Top 10 Dog Breeds That Look Like Coyotes

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Dog Breeds That Resemble Coyotes

There are people who dream of owning a coyote due to its beauty and strength. Coyotes are powerful creatures with superb stamina and energy levels. It'd be cool owning a coyote you can control, but that is rather hard to come by.

Instead of fantasizing about owning a coyote, it's better to consider one of the many dog breeds that look an AWFUL LOT like a coyote or it's close relative a wolf.

Commercialized wolfdog breeds were created by the deliberate crossing of wolf-like or ancient breeds with wild wolves.  

Check out these top 10 dog breeds that resemble coyotes.

10 Coyote-Looking (Uncommon) Dog Breeds

1. Lupo Italiano

The Lupo Italiano (The Italian Wolfdog) was created in 1966 by crossing a German Shepherd with a wolf from Northern Lazio by Mario Messi.

This wolf-hybrid with striking resemblance to a coyote and a wolf, is nowadays found working as an Alpine rescue dog searching for avalanche victims and does exceptionally well in locating people in the aftermath of an earthquake.

The Lupo Italiano is a sturdy dog and ranges in height between 60 - 70 cm (24โ€“28 in) for males, and 58 - 65 cm (23โ€“26 in) for females.

This mountain dog does well in cooler climates and isn't affected by snow or bad weather conditions. It has great physical strength and agility as well as great competence and reliability.

A great disaster search dog, the Italian Wolfdog also excels in protecting livestock.

2. Kunming Wolfdog

The Kunming Wolfdog, is a beautiful large dog that originated in China in Kunming City, Yunnan Province and shares a lot of its characteristics with the German Shepherd.

The Kunming is the result of hybridization between German Shepherds and several excellent wolf breed dogs in the 1953 as a military experiment. 

Fast-forward to today, the seventh-generation Kunming dog is used in military, police forces as well as security and watch dogs.

This breed was officially recognized in 1988 by the Chinese Public Security Bureau, however it remains unrecognized by the AKC or the UKC in the United States.

They range in height from 25 โ€“ 27 inches (64 โ€“ 68 cm) and weigh between 66 โ€“ 84 pounds (30 โ€“ 38 kg).

As to their traits and characteristics, they're highly intelligent, inquisitive, problem-solvers, very laid back personality and affectionate.  They are exceptionally adaptable to both severe cold environments as well as high temperatures.

The Chinese Wolfdog can also be used as a watch dog, is great as a family dog, are easy to train and given their calm nature are very tolerant of kids.

3. Canadian Eskimo

This is one of the rarest dog breeds that look like a coyote. It is an old breed is believed to be endangered, at least once. The dog is active and hardworking and enjoys live better in the snow.

It is a good pet for the family, being friendly, gentle with the kids, and loyal to its owner. The dog is large and appropriate for a working environment so that it can get all the actions to keep it happy. Their power and love for work make Canadian Eskimos excellent sled dogs.

The female dog can grow up to 24 inches high and weigh some 66 pounds, while the male measures as high as 28 inches with an upper limit of 88 pounds.
As for temperament, it is smart, very alert, brave, loyal, and has a high energy level.

4. Czech Wolfdog

A Czech wolfdog lying on the grass

It is pretty hard differentiating this strikingly beautiful dog from a coyote. The Czech Wolfdog is the result of a military experiment carried out in Czechoslovakia during the 1950s. The goal was to create a new breed with the temperament and trainability of the German Shepherd along with the strength and sensorial abilities of the Carpathian wolf to help the Czech army patrol the countryโ€™s borders.

The Czech Wolfdog is typically a medium-sized dog, standing up to 28 inches tall and weighing some 55 pounds when fully grown up. It is a very active dog that needs a lot of exercise to keep happy, usually outside in a large area it could run and play comfortably. It is a very powerful, brave and fast dog, and would require good training to be the obedient pet you want.

Its coat is of short hair and occasionally bear striking resemblance to the German Shepard dog. The temperament of this dog can be summarized as quick, active, fearless, and sociable.

The dog normally grows to a medium size compared to other similar breeds like the Canadian Eskimo. Females can reach 26 inches high and weigh a maximum of 54 pounds. The males can weigh up to 60 pounds and stand 28 inches tall at the shoulder. The Czech Wolfdog is a high-energy breed, brave, playful, loyal and curious and has a lifespan of 13-16 years.

5. Tamaskan

A beautiful wolf like dog - a grey Tamaskan dog in the snow pulling a sleigh

Tamaskan is the successful result of breeding intended to resemble a wolf. It bears close resemblance with the wolf and coyote. It isn't common to find a Tamaskan dog due to it being less known by pet enthusiasts.

It is a pretty smart dog breed that's very obedient and easy to train. Tamaskans can be sociable and make a good companion due to their eagerness to please their owner. It's a big dog breed that can grow pretty large depending on whether it's a male or female. The dog can amass a massive 100 pounds in weight. It is agile and strong and perfect for hunting big game.

The female Tamaskan stands between 24 - 28 inches tall and weighs up to 85 pounds, while the male Tamaskan can grow 33 inches high and weigh some 95 pounds. The dog is affectionate, curious, playful, and highly intelligent.

6. Shikoku Ken

Coyote like Shikoku dog

The Shikoku Ken is a Japanese breed that bears close resemblance to a coyote. It has colorings and a body build that resembles a coyote's, except for the dog's tail which is slightly different. The American Kennel Club was reluctant to accept it as a dog breed until recently.

The tail is one of the obvious distinguishing factors between a coyote and a dog. It can weigh up to 50 pounds and reach a height of 20 inches at the shoulder. The Shikoku Ken is not very sociable and is shyer than most other breeds, but it's smart, loyal, and cautious, which makes it easy to train.

Shikokus are medium sized curious and alert dogs. They are highly energetic, intelligent and are darker in color than most breeds in its league.

7.  Kugsha

The Kugsha dog is very similar to a coyote such that you may not be able to tell them apart unless you know what signs to look for, like the position of their tail when they run. It is a less known breed that the American Kennel Club still has not recognized. Another common name for it is - the Amerindian Malamute. The Kugsha also resembles a wolf.

The Kugsha has a large head and is built for strength. It was bred to guard things and work hard. That explains their intelligence, and the sharp intimidating expression in the dog's eyes and pose. The dog is relatively more difficult to train, but if you'd start the training at an early age, it shouldn't be much of a challenge molding it into the friendly obedient pet that gets along will all family members.

The dog exercises a lot and would need a large area to run and play. Its temperament can be described as intelligent, strong, loyal, and a bit of a nightmare to train.

8. Saarloos Wolfdog

Resembling a wolf - Saarloos wolfdog young female laying outdoors.

This dog is a result of two cross-breeding. The first between the German Shepard and Eurasian Grey Wolf. Then the offspring was cross-bred with the German Shepard again and that resulted in the Saarloos Wolfdog breed. It has far more doggy element than wolfy element and looks an awful lot like a coyote. Both animals share a similar build.

The Saarloos Wolfdog is now a recognized breed. It is a high energy dog that is entirely independent but reliable. It can reach 30 inches high and weigh up to 80 pounds. The excess energy in this dog means the owner should provide plenty of room for exercise.

Being a medium-sized dog breed, the female Saarloos Wolfdog can reach 28 inches tall and weigh over 70 pounds, and the male dog weighs even slightly higher and can be 30 inches tall. This coyote-like dog is pretty loyal, cautious, shy, stubborn, curious, strong, gentle towards kids, and with high intelligence.

9. Siberian Husky

A coyote looking Siberian Husky on a tree lined road in the autumn covered in foliage.

This dog breed looks more like a wolf than a coyote, but because it shares a striking resemblance to coyotes, it deserves a spot on this list. It has a double coat that is thick and furred, making it easier for the animal to survive in cold climates.

It is a highly energetic dog that needs plenty of space to burn off some excess vigor. It is a family dog and very gentle with children. they can gain up to 50 pounds in weight and have a longer lifespan than most other large dog breeds. The Siberian Husky can live up to 15 years.

The Siberian Husky female dog can grow up to 28 inches high and weigh some 84 pounds, making it a large dog breed. The males can be as heavy as 110 pounds and stand 30-inches tall. It can be stubborn though friendly and loyal to a fault. The dog has a lifespan of 12-15 years.

10. Utonagan

The Utonagan is another dog breed that looks very much like a coyote when it comes in that color. The dog can have any of several colors with the same fur pattern as a coyote or something different. Therefore, not all Utonagans are close coyote look-alikes. However, the facial structure and sizing of an Utonagan is the almost the same as that of a coyote.

The dog is very smart and friendly with family members. It also makes a great companion for its owner. The dog is very energetic and needs some space to discharge some excess vigor. You'll have to exercise it a lot.

The Utonagan is a friendly and social dog. It is high in energy, loyal, and smart. The females reach between 23 - 25 inches tall and weighs between 55 - 80 pounds, while the males can measure 28 inches tall and weigh up to 90 pounds.

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Do you have one of the above dogs or a different breed? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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