Dog Breeds With Green Eyes: 13 Green-Eyed Doggos

October 13, 2022 / Dog Breeds / By: iPupster

A green eyed Weimaraner puppy dog wearing a red collar

Looking to adopt a green-eyed dog? It's true that dogs that have green eyes are among the rarest in the world and so very desirable. Meet 13 dog breeds with green eyes.

American Pit Bull Terrier

You can't help but notice their strikingly beautiful green eyes when you look at their face.

This breed originally started as a bull-baiting breed, and later evolved to farm dogs. It possesses LOTS of energy and needs a lot of exercise. Pit Bulls have a strong desire to please and are very lovable dogs.

Pit bulls have a muscular structure and are extremely powerful compared to other breeds. They have a larger pain threshold than other breeds and tend to bite harder during rough plays, and this makes them likely to injure playmates. They are also easily excited, and without good training, pit bulls will have little control over their volatile character. 

Hard-wired for courage, pit bulls will put up an enduring resistance in the face of intense adversity. They are stubborn, fearless, and tenacious, but not naturally aggressive towards people.

Pomeranian Husky

This is a friendly dog breed that is also very playful. It is gentle with kids and generally friendly with people. Because of their love for play, this dog breed can easily get bored without much playful activity. And when it lacks something interesting to do, this breed may resort to chewing and other destructive behaviors.

Their alert, green eyes leave no doubt to their intelligence, and given their smaller size, they're great for people who live in an apartment.

The Pomsky has a thick coat that sheds a lot and requires extensive grooming on a daily or weekly basis. 

American Staffordshire Terrier

It's not only their eyes but also the expression of a Staffy that can appear intimidating to some individuals.

When it comes to appearance, the Staffy is the dog breed that most closely looks like a Pit Bull.

Despite their large muscular build, this breed is able to move quickly and easily with grace and has a joyful and docile temperament. It's friendly to strangers in the presence of its owner, but aggressive towards other dogs. It has an average lifespan of 12 - 14 years , and can be vulnerable to certain health conditions, like heart diseases, cerebellar ataxia, and a few others.

Border Collie

The green eyes of a Border Collie showcase their kind and good-humored nature! This breed is medium-sized with an athletic build. They're used for herding due to their agility and hardworking nature.

Borders are a highly intelligent and trainable breed, and are ALWAYS happy when they have a job to do.  

An athletic dog by nature, Collies need a good deal of exercise to keep them from getting bored and especially enjoy any outdoor activity, such as hiking and swimming.


Merles are the newest trend to hit Chihuahuas, and a green-eyed merle Chi is quite distinctive and rare to see!

A Chi shares a lot of personality traits with that of larger dogs, leading many to define it as a giant dog trapped in a small body. This breed has almond shaped eyes that come in a range of colors. It can either have long glossy hair or a smooth coat. Its fur assumes different colors from black to white and everything in-between. The AKC has identified up to 30 colors with 11 distinct markings in Chi dogs. 


A light-colored dachshund can have amber or green eyes compared to the more standard brown. 

This is a long-backed dog that measures just 8-9 inches (standard) or 5-6 inches (miniature). This is a very smart and vigilant breed with a loud bark that makes them suitable as watchdogs. They can be stubborn and are very brave even to the point of being rash. Doxies hard-wired to be effective hunters of dangerous prey.

Dachs are not suitable for strenuous activities, like distance running, extensive swimming, or leaping. Intervertebral disk disease (IVDD)  - or "back problems" affects Dachshunds more than any other breed. So controlling a Doxie's activities is the single best thing that you, as a Dachshund owner, can do to prevent this disease. 

Great Dane

Presence of the Merle gene in the Great Dane means they'll have either blue, green or even grey colored eyes. 

But a green-eyed Great Dane is quite rare. So what's to know about this gentle giant?

They are a large breed weighing between 100 - 120 pounds. The male can grow up to 32 inches tall. Coat colors range from black, fawn, blue, and harlequin. The biggest disadvantage of this breed is that it doesn't live long - only 6 to 8 years and has a high tendency to drool.

It also also EATS a lot and given it's large size - it needs roomy homes. Despite its size and intimidating stature, this dog is very friendly and is kid-friendly.

Labrador Retriever

This dog breed has a sturdy stature and is well-balanced.

Its dense coat can be yellow, black, or luscious chocolate. Labs are sociable dogs, tolerant of neighbor dogs and humans and respond well to training  - which simply makes them one of the best dog breeds to have. They LOVE to play but require plenty of exercise to stay healthy and burn up their increased energy levels.

The Labrador Retriever has a lifespan of 12 - 12.5 years, but the chocolate species live for about 10.7 years. The dog can succumb to conditions like elbow or hip dysplasia, heart disease, and a few others.

Australian Shepherd

Green-eyed Aussie Shepherd puppy

The Australian Shepherd is one of a few dog breeds that commonly has two different colored eyes, called heterochromia. It's not uncommon to see a combination of brown, blue, hazel, amber, or green eyes in an Aussie.

This breed is eager to herd anything. While this excessive work drive works to the advantage of any owner with farm animals, it can be too much for other pet owners, as the Aussies attempt or herd anything, including dogs and pets. 

Australian Shepherd is bred to work all day and needs at least a moderate amount of work as a safety valve to their high energy nature, otherwise, Aussies will tire you out. Best suited for active families!

Boston Terriers

Known as the β€œAmerican Gentleman” because of their calm demeanor the Boston Terrier is a tuxedo-colored American breed that is known for their high energy, adorable faces and happy disposition. 

A green-eyed Boston Terrier is quite rare given that most of them have brown eyes. 

This breed is very alert and moves with great agility despite its stocky small stature and fun fact - they tend to be quite gassy! This breed popular among family households around the world.

Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is a majestic dog that was bred for sled pulling. They possess excellent hunting skills, have very high levels of energy and playful personalities and always ready to guard its owner.

Huskies are of medium size, with almond-shaped eyes that can be blue, green or a different color. 

Fun fact - they have an impulsive desire to chase small animals and like to keep clean!


A green eyed Weimaraner puppy dog wearing a red collar

Weimaraners have a unique silver-grey coat framed by long velvety ears.

Green-eyed weimaraners are very rare. They're born with blue eyes that changes color to amber, grey or blue-grey by six months of age.

This breed has great balance, agility and great intelligence. They're perfect for families since they love children and easily bond with family members. They are easy to groom and train but do require plenty of exercise to keep them happy and healthy.

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