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November 6, 2022 / Daily Gear Travel / By: iPupster

An increasing number of people are making their four legged friends a part of their daily exercise routine. With the number of people exercising with their dogs increasing, the number of available leash options is on the rise as well.

Having the right gear is important for you and your canine companion.

Depending on the type of activity, some people prefer a conventional hand held leash while others prefer hands free dog leashes.

While both types of leash can work for many situations, it is important to consider your dog’s comfort and safety as well as your own.

Through careful consideration, you may find that some leashes may suit your needs better than others. 

Top Running Dog Leash: Quick Picks

Hands Free Dog Running Leash

#1st Rated

Tuff & Mutt

  • Best Hands-Free Dog Leash
  • Type: Leash and belt
  • Length: 4-5 ft
  • Price: $
A red dog running dog leash

#2nd Rated


  • Best Dual Dog Leash
  • Type: Leash and belt
  • Length: 2 sizes (5.5 -7 ft and 7.3 -11 ft)
  • Price: $$
Best Leash for Dogs that Pull

#3rd Rated

Zack & Zoey

  • Best Leash for Dogs that Pull
  • Type: Leash
  • Length: 4 ft and 6 ft
  • Price: $
A harness and leash for running with your dog

#4th Rated


  • Best For Hiking and Camping
  • Type: Harness
  • Price: $$

Dog Leash Buying Guide

Conventional Leashes

Woman with her greyhound on a leash on a forest trail

Conventional leashes come in a variety of materials such as leather, nylon, and metal. They come in varying lengths, from 4 feet to as long as a 25 foot retractable leash. 

Conventional leashes provide great control, are great for training and taking walks, and can be used on any type of dog.

A special attachment is available, which allows two dogs to be walked with the same leash.

When it comes to dog leash materials, there are four material types commonly used, these are;

  • Nylon,
  • leather,
  • chain, and
  • reflective leashes.

You may consider nylon material leashes because they are cheaper yet they can be strong and durable.

Leather material leashes are more expensive than nylon leashes but they last longer and are more durable than nylon leashes. Leather leashes are treated but nylon leashes may break over time.

Chain material leashes can be the best option for puppies who like to chew on their leashes. They are coated and long-lasting, likewise they are more expensive than leather and nylon leashes.

Reflective leashes are made up of leather or nylon, however they have reflective materials that make them ideal for protecting your dogs at night when the reflective materials are easily seen from afar by drivers.


The type is particularly important.

There are so many types of conventional dog leashes to consider:

1. The Standard Dog Leash

this is the most common and is ideal for everyday walk and dog training. You can choose this type because it is made of nylon and leather, hence it is tough but lightweight enough to restrain and control the dog.

2. The Retractable Dog Leash

You may want to consider this type of dog leash because you can vary the length, it also comes with a release technique that allows you to retract the leash line into the handle. The problem with this type is that it may only force your dog to pull on its leash.

3. The Adjustable Dog Leash

It bridges the gap between standard and retractable leashes, they come with adjustable lengths, and loops hence you can make it shorter for training, or longer to give the dog more freedom.

4. Others

The chain leashes (ideal for dogs that chew easily on their leashes), Martingale leashes, and multiple leashes.

When it comes to the length and width of leashes, the most suitable length for a dog leash is 6 feet, because it allows your dog to explore its surroundings when walking and at the same time, the leash will not get entangled between Fido's legs.

In busy environments, the 4-feet leash is better because it keeps the distance between you and your dog shorter.

You may consider leashes longer than 20 feet for your dog when giving your pet some long distance training.

Bottom line if your dog pulls, it can put considerable strain on your hands and arms, or pull the leash from your hands. In areas with heavy traffic, long leashes may pose safety dangers to you or your dog.

With longer leashes, there is the potential for getting tangled. While conventional leashes are great for walking, they take at least one hand and can make running difficult.

Hands Free Dog Leashes

Walking a dog using a hands free dog leash through a trekk

Photo: @mightypaw /Instagram

Hands free dog leashes are great for anyone wanting to bring their dog along while they exercise.

These leashes are designed to be attached to a belt around your waist, leaving your hands free to keep up the proper running momentum, exercise, and balance.

They provide several different positions for the dog to run and increase control. Many of these leashes wrap around your waist and have pockets to store small bags or keys.

Using a runner's leash offers these advantages:

  • Leaves both hands free
  • Gives you more control
  • You can use your hands to pet your dog and calm him down.
  • Gives your dog a little more controlled freedom.

People with larger waists may not be able to use this type of leash since it wraps around the body. Finding the right length can be a bit tricky. You will need to take your height and the size of your dog into consideration.

Maintaining control can be difficult at times since these leashes do not have handles. Waist leashes can create rubbing and sore spots through active use.

Best Running Dog Leash Type To Look Out?

Both types of leashes provide different benefits and one is not better than another. The right leash will provide you with ease of control and comfort for you and your dog.

Many casual dog walkers prefer conventional leashes while more active dog owners prefer hands free dog leashes. In the end, the important part is getting out and spending quality time with man’s best friend.

Check out our reviews of the top rated leashes for running with your dog.

best jogging leash for dogs

#1. Tuff Mutt Dog Leash- Best Hands Free Dog Leash

Hands Free Dog Running Leash

This dog leash is ideal for running, hiking, walking, and performing other training types with your dog. It comes with reflective stitching and it is 4 ft in length stretching to 5 ft.

This dual dog leash is feature-rich, is tough weather resistant, can be handheld or worn around your waist and comes in four different colors: blue, red, orange and teal.

Main Features:

  • Comes with an adjustable waist belt that fits up to 42" waist.
  • Comes with a glide-belt clip that ensures your leash remains in a single position.
  • Comes with ergonomically placed handles for easy control of your dog. 
  • Comes with a strategically located and durable bungee that prevents constant tension when pulling the leash.
  • The quality thread is reflective, and
  • It comes with a lifetime manufacturer guarantee.

#2. Ruffwear Roamer - Best Dual Dog Leash

Ruffwear Roamer

This is a wonderful chew-proof dog leash with a stretchable wavelength webbing that stretches as your dog roams around, thus providing maximum comfort for your growing puppy or adult dog.

It comes with an ergonomically designed clip for easy attachment that provides a one-handed attachment of the leash.

This sturdy dog leash is great for hiking trips with your dog since it gives him that little extra freedom and returns quickly to its regular length.

The Ruffwear Roamer which is machine washable also comes in two sizes:  large 7.3 ft (2.2m), stretches to 11 ft (3.4m) and medium 5.5 ft (1.7m), stretches to 7 ft (2.1m).

Main Features:

  • Dual dog leash: hand-held or waist-wearing made possible by the adjustable paddle alongside an aluminum hook. 
  • Comes with a convenient accessory loop that ensures that you can carry your items without disturbing your dog that is being controlled by a leash. 
  • Comes with a traffic handle that provides a quick restraint especially in an environment where you and your dog need to be closer.

#3. Zack & Zoey Basic Nylon Dog Leash - Best Leash for Dogs that Pull

A basic blue nylon dog jogging leash

This is one of the best nylon dog leashes you can find in the market today and another great running dog leash.

It is quite vibrant, and versatile and is recommended for big dogs with a pull weight of 80 lb. +. 

Reviewers who have dogs that pull say that this leash is sturdy, great quality and does an amazing job at holding up to a pulling dog. 

Main Features:

  • Comes with heavy-duty swivel clips for a convenient collar attachment.
  • Made from excellent durable nylon.
  • Very affordable and comes in varying sizes and colors.

#4. Ruffwear Front Range Harness- Best Harness for Backpacking, Mountain Biking etc.

A harness and leash for running with your dog

The Ruffwear harness is unique in every way, it is customizable with its 4-point adjustments, for a wide range of motion for your dog.

We recommend this leash for active dogs who are already used to running. If you don't want the cord of a dog leash wrapped around your legs when you're running then this is dog harness is the right choice for your dog.

The Ruffwear All Day Adventure Harness Pacific is another great choice for larger, strong dogs that pull. It is available in 5 sizes XX-Small: 13-17 inches (33-43 cm); X-Small: 17-22 inches (43-56 cm); Small: 22-27 inches (56-69 cm); Medium: 27-32 inches (69-81 cm); Large/X-Large: 32-42 inches (81-107 cm) and 10 colors.

Main Features:

  • Comes with padded chest and belly panels for efficient loading dispersion and extended length.
  • Comes with secured leash attachment joints for additional control.
  • Comes with a reflective trim for illumination when you walk your dog in a low visibility environment.

So, what's the best running leash for your dog?

Do you want to have a complete control over the movement of your dog, during training sessions?

You need to ensure that you follow this guide alongside the product reviews, in order to make the best choice.

Using the wrong dog leash on your dog can cause serious discomfort which may cause the dog to burn out quickly during training.

The price of a leash should not be one of the major factors to consider when choosing one, convenience and durability are very essential.

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