535 calories per cup, your dog may eat less but still get the nutrition they need. The directions on this dog food say to feed a pregnant dog the amount needed to maintain her ideal body condition, keeping in mind that her food intake may double (or even quadruple!) during lactation.

#5 Wild Calling Triple Delight (Canned Dog Food)

Wild Calling is a grain free rotational diet adult dog food containing 96% lamb, salmon, and chicken. This canned dog food contains no grain, gluten, or artificial ingredients. The ingredients for this food are all purchased and produced in the USA with added zinc, copper, and iron to provide dogs with balanced nutrition.

The first five ingredients in this food are lamb, water sufficient for processing, chicken, salmon, and chicken liver. These are all quality ingredients and having several real meat protein ingredients listed is great. This food contains min 9% protein, 8.5% fat, and max 1% fiber, which makes it a good supplement to a pregnant dog’s diet but not sufficient on its own.

Unlike other foods that are designed to be fed to dogs exclusively, a rotational diet food means that it’s meant to be part of a varying menu. The feeding instructions state that owners should give their dogs ¾ to 1 can of Wild Calling per 15 lbs of body weight per day. There have been no recalls of Wild Calling canned dog food.


Feeding a pregnant dog can be a delicate balance. Before becoming pregnant, a dog should be brought to her ideal weight and then fed a maintenance diet with high fat and protein. There are several dog food brands that fit this description, but Taste of the Wild, The Honest Kitchen, and Bully Max stand out as some of the better options.

Owners who choose to feed their pregnant dog a food with lower protein and fat may want to supplement their dog’s diet with a canned food like Wild Calling, which offers high quality protein sources that dogs love. This might be the case if your dog is on a limited ingredient diet like Natural Balance due to allergies and sensitivities but isn’t getting quite enough protein and fat.

Pregnant dogs may need to be switched from a maintenance food to a puppy or performance formula towards the end of gestation and after the puppies are born. Owners should keep in mind that their dog will need to eat a lot more during lactation, up until her puppies are weaned.

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