13 Best Dog Costumes to Go Trick or Treating This Halloween 2021

Here at iPupster, we like to think of ourselves as a little crazy about the holidays and going trick-or-treating with our pup is no exception. With only a few weeks ago from the big event, it’s time we begin the hunt for the best-reviewed Halloween dog costume.

If your pup doesn’t mind suiting up we share the top 13 most creative, funny and adorable dog Halloween costumes, from Darth Vader to bumble bee and everything in between, we have you and your pup covered.

Devil Dog Halloween Costume

Devil Halloween Dog CostumeWe love this little red fleece hoodie to dress up Fido this Halloween season . We think he makes for a handsome devil! Check out the Devil Dawg Costume Hoodie.

Bumble Bee Dog Halloween Costume

Dog Costume - Bumble Bee

Don’t miss out on the chance to check out this adorable costume for your pup, they sell fast in small sizes. It’s super-cute and guaranteed to get a lot of compliments ( and sweets too!!!). Comes in three sizes, x-small, small and medium from available at Amazon.

Lion Dog Halloween Costume

Halloween Lion Dog Costume

Who can resist this lion-mane dog costume? If you want your dog to be the king of the jungle, this Lion wig is worth checking out. It’s got raving reviews from over 300 dog owners and we think you’ll absolutely love it. Check out some of the roarrrring reviews and current pricing at Amazon.

Darth Vador Dog Halloween Costume

Darth Vador Dog Costume

Is your dog super-psyched about Star Wars like you? If yes, then this Star Wars officially approved dog costume will make your pup the center of attention and become center-stage. Grab yours at Amazon.

Pirate Dog Halloween Costume

Pirate Dog Costume

This adorable pirate dog costume tops the cuteness factor and is guaranteed to provide your family and you with hours of entertainment. It even comes with a cape and a storage bag.  Check out this hilariously cute costume at Amazon while stocks last!

Police Dog Halloween Costume

Cop Halloween Dog Costume

Awesome fun for you, your kids and the entire family. This super fun all-year round police dog costume comes complete with a blue shirt, matching police hat and belt and police accessories. Your neighborhood will feel instantly safe with this pawtrol dog around, available at Amazon.

Robin Hood Dog Costume

Best Adorable Dog Costume

Your pup will look adorable in this costume. The cape, which is detachable, is really cute. We think your pup will be the star of your Halloween party this year! We love it, see it on Amazon.

Spider Dog Halloween Costume

Best Creepy Dog Costume

This is definitely a really awesome pet costume, eerily creepy and perfect for Halloween! It fits snuggly, makes your pet look adorable and has some pretty raving reviews from other dog owners. Check current pricing and availability for this tarantula dog costume here.

Cupcake Halloween Dog Costume

Best Adorable Dog Costume All Year Round

This hard to resist and hilarious pet Halloween costume will turn your pup into a cute cup cake. Guaranteed you and your pup will receive tons of compliments. The costume comes with both body and matching headpiece and comes in four sizes. Check out Rubie’s Costume Cupcake Dog Costume.

Superman Dog Costume

Best Fun Halloween Dog Costume

A DC fan? Let your dog be the hero of your Halloween party with this Superman dog costume and cape. It’s  comfortable and easy for dogs to move in. This one is sure to be a hit with the kids! See this pet costume on Amazon.

Ram Halloween Dog Costume

Funniest Dog Costume

This tops the list for the funniest dog costume! This will make you and your entire family smile all day long! Get your best friend ready for the Halloween party in this costume.

Halloween Pumpkin Dog Costume

Pumpkin Outfit for Dogs

This tops the list for the best overall Halloween dog costume! It’s adorable, a hit with the kids, vibrant in colors and a favorite among dog owners. Now you get to have matching outfits – who is ready for some trick and treating? Claim yours here.

Cheerleader Dog Costume

Best Halloween Dog Costume

Let your pup rock in this cheerleader pet costume. Guaranteed to be a conversation starter in your neighborhood and a hit with the entire family. Grab yours at Amazon.

What do you think about bringing your dog trick and treating this Halloween? Let us know in the comment section below and share your dog Halloween costume ideas. We’d love to hear it!

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